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Copywriting services for SEO companies

Copywriting services for SEO companies.

Looking for an experienced and dependable copywriter for your SEO services?

I regularly provide copywriting services to SEO companies.

There are many search engine optimization companies that use my content writing services to boost rankings of their clients.

SEO copywriting is an integral part of offering search engine optimization services these days.

The focus of this web page are the following topics:

  • Copywriting services for SEO companies and agencies
  • Content writing services for SEO companies and agencies
  • Copywriter for SEO companies
  • Content writer for SEO companies

Why do SEO companies prefer to work with a content writer or a copywriter?

Why do they hire outside copywriting and content writing services?

There are very big SEO companies that have their own in-house copywriters and content writers.


But, there are many competent, but small-scale SEO agencies who wouldn’t like to hire permanent content writers and copywriters, for obvious reasons.

Hiring permanent writers has its own pros and cons.

You have greater control. You have atomic control over how the content is being written.

The writers are constantly available to you if they are your employees working in-house.

The downside is, hiring in-house copywriters and content writers is expensive.

Whether you need content or not, you need to pay them every month.

You not just pay them a salary, you spend money on infrastructure and facilities.

You must give them employee benefits.

You must pay for their hardware and software.

You are stuck with them even if you don’t like their work.

SEO agencies don’t need content writing and copywriting services regularly.

It makes perfect sense for them to work with an outside agency they can contact only when they need SEO content.

This way, they can provide cost-effective SEO services to their clients.

Without high quality, engaging content, one cannot think of improving his or her search engine rankings.

Quality copywriting leads to higher search engine rankings

Quality copywriting leads to higher search engine rankings.

Yes, you can do on page optimization.

You can work on getting high quality backlinks.

To better rank your content, search engines like Google expect you to publish quality content regularly.


I’m frequently working with digital marketing and SEO agencies that need quality copywriting and content writing for their clients.

Whatever SEO tool you use these days, it recommends what sort of content you should publish to improve your search engine rankings.

When search engine tools like SEMRush, SEOPressor and Ubersuggest audit your web pages they point out the pages that contain too little content.

For better search engine rankings, the minimum number of words you need is over 1000.

You can’t publish duplicate content.

You cannot write about the same thing over and over.

You need engaging copywriting.

You need writing that is full of relevant information for your readers and gives them a reason to stay on your website (this brings down your bounce rate which in turn, improves your SEO).

The Google SEO rankings are all about publishing relevant, valuable content.

It’s the content that gets ranked.

This is where my SEO copywriting can help you.

Persistent quality writing can get you

  • More traffic
  • More leads
  • More sales
  • More social shares

Most of my business comes from clients who approach me directly.

I do work with web design and SEO companies, but a major chunk of my work comes from clients who approach me by finding my services on Google (or LinkedIn).

(A big shout out to my existing clients who are constantly referring work to me!)


Their biggest problem is that they want to improve their search engine rankings and the SEO companies they have worked before weren’t able to deliver.

Don’t get me wrong, but there are many SEO companies who still don’t understand that it is the content that improves search engine rankings in the first place.

They don’t know that SEO is all about content. I’m not saying this because I provide content writing and copywriting services.

It is logical. If you don’t have content, what does Google rank?

Hence, the SEO companies who actually know how to improve search engine rankings for their clients know that without the foundation of high-quality content, there is nothing to build on.

As an SEO agency, this gives you an advantage over your competitors – you understand the importance of quality copywriting & content writing.

Why is quality content important for higher search engine rankings?

Google wants its users to find only the best content through its search engine.

There is no use finding content that doesn’t solve any purpose.

If you are writing content or copy on your web page just to improve your search engine rankings (randomly throwing in your keywords and search terms) while paying scant regard to what value you are delivering to your visitors, it has adverse effect on your SEO.

Providing a search engine optimization package to your clients without arranging for high quality content takes care of just 10% of their problems.

Most of the clients find it difficult to improve their search engine rankings because they lack quality content.

They don’t partner with a professional copywriting or content writing agency that can deliver high quality content on an ongoing basis.

If you want to improve search engine rankings of your clients as a competent SEO company, you need the following:

  • Valuable content written according to search intent.
  • Valuable content written according to search intent, published to regularly.

For higher search engine rankings, regular publishing is as important as quality publishing simply because if you don’t publish content, your competitors do.

Everybody wants to improve his or her search engine rankings, right?

Everybody knows that Google is constantly hungry for new content.

Since they know it, they are constantly writing and publishing it.

