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If you’re wondering what is linkbait content, I have explained on this page: What is linkbaiting.

With that out of the way, if you need your blog posts and articles to go viral and spread to the farthest corners of the Internet, you need linkbait content. It’s articles and blog posts specifically created to cater to people who don’t just read interesting stuff but also like to share it and write about it. It might be a funny story, an anecdote, a long list of tools and tips – something that is highly useful, highly entertaining or highly relevant.

It is very difficult to create linkbait content?

It is not difficult to create linkbait content, but yes, it takes time. It is not something that you can create in 30 minutes. Let us say, you want to create a blog post titled “30 Most Influential Blog Posts on Content Writing”. Now either you already must be gathering these links over a long period of time, or you will need to do lots of research and even interact with many people because everybody defines “influential” in his or her own way.

How do you do targeting for linkbait content?

While creating linkbait content you need to keep in mind that you cannot please everybody. So this type of content has to be highly focused because the more targeted it is, the better chances it has of becoming linkbait.

The best way to target is, totally understand what your audience is looking for, why it looks for it, and what purpose the linkbait content is going to solve. Remember that people are not going to link to your content for doing social work – it must add value to their own blog post or article.

Does linkbait content always go popular?

There is no scientific proof. Sometimes even silly stuff goes viral and gets written about and promoted on various social networking websites while world-changing ideas wallow in the mud of oblivion. It depends on where it is coming from. For instance, if Charlie Sheen writes a blog post on how he was abducted by the aliens and then brought back he will get lots of coverage, but if you and I write a blog post on the same topic, we might not get that much attention unless we either spend lots of money promoting the blog post or spend lots of time highlighting it on various forums.

Having said that, there is a solid reason why businesses get linkbait content for their websites. Well-written and information-packed content normally gets promoted provided you are careful about what channels you are using to promote it and what time is the most apt for the activity.

Where do I fit in for your linkbait content writing need?

Obviously, the writing part comes from me, and the researching part if needed. Either you can give me all the information you want to include in your article or blog post or I can dig it out from various resources. I can straightaway deliver you the document and then leave it up to you how you want to promote it, or if you want I can help you figure it out.

How linkbait content goes popular

Although I mentioned above that there is no direct formula for making your linkbait content go viral, there are a few things you can do in order to give it your best shot:

  • Choose your topic carefully: In order to choose your topic you have to know your audience. “How to enjoy smelling your cat’s poo” might be a highly engaging topic for a website like The Oatmeal but if most of your audience constitutes of people who enjoy having meals at elite restaurants, they might not relate to the topic and appreciate it.
  • Mind your style: It’s very important what style you follow when creating your linkbait content. You have to keep your audience in mind. Tech savvy people enjoyed reading geeky language. People with literary inclinations like their text refined and well proofread. Teens and young adults use different language. The point is, be mindful of your audience before adopting the right writing style for your linkbait content. Unless you are an excellent writer don’t try to “pretend” a style. It shows through.
  • Promote at the right places: Simply publishing your article or blog post on your website is not going to get you much attention unless you are a celebrity in your niche. You will need to promote your link on various social bookmarking and social networking websites. There too, the popularity of your content depends on who sees it and who promotes it. Sometimes a single person promoting your link can get you more attention than 100 people doing it. This process is not something that can happen within a day or so, it takes consistent networking in order to reach at a state when influential people promote your content.

So you have seen that writing linkbait content is just one aspect of the entire exercise. You need to strategically promote your content in order to make it go viral.

Want to know more about how my linkbait content writing services can help you increase traffic to your website exponentially? Do get in touch.

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