12 Ways My SEO Copywriting Services Can Help You Grow Your Business

SEO copywriting services to grow your business

SEO copywriting services to grow your business.

Here is the summary video if you don’t want to go to the entire web page:

It is understandable that you want to hire SEO copywriting services to grow your business.

How do you grow business on the Internet?

  1. By selling more.
  2. By getting more clients.

These are the ultimate indicators.

If you’re selling something, you want to sell it to the maximum number of people.

If you are providing a service, you want to get the maximum possible number of clients.

This is how you know that your business is growing.

Reaching the stage when your casual visitors turn into your paying customers and clients

Reaching the stage when your casual visitors turn into your paying customers and clients.

But on the Internet, how do you reach at this stage (well casual visitors become your paying customers and clients)?


People don’t simply buy from you.

People don’t simply become paying clients.

A lot needs to happen before this happens.

This is where my SEO copywriting services can help you.

There are businesses who do very well.

There are businesses who do average business.

There are businesses that shut shop within months or a couple of years.

What do businesses who do very well do?

They build a presence.

They build relationships.

They set up a mechanism that helps people remember them at the crucial time.

Today, a client called me.

My name was referred to him by another client for whom I have written content may be 3-4 years.

At the crucial time, my older client remembered my name and referred me to this new client.

A lot of my business comes through such references.

I have built a presence for myself.

Through my newsletter, I have built and sustained relationships.

I can help you do the same.


Below, I’m listing 15 ways my SEO copywriting services can help you build a presence, maintain relationships with your clients and consequently, grow your business.

1. Professional writing for your website

Writing to improve your search engine rankings doesn’t mean the overall text can be uninspiring.

Remember that no matter how many visitors you get to your website, unless the text on your website moves them, they are not going to become your customers and clients.

The writing must be able to make an emotional connection.

It must be professional and conversational at the same time.

When I write for you, I ensure that I don’t just write to improve your rankings, but also deliver text your online presence deserves and needs to turn visitors into paying customers and clients.

2. Regular publishing of high-quality content through SEO copywriting services

I have personally seen it: regularity is as important as quality if you generally want to improve your search engine rankings.

Yesterday I wrote and published a blog post that appeared in search results within five minutes.

I have observed this multiple times.

Whenever I’m publishing content regularly on my website and blog, the frequency with which Google crawls, indexes and shows my content on the SERPs also increases.

This helps you in many ways.

You are constantly giving fresh content to Google to index and rank, which Google loves.

You can start getting search engine traffic faster with the new blog posts and web pages you are publishing.

This way, if you need to get out something really fast, you don’t have to wait.


You will get search engine visibility within a few minutes.

Of course, it goes without saying that quality matters.

Unless your writing is high quality, you are not going to get featured in the first place.

3. More engagement on your website and blog

Usually the problem with SEO copywriting services is that they are only bothered about your rankings.

Sure, when you are hiring someone to improve your Google rankings and if that company is working for you just to improve your rankings, the content is just a tool.

But, for Google, content is not just a tool.

It is at the crux of its very existence.

When you work with my SEO copywriting services your higher rankings are just a byproduct of engaging content.

It is your content, your copy that’s important.

Higher search engine rankings naturally follow.

I have explained this concept in the following video:

Aside from improving your search engine rankings, engaging copywriting improves overall conversion rate of your website.

What does engagement mean?

It means providing enough value that your visitors feel informed and well served.

Remember that people come to your website looking for answers.

They need answers so that they can make better decisions about what they are about to purchase or buy.

Whether they are looking for products or services, they want someone to give them an unbiased opinion.

If they feel this way – that they are getting unbiased opinion and recommendations – they will feel more inclined towards doing business with you.

4. Research-based copywriting increases your authority

Simply making claims doesn’t help you much.

When you are using data, you should back it with authoritative links, from websites that are trusted by Google and your prospective customers and clients.

Just a quick note: I’m using Google just as a general nomenclature for search engines because it controls 97% of the search market.

Authoritative content is very important for commanding respect among your visitors.

They will do business with you (and consequently, you will grow your business) only when the trust you enough to not just pay for your products and services, but also decide to use them to solve their problems.

In most of the cases, it is not about the money.

It is about the solution you are providing.

When I write for you, I do thorough research.

When I use data, I always cite authoritative sources so that your visitors can check the validity of the claim that I’m making.

5. Greater stress on search intent when SEO copywriting

In this video I have explained what is search intent:

As explained in the video, Google user may have the following intentions when she is searching

  1. Just information to inform herself or educate herself about the subject or a piece of knowledge (for example, what are the benefits of SEO copywriting?).
  2. The name of the website because she doesn’t know the exact URL – Credible Content Writing Services.
  3. She is evaluating various products or services before making up your mind whether she wants to buy or not – comparisons, reviews, feedback.
  4. Actually wanting to buy – need to hire an SEO copywriting service for my real estate business.

Knowing the searcher intent gives your web page or blog post a reason to exist.


