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What website content writing rates do I charge? Website content writing pricing

Quick note: The figures that I have presented on this page are tentative and they are just meant to give you an idea of how I decide my rates. These numbers are not fixed for my website content writing pricing and they can vary according to the project and individual needs. The rates also depend on where you live.

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First, the table below presents to you content writing rates or pricing when you need lots of content at a low rate. I’m not saying that the content is of inferior quality because at Credible Content I NEVER deliver inferior quality content even if I’m writing that content for free, but as you may easily be able to understand, the quality may not be as good as, say, for a piece of content for which you are paying $ 200.

Please note: These rates are based on the assumption that the information needed to write these pieces of content will be easily available to you or through the sources provided by you. If you want me to find statistics, data and if you want me to do topic-related research, an additional 50% will be added to the amounts mentioned below.

Website content writing

Web page (200-300 words) $ 11
Web page (400-500 words) $ 16
Web page (500-600 words) $ 22
Web page (600-700 words) $ 27
Web page (700-800 words) $ 31
Web page (800-900 words) $ 37
Web page (900-1000 words) $ 45

Blog content writing rates

Blog post (200-300 words) $ 6
Blog post (300-400 words) $ 8
Blog post (400-500 words) $ 11
Blog post (500-600 words) $ 13
Blog post (600-700 words) $ 18
Blog post (700-800 words) $ 22
Blog post (800-900 words) $ 28
Blog post (900-1000 words) $ 32
Blog post (1000-1200 words) $ 40

Email content writing rates

Email message (200-300 words) $12
Email message (300-400 words) $16
Email message (400-500 words) $25

Email marketing content writing rates

Email message (200-300 words) $32
Email message (300-400 words) $45
Email message (400-500 words) $55

Sales and marketing copy

Landing page (400-1000 words) $ 85


My rates depend on whether you want me to write your content or you want another writer. If you want to work with me then my pricing varies between $25-$40 per webpage or blog post.

I charge $37.10 per hour in case you are more comfortable paying by the hour.

These are my international rates. If your business is based in India, please contact me so that I can offer you rates accordingly. Read India-based content writing service.

I would also like to mention that these website content writing rates are not fixed, primarily for two reasons: different levels of effort are required sometimes to write content. Hence, different pricing for different types of content.

I can write 700-word blog post for a client in just 30 minutes and for another client, the same 700 words may need two hours, or even more.

Sometimes even clients like to negotiate according to their particular need. There are many reasons I may have to alter my website content writing rates that I have mentioned on this webpage. The numbers that you see on this page are indicative of what I normally charge. The website content writing pricing details present on this webpage are just to give you an idea. The actual pricing may be different.

Another reason I may have to alter my website content writing rates is when clients insist on native writers.

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Here is the table if you’re looking for a monthly content writing and content marketing package:

Beginners Plus Advanced Professional
Blog posts 1 per week 2 per week 3 per week 5 per week
Email campaigns 1 per week 2 per week 3 per week 5 per week
SEO content Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO titles No No Yes Yes
Email subjects No No Yes Yes
Blog setup No No Yes Yes
Blog maintenance No No No Yes
Mailing list maintenance No No No Yes
Keyword research No No Yes Yes
Google analytics No No Yes Yes
Facebook posts 2 per week 3 per week 5 per week 8 per week
Twitter updates 2 per week 3 per week 5 per week 8 per week
LinkedIn posts No 1 per week 3 per week 5 per week
Blog engagement No No Yes Yes
Content strategy No No Yes Yes
Monthly fee $159 $296.80 $636 $954


Again, these website content writing rates are indicative. Sometimes the client may need just a small portion of the service and then I need to revise my rates.

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The other content writers working with me charge according to their comfort level and sometimes they have their own pricing. When I’m collaborating with other content writers I don’t partner with them on the basis of how less they charge per word or per page or per blog post. I’m more concerned with the quality of their work rather than how much they charge (unless they charge something totally ridiculous).

If I share my general experience with you, content writers based in Europe, America and Australia charge more for their website content writing services than content writers based in Asia and Africa. This is often attributed to a lower cost of living in Asia and Africa. Personally I don’t think so, but that is altogether a different topic.

