Writing Services For Content Marketing Companies, Businesses And Agencies

Writing services for content marketing agencies

Writing services for content marketing agencies

Looking for a reliable writing service for your content marketing needs whether you run an agency or simply want to use content marketing to promote your own business?

I collaborate with multiple web design, digital marketing, and inbound marketing companies.

Many of these companies provide content marketing services to their own clients for which they regularly hire my writing services.

Through my writing services I provide them

  • Blog content
  • E-book writing
  • Email marketing content
  • Newsletter content
  • Landing page copywriting
  • Writing and proofing for infographics
  • Writing and proofing for slides
  • Informational articles
  • Press releases
  • Guest posts
  • Social media updates that require writing
  • Product or service storytelling

High-quality writing is the backbone of your content marketing campaign.

Especially if you count on written content.

After all, what do you market?

You market content.


What differentiates content marketing from traditional marketing?

Content marketing and traditional marketing difference

Content marketing and traditional marketing difference.

In conventional marketing you normally promote a product or a service, but in content marketing, you promote your high-quality content to draw targeted traffic to your website.

You publish useful content.

People access that content, appreciate it, and even use it to solve their problems.

You publish useful content regularly.

They begin to recognize you (your audience).

You build a platform.

Then, you use that platform to promote your product or service.

Herein lies the entire essence of content marketing.

You build an audience first, you build a platform first and then through the platform, you let it be known that you offer a particular product or service.

How my content writing services help you in content marketing

My writing services help you improve conversion rate because it enables you to connect with your leads and customers by educating and informing them.

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You build trust and relationships by constantly engaging your target customers and clients through high-quality writing and publishing.

Build trust and lasting relationships with my writing services

Build trust and lasting relationships with my writing services.

They can make educated purchasing decisions after receiving information from you.


With my high-quality content writing

  • You increase your brand visibility.
  • You develop lasting relationships with your targeted customers and clients.
  • People begin to associate your business name or brand name with quality content.
  • You create and maintain loyalty and trust as people find your content useful and regularly visit your website or blog or pay attention to your newsletter.
  • You build authority and credibility which further consolidates your presence and makes people trust you enough to do business with you.
  • Improve your search engine rankings because Google prefers good quality content over inferior quality content.
  • You encourage people to share your content through their social media profiles.
  • You give your customers and clients enough information to make a quick purchase decision when they are on your website or going through your email.
  • You provide them value with no strings attached, which makes them trust you and like you.

Remember that every buying decision is an emotional decision more than a practical decision.

For the success of your content marketing campaigns, quality and regularity are of utmost importance.

Your content marketing campaign begins to crumble if you cannot publish high-quality content regularly.

If your writer is unreliable, if he or she cannot deliver top-class content as and when needed, your content marketing campaigns begin to crack.

Hence, it is very important to partner with a reliable and experienced content writer for successful content marketing.

Some more info on my writing services for content marketing

I mostly work on my own. I don’t have a team of writers, at least not right now.

I’m working towards that but as of now, I’m the only writer working at Credible Content Writing Services. Hence, if you hire my writing services, I will be writing for you.

In fact, currently, all my clients hire me for my content writing services and often they want to confirm that I am the one who will be working on the project.

They see my samples.

They see my writing on my website and my blog and then they contact me expecting that they will get the same quality of writing for their own website or blog.

As a result, I’m looking to partner with small to medium-sized content marketing services and agencies who want to offload their quality content writing projects to a reliable writer.

As mentioned above, I’m already working with a few web design and digital marketing companies but since the work is not regular, there is always scope for more collaborations.

If you hire my writing services for your content marketing campaigns, this is what I will deliver you:

  • High-quality, well-written and no-nonsense written content.
  • Good research with source links.
  • Writing according to recommended keywords and longtail search terms.
  • Writing completely targeted towards serving your audience/target customers and clients.
  • Easier to read yet professional writing.
  • Conversational, mobile friendly writing style.
  • Strategic use of headlines, subheadings and bulleted points.
  • Compelling headlines based on your recommended keywords.
  • Regularity and punctuality.

My writing process for high quality content

Authoritative writing requires some organizational skills.

Narrative is very important when I’m working on a piece of content.

Every piece of writing begins with a problem, mentions the solution it is going to provide, provides the solution and then concludes with how the solution actually helps.


If it is a small web page or blog post – 600-1000 words – I normally do some research, write some bullet points and headlines and start working.

On longer pieces of content, for example 2000-3000 words, these days I use a mind mapping tool called FreeMind.

It helps me organize my thoughts and even gather data while I’m researching.

You can send me your own title, or you can just give me the keywords and I can come up with different title ideas.

I will first get the title approved from you and then proceed with the work.

In the beginning I will send you a part of the draft – 200-300 words. This will give you an idea of how I’m writing and what direction I’m going to take.

If you like it, I move forward. If you make suggestions, I incorporate the suggestions, or I let you know why I don’t agree with them.

Ultimately, I deliver you what you want.

If I’m not comfortable with the topic, or if I’m not comfortable with the direction that you want me to take, I politely refuse to work on the assignment.

Types of writing I can deliver for your content marketing campaigns

Writing is writing.

Whether you want quality content for your own website or blog, for social media updates, for email marketing campaigns for brand building literature, given the information, I can write it.

If you want a list, this is what I can write for you:

  • Blog posts – anywhere between 600 words-5000 words and even more.
  • Main website pages.
  • Landing page copy.
  • Social media updates.
  • E-books.
  • Case studies and white papers.
  • Scripts for video marketing.
  • Information articles.
  • Email marketing campaigns.

Anything in between that requires good writing.

Why good content writing and copywriting matter?

Of course, you know that content marketing is big on inbound marketing.

If people are not impressed with your content, your marketing is not going to succeed, and people are not going to come to your website or blog to consume your content.

Take for example your search engine rankings.

Google gives great importance to the quality and relevance of your content.

When people come across your content on the SERPs, they click your links, come to your website or blog and check out your content for the information they need.

If your content doesn’t satisfy them it is but natural that they’re going to come back to Google and carry on with their search – you would do the same if you’re trying to find the right information for your need.

Google takes this behavioral pattern as an indication that your content doesn’t deliver what it promises and hence, it begins to lower your rankings.

With every repetition of this behavioral pattern among the search engine users (coming to your website and then leaving unsatisfied) your rankings keep lowering.

That’s why it’s very important that you write according to searcher intent – knowing exactly what your customers and clients are looking for and then writing and publishing content based on that.

When I write for you, I reiterate, I will write keeping the expectations of your customers and clients in mind.

Contact me to know more about how I can contribute to your content marketing efforts through my writing services.

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