Content writing & copywriting for business consulting services

Content writing and copywriting services for business consulting services

Content writing and copywriting services for business consulting services.

Do you need a content writer or a content writing service for your business consulting services? Are you looking for copywriting services to increase the conversion rate of your landing page or your email marketing campaigns?

An underpinning of any business consulting service is its strong emphasis on trustworthiness and accountability.

On your website, since you cannot personally talk to your visitors (well, not with all the visitors), it is the written content that does the talking and makes people trust you.

Through my content writing and copywriting services I can help you build and maintain a strong presence on the web.


As a business consulting service or as a business consultant, you normally provide help to organizations and businesses improve their performance and efficiency.

You provide guidance to them.

You professionally analyze their business processes and suggest creative solutions to improve their workflows and maximize their profits.

There are two ways businesses and organizations who are looking to hire competent business consultant are going to find you:

  • Peer-to-peer recommendations and word-of-mouth publicity.
  • By searching on the web – Google and other search engines or on social networking websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

With my expert content writing and copywriting services I will make it easier for people to find your website on Google and other search engines.

And once people are on your website, I will help you convey to them that your business consulting expertise can be trusted, and you can help them grow.

As a content writer and copywriter, I have been helping business consultants as well as different businesses create a formidable presence on the Internet.


By now you must have realized by your own experience that the search engine is the first place you go to, whether you’re looking for a pair of spectacles or a business partner.

Unless people personally know you they are going to search for the business consulting services that they need.

For example if they need a business consultant in the publishing industry, they are going to search for “business consultant in publishing industry”.

If they need a consultant in content marketing, they are going to search for “business consultant in content marketing”.

Naturally, you want them to be able to find you for your business consulting niche.

With my content writing and copywriting services I can help you improve your search engine rankings for your most important keywords.

Higher search engine rankings and better conversion rate for your business consulting services

Higher search engine rankings and better conversion rate for your business consulting services.

Content writing services to improve SEO of your business consulting website

Efficient and quality content writing services help you at two fronts: improve your SEO – search engine rankings – and improve overall engagement rate on your website through useful and relevant content.

To improve your organic search engine rankings, you need to publish high-quality content on your website or blog on an ongoing basis.

This is because search engines like Google are constantly looking for fresh content. Various studies have shown that websites that are updated 15-16 times every month generate more traffic compared to websites that publish fewer blog posts and webpages.

Impact of publishing frequency on search engine traffic – graph

Impact of publishing frequency on search engine traffic – graph.

Graph image source

Being a business consultant or someone who is running a business consulting service, you cannot afford to publish inferior quality content because your visitors are going to judge you by the quality of your content.

It is very important for your business consulting service to publish authoritative content to showcase your expertise, experience and an ability to communicate hard-hitting messages.

As a content writer I can help you with

  • Regularly publishing useful blog posts.
  • Publishing and informative articles and webpages.
  • Running your email marketing campaign.
  • Publishing authoritative blog posts for other niche fields.

High-quality content increases your reach, makes it easy for people to find you and improves your search engine rankings for target keywords and search terms.

As an experienced content writer, I can also help you come up with highly optimized titles and topics that will help you improve your overall organic search engine rankings for the most appropriate keywords.

For better search engine rankings, quality matters a lot.

Google has a way of finding out how visitors interact with your content.

Even if initially you get good search engine rankings, if people don’t have good experience with your content, they leave your website within seconds, come back to Google and carry on with the previous search.

This tells Google that you are not publishing relevant content and it begins to lower your search engine rankings.


My content writing services can deliver you

  • Authoritative, research-based content.
  • Regular supply of high-quality content.

Please remember that regularity is as important as quality.

Once or twice in a month, someone from any profession can come up with high-quality content, but what matters the most is, and which is difficult to achieve, publishing quality content on an ongoing basis.

Copywriting services to improve your business consulting website conversion rate

Although you need targeted search engine traffic to attract visitors to your website who will hire you for your business consulting services, ultimately it is the copywriting on your website that improves your conversion rate.

As you must know, your conversion rate is the ratio between the total number of people who come to your website and people who hire you as their business consultant or take action you want them to take.

It isn’t necessary that everyone hires you as a business consultant. As a KPI you can also measure

  • The number of people downloading your case studies.
  • The number of people subscribing to your email updates.
  • The number of people who leave constructive comments on your website or blog.

Copywriting is different from content writing in the sense that whereas content writing helps you publish informative articles and blog posts to increase your search engine rankings and establish yourself as an authority in the field of business consulting, copywriting talks to your visitors in a convincing manner and makes them reach out to you in the form of filling up your contact form, subscribing to your newsletter or simply contacting you by any other means.

You need copywriting for your homepage, services page, company profile page and landing page if you want to attract traffic from PPC campaigns, email marketing campaigns and social media marketing campaigns.

As explained above, content writing informs and educates, but copywriting sells.

On your homepage you must sell your business consulting services. On your landing page you must be able to promote yourself as a capable business consultant who can help businesses grow.


Your visitors will decide their next action based on the quality of copywriting on your website, especially the main pages.

Efficient copywriting services must help you convey to your visitors that you can convincingly provide one of the following business consulting services:

  • Your expertise in the niche business field.
  • Help your clients identify their problems.
  • Provide staff augmentation services.
  • Initiate new changes in the organization.
  • Train employees.
  • Handle layoffs.
  • Create new business opportunities.
  • Business lobbying.
  • Technological transformation.

After going through the copy of your website, your visitors must feel convinced that you can provide all the above-mentioned services as well as other related services that you would like to offer as a business consultant.

The ultimate combination of content writing and copywriting for your business consulting services

Frankly, it is difficult to find a writer who can provide both content writing and copywriting services.

So, how can I provide you both the services?

I am a writer. I am a storyteller. I also do journalistic writing.

Like other content writers, I don’t just deal with technical writing or educational literature.

I know how to convince people. I know how to keep them engaged with my writing.

When I write for your business consulting website, I will write for your audience, of course, from your perspective.

I’m not here to impress people with my writing. I’m here to help you sell.

To be able to sell your business consulting services, you need an active presence on the web, and you need to be able to sell yourself as a dependable consultant.

Hence, you need content writing to inform and educate people and keep them engaged. And you need copywriting to convince them into hiring your services.

I can provide you both. Contact me for more details.

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