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blog-writing-servicesMain highlights of my blog writing services

  • Regular, ongoing blog writing service
  • Totally original content based on your  individual topics to kick-start your blogging
  • Expert blog writers from multiple subject matter expertise
  • Complete blog management including setup, maintenance and blog content writing
  • Every blog post search engine optimized according to your keywords and key phrases
  • 1 blog post as free trial
  • Unlimited revisions as long as  the topic doesn’t change

My blog writing services can help you generate high quality blogging content on an ongoing basis without ever running out of topics and interesting stuff.

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Benefits of hiring a blog writing service


Everybody does blogging these days, you must be wondering.

Even kids have their own blogs.

So why should you hire a blog writing service?

What can blog writing services achieve for you that you cannot achieve on your own?

Shouldn’t you be able to write and maintain your own blog?

Shouldn’t blogging be very easy?

The dynamics of blogging completely change when you start doing it for your business.

Remember that a business blog is not a hobby blog.

Although they often say that you should let loose when writing a blog even when you are writing that blog for your business, it is a serious business.

People are going to make business decisions after reading your blog.

What you publish on your blog is going to tell them whether they should spend money on your business or not.

Whether they should buy your product or not. Whether they should buy your service or not.

Think of it this way: every kid in the school can write an essay but can every kid get his or her essay or article published in a reputed newspaper or magazine?


When your stakes are professional, you need professional writing.

Listed below are a few benefits of hiring a blog writing service for your business:

Non-stop high quality blog posts

Coming up with a few good quality blog posts is easy.

Writing high quality blog posts non-stop is very difficult.

This, is why you need trained writers who can continuously, come up with great blog writing ideas and then capture those ideas in their writing.

A blog writing service can provide you high quality blog content on an ongoing basis.
When you have decided to publish a blog post on Wednesday, it SHOULD be published on Wednesday.
A professional blog writing service can certainly help you with that.

Search engine optimized content

A big reason why people blog is that they want to improve their search engine rankings.

A daunting problem with publishing blog posts for SEO is a double-edged sword.
There is a very delicate balance between writing blog posts that improve your SEO and writing blog posts that harm your SEO.
You need blog writing that improves your SEO without jeopardizing your search engine optimization prospects.
For that you need right topics with right keywords and search terms.
On your own it will be difficult to know exactly what your target audience is looking for.
A professional blog writing service has the needed tools to create high-quality content on the topics people are searching for.

Impeccable writing

There should be no grammar and spelling mistakes on your business blog.

Call it fair or unfair, people judge business content quite severely.

Even a small mistake can put them off and send them to your competitors.

Your customers will think, if you’re careless with your writing, you must also be careless with your business.

Hence, your blog writing should be impeccable.

Original content

There is lots of duplicate content on the Internet.

Google penalizes websites and blogs carrying duplicate content.

Even if by mistake you publish duplicate content on your website or blog it is going to cost you big.

People lose their search engine rankings completely after publishing duplicate content.

A professional blog writing service like Credible Content will ensure unique, original content on an ongoing basis.

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How a blog writing service helps you improve your conversion rate

Regular blog publishing improves your conversion rate

Regular blog publishing improves your conversion rate

Marketing on the Internet these days is all about generating inbound traffic.
People should come to your website on their own.
Conventional marketing no longer works.
Instead, everybody these days is looking for valuable content that can inform them, educate them, and help them solve problems.
Through your blog posts you can educate people about your products and services and how they can benefit from them and why they should prefer YOUR products and services instead of your competitors’.

Get a professional blogger – blog writer – for your individual blogging requirement

When you hire my blog writing services you are not stuck with one single blogger (yours truly for example).

I’m continuously collaborating with multiple bloggers from fields like technology, fashion design, travel, medicine, journalism, search engine optimization, real estate  and engineering (just to name a few).

I have a self-motivated team of blog writers.

They can do their own research.

They can also suggest you topics that will improve your search engine rankings to a great extent.

You will never run out of topics when you hire my blog writing services

The biggest challenge faced by people using content marketing is, creating (writing, in this case) and publishing high-quality content on an ongoing basis.

Content writing-striking balance between quality time and cost

Content writing-striking balance between quality time and cost

The main problem with a business blog is that even if initially you are doing great, eventually you run out of topics and even if you have topics, you can either take care of your business or you can focus on creating a quality blog.

Again, you can juggle between blogging and doing your business and there is no dispute in that, if you can really do that, but in case you would rather focus on your business it is preferable that you work with a blog writing service like Credible Content.

Blogging in conversational, engaging style

A key difference between your business webpages and blog posts is that the language used in blog posts is conversational. It aims to engage your visitors into ongoing conversations so that your visitors feel at home. Through your blog post content,  you are not talking at your visitors, you’re talking with your visitors.

Why your business needs a blog writing service?


