English content writer

English content writer

Are you looking for an English content writer? If you live in a non-English speaking region of the world and you want to target the English-speaking market, you have to be doubly careful of what you are writing. You not only have to sound convincing, you also need to make a positive impact.

What makes me a better English content writer for you

First of all let me make it clear that when I say I’m an “English content writer” I don’t mean to say I’m from England or from one of the English speaking countries. Nonetheless, I’m a content writer who writes in English. I’ve been providing professional content writing services since 2004 and more than 90% of my clients come from English-speaking countries.

With this out of the way, let’s now explore how I can help you if you are specifically looking for a content writer who can write well, and more importantly, convincingly, for your business.

  • All my written communication happens in English: As far as business and communication goes, this can easily be termed as my first language. Whether I am writing content for my clients – business pages, landing pages, blog posts, informative articles, press releases, marketing collateral and social networking updates – for sending and the saving e-mails, everything happens in English.
  • My school and college studies were in English medium: English wasn’t something that I started learning or writing in, as a professional. Since my childhood I have been exposed to this language. Math, science, social studies, everything I did in English and I was also a topper in my English literature class.
  • I have written for English newspapers and magazines: Writing is one of my passions. I also believe that we don’t live in isolation. That’s why whenever something excites me or stimulates me, I express myself and send my thoughts to English publications and many of them get published.
  • When on the Internet, I’m always interacting in English: Search for “amrit hallan” on Google and you will find it yourself how much content I have written in English.

How can I help you as an English content writer?

This is not something particular to the English language. As a content writer who wants to make an impact for your business, my first priority is understanding the needs of your target customers and clients. Unless they’re convinced, they’re not going to do business with you. Before getting down to writing, I understand what they’re looking for, why they’re looking for it and what language they use while talking about the thing they need (the thing that you provide). Rather than focusing on products and services, I focus on the benefits you deliver to your customers and clients. This is how I’m able to convert visitors into paying customers and clients.

No matter what is your language, I will spend ample amount of time understanding your need and then coming up with appropriate content in English. You don’t need to worry about not being able to communicate to me due to the language barrier. You can let me know your requirement in partially-formed words and expressions. You don’t even need to use complete sentences.

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