As a result, your content is constantly being pushed down on the SERPs.

To maintain your position for the relevant keywords, you need to publish content regularly.

Why hire my copywriting services for your SEO business or agency?

Why hire my copywriting services for your SEO company

Why hire my copywriting services for your SEO company?

I’m a writer.

I love storytelling.

Being a writer, I always want to make an impact with my writing.

If my words don’t jump out and touch the reader (of course not in a creepy way), I strongly believe that I have failed.

Hence, whether I’m writing about how to potty train your toddler or how to build your first blockchain application, I know that the reader is reading for a purpose.


I know how to write for the web.

Although my natural style is free-flowing, I completely understand that every extra word has the potential to distract your customer.

Hence, I choose my words carefully.

I keep my sentences short, crisp and to the point.

I know where to use power words and where to avoid them.

I can independently research.

I never take bulk writing assignments.

It means I spend enough time on an assignment to create quality content.

My primary focus is on your readers and their concerns.

When they are looking for information on Google (or any other search engine) they need specific information.

They have an intent called “search intent”.

They must find content according to their search intent.

I know how to write content for that.

If you’re searching for “copywriting service for SEO companies” I know that this web page should be able to provide you all the needed information to help you decide – in my favor.

Similarly, when you are improving search engine rankings for your clients, you also want to improve their conversion rate.

Search engine traffic without conversion rate is meaningless.

Even if you can help your clients improve your search engine rankings but they don’t grow their business, they are going to feel disenchanted.

They may not blame your SEO company for not being able to sell more despite having higher search engine rankings, they will realize that something is amiss.

In most of the cases, provided they have a good product or service, it is a messaging, it is the copywriting.

The copy on the website is unable to convince and convert.

Hence, when you hire me as a copywriter I can help your clients improve both their search engine rankings and conversion rate.

This is one of the biggest reasons why my current web design and SEO companies stick with my copywriting services.

I deliver them

  1. Higher search engine rankings for the clients.
  2. Better conversion rate for their clients.

I can do the same for your clients.


I do SEO copywriting from a businessperson’s perspective.

I run my own business.

I fully understand how important it is to convince your visitors.

Whether I’m writing a blog post or a web page or a landing page, ultimately, the objective is to improve the conversion rate.

This is why you are looking for a copywriter.

The job of a copywriter is to improve sales.

The job of an SEO copywriter is to improve search engine rankings as well as sales.

I can deliver you both.

Some questions you may have about my SEO copywriting services

As an SEO company or an agency, you may have some valid questions before you decide to hire my copywriting services.

Answering some questions below.

Can I deliver you quality content writing and copywriting?

Yes. I can.

To get a glimpse of how I write, you can visit my blog.

You can ask for relevant samples when you contact me.

My process for delivering quality copywriting is quite straightforward:

  • Empathize with the reader.
  • Convince her that I understand her problem.
  • Give the solution.
  • Explain to her, preferably with authoritative data, why this solution is the best.

Every copy revolves around this concept and it ensures that I deliver quality work.

Can you count on me for delivering quality copywriting regularly?

I will be frank.

Sometimes I have too much work.

Sometimes I have no work at all (this happens because I don’t promote myself as consistently as I should).

But in most of the cases, I have enough time.

If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this page.

I never overcommit and overpromise.

At the same time, I understand that regularity is very important.

So, yes, once I have committed, I am regular.

Can I adapt my writing style for the needs of your different clients?

I am first a writer and then a content writer/copywriter.

Once I have the background information, I can write on any topic.

I have a decent inventory of vocabulary that covers practically every industry – this is because I have been writing for different businesses for more than 20 years.

A couple of weeks ago, on the same day I worked on two blog posts, one for a daycare center and one for a blockchain project.

Can I do SEO copywriting without needlessly using the keywords?

One has to strike a balance when writing.

Your keywords are important so let us not pretend that they are secondary to your writing.

Having said that, needlessly using the keywords can get you penalized.

I know how to use the given keywords strategically and integrate them into the overall web page or blog post body text.

When I’m writing content for your clients, I will use the main keyword within the first 100 words, contextually, and then I will keep on using the main keyword and its variations throughout the copy.

Can I write engaging and convincing copy for your SEO clients?

Yes I can.

I have the needed writing skills to engage the readers.

I don’t bore the readers.

I fully understand that the purpose of the present sentence is to make the reader go to the next sentence.

The focus must always be the reader.

I can provide you a specific answers if you contact me to know more about my SEO copywriting services.

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