SEO content writing for online classes

SEO content writing services for online courses and classes

SEO content writing services for online courses and classes

One industry or one vocation that the Internet has completely revolutionized is online education.

If you are providing online classes or online tutorials, I can help you improve your search engine rankings with my SEO content writing services.

click-or-tap-to-know-more-about-my-content-writing-services-and-content-marketing-servicesHow you can benefit from SEO content writing if you provide online classes

Providing online coaching SEO content writing can help

Providing online coaching SEO content writing can help

Online classes, online education and online courses are advantageous from both ends of the spectrum: those who provide the education and those who receive it.

The great thing about education is that it can be provided and delivered digitally, and it can be received and benefited from, digitally too.

No infrastructure is required.

You don’t need a school.

You don’t need a building.

You don’t need classrooms.

You don’t even need to travel.

Even for posting videos you can use YouTube.

Your course material can be accessed from anywhere in the world so there is no geographic limitation period

Classes can be taken according to time and convenience. Anyone can download the course material and study when he or she feels like.


Since the entry cost is low, anyone or any agency that can deliver something learnable, can easily create an online presence and start delivering courses and tutorial.

Naturally, this creates lots of competition.

As someone providing online classes or online courses, you only have two options: advertise heavily or improve your search engine rankings.

When it comes to spending money, both may seem costly affairs.

The big difference is that advertising is momentary.

But once you have improved your SEO through quality content, you can get a ton of traffic for a long time, without having to pay for individual clicks.

Companies and agencies providing online courses and online classes with deep pockets have created lots of course material and then have made this course material available for free.

In India, for example, solutions to most of the NCERT books and other popular books used by mainstream schools, have been uploaded and made available for free.

If you search for a question, the answers that you get are from these websites.

You can even mention the book name, the chapter number and the question number, and you can find the answer.


If you don’t want to plagiarize, digitally creating answers to the popular schoolbooks, uploading them and then making them available free of cost, can be a humongous undertaking in terms of time, effort and cost.

I’m not saying this is a bad strategy.

In fact, as an organization providing online courses, if I have enough money, this is the first thing I will do: provide answers to all popular questions.

This is good for SEO.

Whether you are providing mainstream courses or niche courses, if you want to get targeted traffic from search engines, you need to improve your SEO, and optimized content writing is the only way to go.

It is not about whether you should use SEO content writing or not, it is about whom to work with and what topics you should focus on.

Dependable SEO content writing services for online courses and online classes

Dependable SEO content writing services for your online classes

Dependable SEO content writing services for your online classes

I won’t lead you down the garden path.

I will be very sincere.

When you approach me, I will tell you exactly what can be achieved and what is very difficult to achieve.

If you are providing hundreds of courses and tutoring for scores of subjects you are competing with the big league.

You are in an advantageous position if you are providing niche online courses and classes.


This is where my SEO content writing services can help you.

For example, I’m working with a couple of agencies that provide programming help to students taking online computer classes.

Then there is a company that provides a mobile app through which students can receive tutorials on their mobile phones and tablets.

My approach to search and optimization is holistic. I will try to improve your search engine rankings through quality content rather than forcing keywords into the body content.

The way we use the keywords is important, definitely, but this must be coupled with the quality and relevance of the topics and subjects you are covering.

Suppose you’re offering online English-speaking classes. This is something much in demand and hence, faces lots of competition.

You can create multiple pages explaining the benefits of doing English-speaking classes online. You can handle multiple instances of how certain techniques have helped your students speak fluent English, faster.

The basic stress must be on the helpfulness of your content and I can help you in this regard.

What is my process of providing SEO content writing services for online classes and courses?

I follow the same process that I follow with any other industry or business segment.

I will first understand the needs of the students or people looking for your services.

What are their pain points?

What do they want to learn?

What type of help are they seeking?

I will help you prepare the questions being asked by your prospective students on Google or elsewhere.

Then I will help you prepare answers to these questions in such a manner that these answers cover all your keywords and search phrases naturally.

I can help you with different description pages in an optimized manner covering all your primary keywords, secondary keywords and tertiary keywords.

I can also help you with NLP keywords.


How much time and effort it takes depends on your competition. On my part, I will provide you top notch content.

The tougher competition you have, the more content you will need.

On the other hand, if your content quality is better than your competitors, no matter how big they are, you’re going to fare well and enjoy better search engine rankings compared to them.

Do drop me a line. Contact me to know more about my SEO content writing services if you want to improve your search engine rankings for your online course or online classes.

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