A content writer is required by every business

Content writer required

This is a reality. Every business requires a dedicated content writer because the Internet enables everybody to create a broadcasting channel with little investment and a sincere effort. Once you have developed a broadcasting channel it’s very easy to promote your products and services using that channel. But of course, to develop that channel you need a steady flow of quality, relevant and useful content and for that, your business requires an experienced and capable content writer.

Now, when I say “every business” I mean business that wants to leverage content marketing. There are many businesses who perhaps don’t require content marketing and I’m not talking about them here. I’m talking about businesses who know what wonders content marketing can work for them. Sure, people who can use content marketing but aren’t aware of it need to be made aware of that and it is already being done by many content writing and content marketing services (including this one) but the focus of this webpage are those people who already know the unprecedented strength of this marketing platform.

Why people say their business doesn’t require a content writer?

There could be many reasons:

  • They don’t need an online presence
  • They don’t need to engage their audience
  • They aren’t bothered much about their conversion rate
  • They’re fully satisfied with the in-house person who writes for them
  • They don’t want to create buzz on social media and social networking websites
  • They have no need for better search engine rankings
  • They don’t need to influence or educate people
  • They don’t want to establish their personal brands by becoming authority figures
  • They are not interested in inbound marketing
  • They’ve got plenty of money to spend on advertising and promotion
  • They underestimate the power of knowledge
  • Email marketing for them is either a waste of time, or an after-thought.

How do people know their business requires a content writer?

The opposite of what’s mentioned above:

  • They want to build a solid online presence
  • They want to engage their audience and establish lasting relationships with them
  • They want to improve their conversion rate
  • They don’t want to tie themselves down to a single content writer whether they find him or her useful or not
  • They want to regularly engage people on social media and social networking websites
  • They want to improve their search engine rankings so that the right people (who would actually do business with them) can easily find their website or relevant webpages and blog posts
  • They want to influence and educate their prospective customers and clients in order to empower them and make them more aware of their choices, needs and preferences
  • They want to become authority figures and promote their personal brands
  • They want to establish multiple inbound traffic channels so that people come to their websites and blogs on their own without being exposed to relentless, indifferent advertising
  • They have small marketing budgets and they want to use them optimally
  • They fully understand the power of becoming an influencial knowledge resource
  • They know email marketing is a highly potent tool and requires high-calibre, high-response content to succeed
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