What is a blog writing service and how can it help you?

What is a blog writing service and how it helps you

What is a blog writing service and how it helps you.

The importance of a blog cannot be overstated. Every business that knows the value of maintaining an active presence on the web realizes how critical it is to maintain a blog that is regularly updated.

That is what a blog writing service does: it helps you update your blog, whether business or personal, regularly.

Blog writing service explained

It is basically a content writing service. Even a single content writer like me can provide you a blog writing service, and in fact, I do provide such services to many clients. A major portion of my work comes through blog writing.

Blog publishing is a big part of content marketing. It involves writing and publishing targeted content on your blog and then ensuring that maximum people can access that content.

Since one of the most crucial aspects of blogging is regularity, this is something that a blog writing service can deliver.

As an individual or a business that does not specialize in blog publishing, it is difficult for you to regularly come up with not just interesting topics, but also convincing writing.

Random sparks of imagination and creativity can strike anyone. Even as a CEO or a top manager, one day you can write a great blog post that can turn into a masterpiece.

But success comes from regularity. Your content marketing succeeds when people can access your content on an ongoing basis. When people observe that you are posting links to your fresh content regularly on your social media profiles.

A blog writing service provides you this much needed consistency.

When I provide my blogging services to my clients sometimes, they send me topics and sometimes I come up with my own list of topics for them. Hence, sometimes, a blog writing service can provide you full blogging services including content strategy, topic brainstorming, research, targeting and of course, writing.

How does a blog writing service help you grow your business?

To grow your business, you need to improve your organic search engine rankings. Regularly publishing your blog is the best way forward.

Google loves a regularly updated blog. The very architecture of a blog is created in such a manner that it makes you create search engine friendly content. If you don’t spam your content, regularly publishing your blog improves your organic search engine rankings automatically.

As mentioned above, publishing a blog using a content calendar can be difficult if you don’t write content professionally. You may be an accountant. You may be a lawyer. You may be a real estate agent. You may be a web designer.

Hence, your faculties are busy processing a different set of responsibilities.

A content writer from a blog writing service such as Credible Content writes for a living. I do that. I write content for a living.

Hence, I am always in that mode.

When you say, “Amrit, write me this blog post,” I say, “sure!” and I start working on your blog post.

I know how to research. I know how to find the right information. I know how to plan various sections of your blog post content. Within 1-2 hours, I can finish a blog post (assuming I’m not busy with another project).

I will give you a small example.

There is a company for which I have been writing blog posts on a particular programming language. Now, neither the client nor I am a programmer.

Though, the client doesn’t know that I have experience programming in PHP, but still, I don’t actively program.

He has given me more than 300 topics. Every month I am writing content topics.

Since I consistently need to maintain the quality of my content writing, I write as unique content as possible.

Just imagine, writing on the same topic but with different set of keywords and then making sure that your content is relevant, useful, engaging, and offers value to the readers. Month after month. For 300 topics.

This is something only a blog writing service can do.

A blog writing service can help you grow your business by improving your organic SEO. It increases your repeat traffic. It helps you create a positive buzz around your brand on social media and social networking websites.

Benefits of hiring a blog writing service

Here are some benefits of hiring a blog writing service instead of writing your blog posts on your own.

  • You can focus on your work while getting quality blog post: No need to worry about maintaining your content publishing calendar. Your blog writing service can take care of it.
  • Timely, regular publishing of blog posts: Again, you need to publish blog posts on a regular basis is automatically taken care of by the blog writing service.
  • Always have a list of engaging topics: Although you need to write quality content around your keywords, ultimately, it is a choice of topics that benefits you the most. Your blog writing service can help you come up with an engaging list of topics for every month.
  • Optimized content for blog posts: There is a very thin line that separates optimized content from spammy content. When you hire an experienced blog writing service you can rest assured that all your blog content is going to be optimized.


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