So, although I can give you a definitive ballpark figure of how much I charge, website content writing rates may vary if you need native writers from English-speaking countries.

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What about charging per word for website content writing?

I generally don’t encourage my writers to charge per word unless the client insists. 90% of the times I have seen that word-based website content writing rates prove to be counter-productive.

If content writers charge per word both the parties are constantly sitting on the edge due to an expanding and contracting pricing. Sometimes, writers tend to write more unnecessarily just because they are charging per word. Sometimes clients truncate their content to reduce their costs at the expense of quality and effectiveness.

When you are paying for content writing it is always better to pay for chunk of words or better, for quality. This is why when I charge $25 per blog post (for example) or $35 per webpage, I commit a range of words: 400-700 words.

After that, it is $5 for every extra 100 words.

Why 400-700 words?

This is the safe range. Google prefers 700-1000 words these days for better search engine rankings but normally, over 400 words is fine. Every webpage is normally 400-700 words and this is why this is the range that I offer to my clients for the rates I currently charge.

Ideally I would like to charge for the quality of website content writing being provided at Credible Content, rather than according to the quantity. I’m gradually moving towards that state of affairs.

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Do I change my website content writing rates in the middle of the project? Or does the pricing remain fixed once it has been decided?

It rarely happens. Writing rates may be revised if somehow the client changes the specifications in a big way. Like, initially he or she had said that finding information on a particular topic would be easier, and it proves to be very difficult.

Or, he or she had said that most of the factual information would be provided by him or her but then, he or she expects me to collect the data. It takes time. Time is money.

Sometimes a client sends me wrong specs. I prepare the entire content according to the specs that I received initially and then suddenly, he or she says that wrong specs were sent to me. Under such circumstances, I have no option left but to change my website content writing rates in the middle of the project.

How do I charge hourly rate when writing web content?

Many clients are a bit worried how I charge an hourly rate. What if I add a few extra hours randomly to charge more?

If you have such apprehensions, I can totally understand. After all, we are sitting at different locations. You cannot monitor me all the time. Most probably you don’t even know me. How can you trust me with the hourly rate?

I have no reassurance for that. This is why, initially I suggest all my clients to pay per blog post or per webpage rather than an hourly rate. When a trust level is established and when both my client and I feel that an hourly rate would be better, we proceed with that.

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You can also do a search on “Amrit Hallan” and see if anyone has complained about being charged unfairly.

Many clients insist on an hourly rate from the beginning and they don’t have trust issues. I don’t have any problem with that.


Many clients, mistakenly, believe that they will be paying more if they pay per hour, whereas, this might not always be the case.

For tracking my hours, I use a time tracking app. I normally use a time tracking app from Freshbooks, but these days I’m also playing around with various Zoho features.

Anyway, coming back to the misconception that you may end up paying me more if you hire my content writing services on an hourly basis.

Let’s take an example of a webpage. Normally I take one-two hours to write a typical webpage of 700 words, including a couple of revisions asked by the client.

If I charge a fixed rate, whether I spend 20 minutes on a webpage or two hours, I’m going to charge that fixed rate, for example, $35.

But if I’m using a time tracking app and if I spend 30 minutes on a webpage, instead of $35, you will be paying $17.50. This may not be the case when you look at the rates according to individual blog posts and articles, but when it comes to the overall rate, there may be a big difference.

Having said all this, it is in my self-interest to charge my clients fairly. A lot of my business comes from people who have already worked with me. Getting repeat work is always better than trying to get new work. So, when I’m charging them, I try my best to make my clients happy about my rates.

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Do website content writing rates matter? Is it the content writing pricing that helps you decide on a content writer, or the quality?

If you are on a tight budget, then obviously how much you have to pay for web writing matters a lot. Small and medium-sized businesses are very price-sensitive. Your entire budget planning may depend on how much you’re going to have to pay for a web content writing service.

Consequently, I totally understand your point of view if you want to negotiate. I’m open to negotiations if the quantity of work is a lot and if I can get a good deal from my own writers. After all, I don’t want to under-feed my writers. But if there is a scope for some adjustment, I’m totally open with that.

Do I pay a discount for regular work from agencies?

Yes. Not initially, but after we have worked for at least 3 different assignment.

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