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Writing content for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is a bit different from writing content for businesses and organizations that work for money, and therefore, content writing service for NGOs is also different.

Understandably, NGOs are not motivated by profit – they are motivated by a cause. When you write about a cause, you know that you are writing for some greater good. As a writer, you need to understand the people the NGO intends to serve (their problems, their difficulties) and you also have to understand the motivation of the people who would like to get involved with the works of the NGO – monetarily and otherwise.

NGOs primarily address two types of audiences through their website content, namely

  1. People who are affected by the causes being pursued by these NGOs
  2. People who would like to get associated with these NGOs – volunteer with them, arrange funding and make other resources available

What sort of content writing service, or writing service, do NGOs need?

  • Website content: If you have a website you need well-written, engaging and convincing content. The first thing people check these days is the website. If you have an NGO and if someone wants to know about your NGO, your website is the first place that person or organization is going to visit. More than 90% of the cases these days your website is the first contact people make with you. You may like to read more about my content writing services for websites.
  • Blog content: A blog is a continuous interaction that you have with people. Blogs are necessary for all business but they are especially good for NGOs because NGOs need to make an emotional connection with donors, volunteers and even with people they work for. On your blog you can talk about all the great work you are doing and all the lives that you are touching and why it is very important to get involved with your activities. You may like to read more about my blog writing services.
  • SEO content writing: Visibility is very important for NGOs and the services they provide. There are many donors and volunteers who use search engines to find the NGOs they would like to work for or donate money to. This is why it’s very important that your NGO website enjoys good search engine rankings and this can be achieved by letting search engine optimized content written by a professional content writing service. You may like to read more about my SEO content writing services.
  • Email campaigns: Running an email campaign is a great way of reaching out to people who would like to help you. People don’t like being called these days but very few people mind receiving emails. You don’t have to send promotional emails. You can send people updates about your activities and your ongoing projects. Make an emotional connection with prospective donors and volunteers with your email campaigns or raise awareness about your cause. You may like to read more about my email content writing services.
  • Proposal writing: Submitting proposals is quite a common activity among NGOs because they have to apply for grants and funding. Whether you are seeking money from random donors or from organizations you have to sound credible, professional, sensitive, trustworthy and efficient. You have to present data in a conversational style and your writing needs to make an emotional connection without sounding condescending.

Whatever may be your needs, if you are looking for compelling, well-written and emotionally expressive content for your NGO, my content writing service will be able to serve you well. I’m already providing content to a couple of NGOs working in the field of cottage industry and inclusion and accessibility. I know many people who work in different NGOs and I myself have been involved with a few NGOs.

Contact me if you’re looking for a content writing service for your NGO.

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