SEO blog writing services

SEO blog writing services

SEO blog writing services

Blog writing services to improve your SEO for targeted keywords and search phrases.

I can help you

  • Improve your organic search engine rankings.
  • Improve your conversion rate.
  • Get you more exposure in front of your target audience.


Why blogging is good for your SEO?

Google ranks your blog or website higher for the following reasons:

  • You publish informative content.
  • You publish content regularly – you have fresh content.
  • The bounce rate on your website is lower.
  • Your topic or your area of expertise is covered in-depth on your website or your blog.
  • You have lots of content around your area of expertise or your profession.
  • Many of your web pages and blog posts are interlinked and your content is easily scrollable and consequently, indexable.
  • You have back links from other websites, blogs and social networking platforms.

Fortunately, all these preconditions are satisfied by your blog if you maintain an active blog.


On your blog you avoid sales pitch. You write and publish content mainly to inform your visitors so that they can decide if they want to do business with you.

When you publish a blog regularly, it has fresh content and Google loves fresh content which in turns, benefits your SEO.

Since, when people come to your blog, they find lots of information, they spend lots of time and consequently, lower your overall bounce rate.

Additionally, blogging is one of the best inbound marketing tools because it draws targeted traffic to your website or blog naturally. You don’t have to force yourself in front of your target audience.

Improve SEO by blogging regularly

Improve SEO by blogging regularly

You are constantly sharing your expertise, and this increases the subject matter depth of your blog.

And more benefits…

The very nature of blogging is beneficial for your SEO.

What does SEO blog writing mean?

What is SEO blog writing

What is SEO blog writing?

SEO blog writing isn’t different from the usual blog writing. The difference is, you carefully choose your topics and the keywords for which you want to optimize your blog content.


Remember that keywords are important only till they solve the purpose. They are important because your prospective customers and clients use different keyword combinations to search for your content. Hence, if your content does not contain the search phrases your prospective customers and clients are using, they won’t be able to find your content on Google and other search engines.

Personally I feel, if your content is good, it is good for SEO.

Good content is good for SEO

Good content is good for SEO

Having said that, there might be millions of web pages and blog posts that come up in the search results when someone searches for keywords.

Even small things matter. What words you have used. What words you have omitted. How many times you have used certain words. Where you have used the words. Where you were supposed to use them but then you didn’t use them. These small things can have a big impact on your search engine rankings.

Hence, even if your blog content is exceptionally good, if another writer has been able to use the keywords better, his or her blog will be ranked higher than your blog.

So, this is what differentiates SEO blog writing from normal blog writing. There must be quality. There must be relevance. There must be focus. There must be regularity. On top of that, you should be able to use the keywords strategically.

Reduce your search engine marketing cost

When you publish your blog regularly, lots of your content naturally begins to appear in search results, eliminating the need to constantly advertise on search engines like Google and Bing.

When you don’t have a decent presence on search engines, you have to pay your way into search engine visibility. You have to spend on PPC advertising such as AdWords.

Although search engine marketing through PPC campaigns gets you immediate exposure, it can be very costly, especially when you are promoting multiple keywords. Just imagine, you pay for every click that Google sends your way. For every keyword, for every click, your advertising cost increases exponentially.

But, if you improve your organic search engine rankings through regularly publishing your blog, whether you get 100 clicks, 1000 clicks or even 1 million clicks, the only money that you spend is on getting high-quality content for your blog.

How my blogging services will help your business?

How my SEO blog writing services will help your business

How my SEO blog writing services will help your business

Businesses and individuals maintain a blog for many purposes. One of the most important reasons is establishing a channel of communication from where you share your thoughts, ideas, opinion and experiences with your visitors.

They see your human side. They learn from you. They know more about your business and how you solve your customers’ and clients’ problems.

For example, if you go through my content writing and content marketing blog, you will observe that I am regularly sharing my content writing and content marketing knowledge. It solves two purposes: it acts as documentation for myself – I can always refer to it whenever I lose track; it tells my prospective clients how much I know about my field, that is, content writing.


I’m constantly telling how my content writing and blog writing services help my clients improve their SEO, improve their conversion rate and get them more customers and clients.

Your blog becomes an information hub. It gives your visitors a reason to visit your website or blog regularly, and this in turn adds more people to your sales funnel.

There is a side benefit of publishing a regular blog: SEO.

Now, you may say that this is not a side benefit, this is one of the most important benefits of publishing a blog. In fact, you may say that you want to hire an SEO blog writing service because it will improve your search engine rankings.

You don’t want to get trapped in a vicious circle. And this is precisely the reason why my clients, once they start using my SEO blog writing services, stick with me.

I don’t write blog posts for improving search engine rankings, at least, I don’t obsess about it.

When writing blog posts my entire focus is on delivering quality content.

Just as fame and money are byproducts of hard work and talent, so are your search engine rankings.

Your blog won’t be successful because it enjoys better SEO. It will be successful because it has quality content, relevant content, useful content.

On the other hand, if your content is well written and provides the information your visitor is looking for, it’s SEO is automatically bound to improve.

Do I mean to say your keywords don’t matter?

They do.

This is why your topic is important.

The key is, choosing the right topic for the right keyword, and then remaining focused on delivering value.

When you focus on the topic, you automatically use the keywords.

When your writing has a natural flow, you neither overuse your keywords nor underuse.

Of course, strategy matters, and this is why you need an experienced blog writer to improve your SEO.

To make sure that your individual blog posts enjoy higher search engine rankings, I will take care of the following when writing your blogs:

  • Create the most appropriate blog post title with a given keyword/keywords.
  • Contextually mention your keywords within the first 100 words of your blog.
  • Judiciously use alternative words to avoid spamming.
  • Regularly provide you high-quality content.

Want to know more about how I can improve your search engine rankings with my SEO blog writing services? Contact me today.

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