Hindi to English, English to Hindi translation service

English to Hindi and Hindi to English translation services

Why not use the Google translation service?

Sure. Why not? Go ahead.

Why Hindi to English translation?

Some people can write quite well in Hindi but not in English. They can articulate themselves and even do some excellent writing, in Hindi. But they would like to make what they have written available in English. Then they need Hindi to English translation.

Also, there is lots of pre-written material available in Hindi that people would like to make available in English. For example, there can be old articles and essays that you would like to put online for a wider audience.

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Why English to Hindi translation

More and more of the web is being made available in local languages. There are many services that are being used by people who only understand Hindi. There is a big market. You shouldn’t ignore it simply because in that market people don’t understand English despite having immense purchasing power.

A big chunk of website content has been written in English. If you have an old website there is a great chance that all your content exists in English. You may also have articles, blog posts and essays in English that you would like to make available to your Hindi-reading audience.

Some people are more comfortable writing in English than in Hindi. Just as there are exceptionally talented Hindi writers there are also exceptionally talented English writers, but their problem is they are not proficient in both the languages. Then they need English to Hindi translation.

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Recently I have been getting queries for translation work from Hindi to English and English to Hindi.

Actually, this is not a new work that I am doing. From few places in India I have been getting work from clients who either want their Hindi material translated into English or English material translated into Hindi.

But, till now I hadn’t created a dedicated web page to attract clients for such work. Hence, this web page.

So, if you are looking for a proficient content writer who is well-versed both in English and Hindi then you may like to contact me.

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I can translate complete websites, blog posts, articles, email newsletters and essays.

Why get your content translated from Hindi to English or English to Hindi

I specialize in writing conversational content mostly in English but being a writer at heart, I am also totally at ease writing in Hindi.

Why not work with a dedicated translation service? After all there are many dedicated translation services on the Internet that do just this work.

Sure, why not?

There are hundreds of translation services on the Internet and you can connect with anyone of them and you will be able to get good English to Hindi or Hindi to English translation services. I have no word against using translation services.

But then why should you get your translation done by me?

I am a content writer, I am a writer and when I translate your content it will have a distinct character. You should hire me when you don’t want to translate verbatim. You also want to capture the original essence of the text being translated.

For example, if I am translating a humorous piece of writing I will try my best that even in the translated language it remains humorous.

If I am translating something that sounds scholarly, whether I translate it into Hindi or English, it will still sound scholarly. If there is something spiritual, it would remain spiritual.

This is because I will be translating your content as a writer and not just a translator.

In fact, this is a big difference between any other translation service that you can find on the Internet and my translation service.

The same pitch and tone that is present in the original document will also be present in the translated document. Normally, this attribute is missing in the usual translation services because, although they can translate impeccably, they cannot capture the mood of the original document.

When I translate your content – from Hindi to English or English to Hindi – instead of translating verbatim I will read the sentences and paragraphs, understand their meanings and intent, and then write the same thing in the other language using the same nuances.

So, am I taking bigger translation assignments? Not very big. I am a content writer and I mostly specialize in writing original content. Besides, translation doesn’t pay as much as original content writing does especially when Hindi is involved.

I will be happy taking one off assignments, like web pages, email newsletters and newspaper articles.

Want some high-quality translation from English to Hindi or Hindi to English? Let me know what sort of work it is.

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