Post-sales content writing & copywriting services

Post-sales content writing and copywriting services

Post-sales content writing and copywriting services.

In many organizations, 40% of the business comes from existing customers and clients. This is a big number.

Post-sales content writing plays a big part in bringing your existing customers and clients back to your business. How does this work?

You need to keep your customers engaged without annoying them or without bombarding them with needless marketing messages.

They have already bought from you. Assuming that they like your product or service, they must have had a good experience with you. They may even recommend you to their friends, colleagues and relatives when they have just had a positive experience with you.

But, this world is very noisy. There is a deluge of messages and notifications and propositions from every direction.

Whether they use a search engine or check their social media timelines, zillions of messages are constantly trying to convince your customers and clients into buying something whether it is a product or a service, or a political message.

How to make sure that your existing customers and clients remember you?

Post-sales content writing & copywriting.

What is it? It is content writing specially targeted towards people who have already done business with you and there is a chance that they may again do business with you.

Even if they don’t plan to do business with you, since they have had a good experience with you, they may like to recommend your product or service to people they know. After all, conversations on social media and social networking websites are more effective than traditional advertising.

Post-sales content writing can help you in many ways.

Post-sales content writing & copywriting for email marketing to existing customers and clients

Your existing customers and clients are solid leads. They have purchased from you. They are familiar with your name. Since they have paid you, they have also developed an affinity towards your brand.

When they buy from you, they give you their email ID. When they give you their email ID, they assume that you are going to keep in touch with them. Well, most of them assume that.

Hence, if you are not using those email ids to engage with your existing customers and clients, you are wasting great business opportunities.

Post-sales content writing for email marketing gives you crisp copy to make new offers to your existing customers and clients.

Remind them if they purchased some consumable from you and you believe that they are going to run out of it – for example, printer cartridges or stationery, or even that shirt that they purchased a year ago.

You can ask them if they are satisfied with the product or service or if there is anything you can do to help them.

The basic idea is, keep the dialog going, but without being intrusive, and without being overtly salesy.

Post-sales content writing for website and blog

The FAQs section is a good example of post-sales content writing. After purchasing your product or service, people want to know more about it. Maybe they cannot figure out how to use it. Maybe they are trying to solve the wrong problem with it.

You can list all the questions they may have after purchasing from you.

You can also publish dedicated blog posts to help those people who have purchased from you. You can share the experience of your other customers and clients. You can regularly publish testimonials. Even case studies and white papers are good examples of post-sales content writing.

Need post-sales content writing and copywriting for your website or email marketing campaigns? Contact me for more information.

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