Content Writing Services For On-Demand Businesses

Content writing services for on-demand businesses

Content writing services for on-demand businesses

With my quality content writing services, I can help you gain visibility for your on-demand business.

Being an experienced content writer, I can help you improve your SEO, engagement rate and user acquisition.

Steep growth is being experienced in the field of on-demand business as a greater number of people prefer to get products and services delivered at their doorsteps.

What are on-demand businesses and how can they benefit from my content writing services

According to this Harvard Business School report which is slightly old, 2016, to be precise, there has been a significant upswing in the on-demand businesses sector.

Even in 2016 when the report was prepared, in the US itself, the on-demand economy attracted 22.4 million consumers annually with $57.6 billion in spending.

The biggest spending went to online marketplaces like Etsy with consumers spending almost $ 36 billion annually.

Then came transportation services like Uber with $ 5.6 billion of annual spending.

During the time of the Covid-19 outbreak, there has been a surge in on-demand services mobile apps, and I have been getting lots of content writing queries from businesses wanting to tap into this opportunity.

Uber and Airbnb are good examples of on-demand businesses.

These days you get very niche on-demand services such as handyman, maintenance, grooming, food delivery, cab sharing, tutoring business, physiotherapists, and health workers, and many more.

A typical on-demand business is powered by a mobile app.

Just a couple days ago I wrote landing page copy for an Uber-clone mobile app script that allows you to run a towing truck business.

This is also an example of on-demand service where people can quickly call or contact a towing truck service in case their car breaks down.

The nearest towing truck quickly reaches there.

Last week I wrote about a local tutoring service that allows parents to find tutors for their school going kids.

Take for example, a barber service: you launch the mobile app and tap the icon that lets the app know that you’re looking for a barber.

Your location data is already there in the mobile app.

Other details like your gender and your previous haircutting history may already be there.

Accordingly, all the barbers and hair cutters that are performing services near your area are sent a notification and they contact you.

You can hire whomever you want to hire.

You don’t run such a business always through a mobile app.

I know a service that is run through a web browser app and a mobile version is not available.

It depends on your target market whether you want to promote your home delivery or customer service business through a mobile app or a web app.

Content writing services to promote your on-demand business

As a professional content writer, I help businesses increase visibility on the web.

No matter what business you are doing, ultimately, it all boils down to your visibility.

The same holds true for your on-demand business.

Can people easily find you?

Do they trust you enough?

Can you engage them on an ongoing basis?

Can you convince them into downloading and installing your mobile app for using your web app?

How do you retain them even if initially they have shown interest in your business?

Can people find your business on Google and Bing?

Through my content writing services, I can help you achieve all these, and more.

Whether you are a new on-demand business or an established player, you are constantly facing competition.

Suddenly, millions of people want to do workouts from home.

They want to learn dancing from home.

They want to learn singing from home.

After the Covid-19 outbreak, most of the schools are providing online education.

There is a spike in the demand of tutors and people providing home tuitions.

Whatever can be delivered, is being delivered at the doorsteps.

Social distancing norms and the fear of catching the infection is keeping many people from physically visiting retail stores or neighbourhood shops.

Everything that can be delivered, is being delivered.

This means, lots of competition for you.

Although, most of the on-demand services and businesses cater to the local market and hence, you may feel that the business isn’t as cutthroat as it would be if you were covering a larger area, still, with multiple options available to your customers and users, you always need to engage them.

I will give you a small example without naming the company.

There is an on-demand company that delivers medicines.

I have been getting medicines from them for more than four years now.

Ever since they launched their website and then a mobile app after a couple of years, there has been a surge in pharmacy delivery services.

Even film stars and sports persons are being hired to promote some of the pharmacy delivery services.

Just today I saw three advertisements from different medicine delivery services.

The new services are better, sleeker, and maybe, even more efficient.

Still, I stick to my original medicine delivery service because they are constantly engaging me with useful, insightful content.

Every week I get an email from them talking about this ailment or that ailment and what preventive measures can be taken.

After the coronavirus outbreak, they ran a series of email marketing campaigns just to raise awareness about its symptoms and various supplement options available to boost your immunity.

Even on their blog, they regularly publish high-quality content on various health issues.

The issues they write about directly affect their customers and people looking for such an on-demand service to get medicines delivered.

What I’m trying to say is, no matter how niche your market is, you are constantly going to face competition.

Even if you have good search engine rankings and locally, people can easily find you, you never know when suddenly a competitor will pop up and wipe you off the market.

This is why you need to maintain a platform that constantly engages people through high quality content.

How I can help your on-demand business as a professional content writer

I can give you regular content on insightful topics to keep your core audience engaged.

If you are handyman service, then you can give people tips on how to take care of basic plumbing or electricity.

If you are a health service, you can regularly post updates on how to optimize online workouts and how to get the best online trainer.

Recently I actually wrote content for a company that was running a traditional fitness gym but then the membership count dropped by 90% after the outbreak.

Now they have their own app through which people can get work out and fitness training from an online coach.

For your on-demand business, I can provide you the following content writing services:

  • Highly optimized and conversion-rich main website content.
  • Copywriting for landing pages for your PPC campaigns.
  • Blog posts and information articles to raise awareness about your own demand business.
  • E-books and case studies.
  • Content for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Writing for your Play Store and Google Play listings.
  • SEO content writing.

As a new business, it is very important for you to maintain search engine visibility through optimized content that I can deliver you on an ongoing basis.

You also need quality content to engage people and build trust on your website and blog.

As a content writer, I can help your on-demand business

  • Improve organic search engine rankings.
  • Improve conversion rate on the website.
  • Keep your audience engaged.
  • Maintain a positive social media buzz.

The right time to start your content marketing backed by high quality content was yesterday.

Contact me for more information on how I can help your on-demand business.

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