Pro Email Writing Service For Your Everyday Email Writing Needs

Professional email writing service for your daily needs

Professional email writing service for your daily needs

Looking for professional email writing services for your everyday email writing needs?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could write your emails for you and you didn’t have to worry about writing wrong language or sending out a message full of spelling and grammar mistakes?

Want to send out professionally written emails to your business partners, customers, and clients?

We offer you email writing service for your day-to-day email correspondence needs. Very simple service. Very affordable. All you have to do is, send us the bullet points, even a single word or a single phrase per line would suffice, and we will write for you a crisp email.

All your emails will be written in such a manner that the recipients will think that he or she has received the email from some native English speaker.

Whether you need one-off email that you need to send to one of your clients or one of your business partners, or you want to send ongoing campaigns and email messages, we can easily tailor our email writing service according to your need.

We can write you

  • Business emails
  • Invitation emails
  • Email newsletter content
  • Regular notifications to your customers and clients
  • Payment request
  • Official correspondence
  • Business and partnership proposal
  • Simple greetings

Whatever email you want to send, we can write it for you.

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An email writing service that gets you more business

Does your email get you more business?

Does your email get you more business?

By the end of the day, what matters is whether your email gets you more business or not, or, does it solve the purpose for which it was written or not.

Listed below are a few qualities of the emails that we will be writing for you

  • Very conversational writing style
  • The stress will be on delivering your message convincingly and with confidence while maintaining a professional tone
  • We will create highly compelling subject lines to encourage maximum number of people to open your emails
  • The emails will be to the point – very simple sentences, yet, elegant and erudite.

When writing your email, we make sure that we don’t use very sophisticated language. On the other hand, we neither dumbify it.

We use an easy going, fluent style that sounds professional, but also conversational, as if someone totally comfortable with the language is writing the email.

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Don’t hold yourself back just because you cannot write emails in English

Is writing emails a frustrating experience for you?

Is writing emails a frustrating experience for you?

Want to get business from the overseas?

Have your business in a way small town but want to sound as if you are a big city business?

Do you want to send professionally-written email queries to your prospective business partners, customers, and clients?

Do you want to be able to send out great emails without hiring a person who is proficient in English writing, especially writing promotional emails?

Hiring a full-time employee who is also a great writer can be very expensive, and in your part of the world, it might also be very difficult to find a person who can write an impeccable email to, let’s say, an American client or a British client.

Maybe you don’t have a regular need for an English writer. You just need email writing services occasionally, maybe one email every day, or maybe a couple of emails every week.

Then it makes perfect sense to partner with Credible Content for your email writing service needs for day-to-day correspondence.

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Looking for a native English-speaking writer for writing your emails?

No problem. We work with content writers and copywriters from all over the world. Many times, clients insist that they need a writer who is a native English-speaking writer.

Although, it hardly matters where the writer comes from as long as writing is professional and of international standards, there might be specific reasons why some businesses or individuals may look for native English-speaking writers.

Native English-speaking writers are comparatively expensive, but if you want them, we can easily arrange them.

The simple process of writing emails for your day-to-day correspondence needs

Email writing process

Email writing process

Technology these days enables us to communicate using various means.

You can use email, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, SMS or text message or Facebook Messenger to quickly send us your requirement.

Quickly type in your half-baked message and send it for a complete overhaul.

Jot down something on paper or a napkin, click it, and send us the image and we will prepare a professionally written email out of it.

Although it depends on which time of the day you send us the notification, for our regular customers the response time would be around 2-3 hours.

Just send us what you want, no matter how you write. Give us some information about the people who will be receiving your email, and we will write you the perfect email.

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