It is understood that you are targeting a particular keyword or search term.

But, why are you targeting that?

In the context of this web page, I know I want to be found for “SEO copywriting services”.

I’m not creating a how-to page.

Although I’m informing, but basically, I’m trying to sell you my services by explaining what all I can achieve for you to help you grow your business.

I want you to hire me if you want to grow your business by holistically improving your search engine rankings.

Similarly, when I’m writing a blog post, or web page, or an article for you, I will write to target a particular search intent.

6. Help you stand out through quality writing

Everybody is publishing content these days.

If thousands of businesses are publishing the same information, there are hundreds of businesses that have created a unique niche is for themselves.

These are the businesses you are competing with.

You’re not competing with businesses that are doing nothing different.

You are competing with businesses that know the importance of standing out and taking measures to achieve that.

I will bring in a unique style so that over a period of time your prospective customers or clients begin to recognize you for your voice, quality and value.

7. Impeccable writing style

Even tiny spelling and grammar mistakes can turn your visitors away, especially who relate well-written content with better customer service.

Innumerable business opportunities are lost because people don’t understand the importance of professionally written copy.

When I write for you, I make sure that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes.

Yes, what processors like MS Word and Google Docs have advanced inbuilt features to remove most of the spelling and grammar mistakes.

Even browsers these days highlight grammar and spelling mistakes.

I’m not saying they are not good, but writing is all about nuances.

Despite these create writing tools, I see grave writing mistakes on business websites.

These mistakes may stop your business from growing, one customer at a time, one client at a time.

8. Bring down your bounce rate with quality SEO copywriting services

A higher bounce rate can harm you in two ways:

  1. Visitors not staying on your website long enough to do business with you.
  2. Google assuming that your website contains low quality content and hence, lowering your search engine rankings.

What is bounce rate?

In terms of overall conversion rate on your website, your bounce rate is the ratio between the total number of people coming to your website and the number of people leaving your website within a few seconds without exploring other pages or blog posts.

In terms of the search engine rankings, an unhealthy bounce rate means people finding your link on the SERPs, going to your link and then coming back to Google immediately.

Google assumes that they didn’t find what they were looking for and hence, your link doesn’t contain valuable content.

I can help you create valuable content so that people stay on your website longer, whether they’re coming from Google or directly from other sources and links.

This in turn grows your business.

9. More subscribers for your newsletter

Websites and blogs that have quality content get more subscribers for their newsletters.

I’m never interested in link bait, so I’m not going to talk about it, but there are primarily three reasons why people subscribe to your email updates:

  1. They want updates whenever you publish new content.
  2. If you offer discounts and coupons, they would like to be informed.
  3. In case they need your services in the future, they want to remain in touch.

In most of the cases, it is the quality of your content that prompts people to subscribe to your email updates.


A bigger mailing list helps you grow your business.

10. SEO copywriting services for targeted search engine traffic

One of the best ways of growing your business is to attract highly targeted search engine traffic.

The problem is, it is easier said than done.

You are stopped by your competitors.

Hurdles are created by the Google algorithm.

You don’t have enough content.

Even if you have enough content, somehow, this content is not targeting the right audience.

With my SEO copywriting services I will help you target the right audience.

As described above, the best way to target your audience is to target the search intent.

Once you know the search intent, find out what search terms and keywords people are using to satisfy that search intent.

Then write content according to those shortlisted keywords.

But it isn’t just the keywords. You also need to include LSI keywords and synonyms to make sure that you’re not overusing your primary keywords.

All this, while keeping the flow of your central message and keeping your audience engaged.

11. Creating a tribe or a community around your brand

High-quality content that serves your audience helps you build a tribe or a community around your business.

Not to a very great extent, over the years I have been able to build a community around my content writing an SEO copywriting services.

Most of the members of this community are people who want to become successful content writers and copywriter themselves, and my existing and past clients.

They appreciate what I write.

They appreciate the attitude that are bringing when writing for them.

They have been growing their businesses with my writing services and the best part is, they appreciate this fact and even recognize it locally.

12. Maintaining a healthy social media buzz

You cannot create a vibrant social media presence without meaningful content these days.

In the beginning when a just a few social media platforms were there, the platforms themselves were a novelty.

Whatever you published, people liked it.

Many of your prospective customers and clients these days take the presence of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for granted.

There is no longer any novelty attached to these platforms.

What matters is the content.

What matters is the value and the relevance.

With my quality writing services, I can help you maintain a healthy social media buzz and this in turn helps you grow your business.

Concluding remarks

I will make a quick confession.

My purpose of writing this page is to attract an audience that is looking for “SEO copywriting services”.

Over the years, I have primarily focused on promoting and providing content writing services, but I have come to observe that a big portion of the market also looks for SEO copywriters.

The purpose is the same.

They are looking for quality content writing to improve your search engine rankings organically and meaningfully.

It is just that, instead of looking for SEO content writing services, they are looking for copywriting services.

Want to know how I can help your business grow? Contact me for more information.


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