I’m not going to create an apocalyptic situation claiming that if you don’t have a blog you are going to end up destroying your business. No, such a thing is not going to happen. Business blogging has its benefits just like any other online marketing activity that you carry out. If you don’t want a business blog, that’s also fine,

Your business may need a blog writing service if you see value in publishing a regular, high-quality blog for your business. In order to productively work with a blog writing service, first of all you have to acknowledge that your business actually needs a business blog and you should have a clear idea of what sort of benefits are going to accrue out of it. Only when you really, actually understand the benefits of regularly publishing a business blog you will be able to work with a professional blog writing service with full confidence.

With this out of the way, now we come to why your business needs a blog writing service.

Like any other service, it pays to work with a professional service provider rather than doing everything on your own. For example, everybody knows basic HTML, but then why do people don’t design their own website? Similarly even your 103-year-old granny knows how to post updates on Facebook and Twitter, but then why do businesses hire social media marketing companies specifically for this purpose? After a while a business task becomes repetitive. Being repetitive doesn’t mean mediocre. In terms of online content marketing, repetitive means writing and publishing high-quality content non-stop because if you stop, someone else will overtake you in the race to produce better content on an ongoing basis.

This is where your business needs to work with a blog writing service. Once you have hired my blog writing service, you no longer need to worry about getting quality content for your business blog on an ongoing basis. Just as you make a living doing your business, I make my living writing content for businesses. I’m comfortable with that. I’m comfortable with coming up with high-quality content for different business streams on an ongoing basis.

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Total turnkey blog writing services

Business blogging is a full-time responsibility. It’s like a machine. You have to take care of every aspect of business blogging before you can experience some success in this involves  the installation of the blogging platform,, the continuous maintenance of the blogging platform, finding the right images, and most importantly, coming up with great content that is relevant to your business. I mostly work with WordPress to set up  blogging platforms for my clients. I can help you with theme customisation  – your blogging theme will look exactly as your website. I will take care of the updates and all the plug-ins you may need to optimise your business blog. You can simply read the benefits of your business blog..

How our blog writing services will help your business

  • Fresh content for your blog on regular basis
  • Search engine friendly content using your keywords (but not over using)
  • Highly unique content even for similar-sounding titles (but not similar in the verbatim sense)
  • Impeccable writing without typos and grammatical mistakes
  • Easily adaptable to different writing styles for different industries and geographic regions
  • You can send me blog titles and ideas in one go and then rest assured of getting quality content according to your publishing calendar

Affordable blog writing services

Blog writing is a continuous process and you are going to require blog writing services for a long time and this is the reality. Continuously  publishing blog posts means it’s a recurring cost. Keeping this in mind, I provide highly affordable blog writing services to my clients so that  they don’t feel the pinch, I don’t have to cut corners with my writers, and my clients can get high quality blog posts on an ongoing basis.

Blog writing services

Blog writing services

A blog writing service can help you improve your search engine rankings as well as create for you a formidable presence on the Internet.

At Credible Content we intend to provide affordable and scalable blog writing services to businesses of all sizes and dimensions.

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What are the benefits of having a business blog?

Benefits of hiring a blog writing service

Benefits of hiring a blog writing service

The most compelling benefits of publishing a business blog are:

  1. Improved search engine rankings
  2. A stronger and meaningful relationship between potential and existing customers
  3. Since you are sharing your expertise and wisdom that provide real help to your readers and website/blog visitors, you establish yourself as an industry leader and an authority figure
  4. Better brand recognition as people form positive associations with your brand due to your quality and relevant content
  5. More sharing opportunities: since you publish valuable content you give people a reason to share your content from their own websites and blogs and social networking profiles, constantly, bringing you more traffic and further improving your search engine rankings

According to a NewsCred finding, 70% customers say that they prefer those companies for doing business that provide helpful articles and blog posts.

Another social media survey has revealed that B2B companies that regularly publish a business blog generate 67% more leads compared to those who don’t.

Although blogging these days is one of the most important aspects of your online presence, it gets neglected because one, not many people understand the power of having a blog, and two, the benefits of blogging begin to show after a while.

We often explain to clients who want to try out our blog writing service that a blog is like a fruit tree. You have to sow the sapling first. Then you have to nurture it — water it, protect it from animals, insects and infection, and finally, one day it grows into a mature tree, giving you an unlimited supply of fruit. Here is a YouTube video on the same concept:

So, yes, just like it can be difficult for running a business or a typical marketing campaign, blogging requires strategy and effort and this is where our blog writers can help you.

You can either keep yourself fully involved with the regular publishing of your blog, or you can leave it up to us and we will ensure a continued supply of high-quality content for your blog, non-stop.

In fact,  outsourcing your business blogging needs to our blog writing services is the easiest way to get valuable content for your blog on an ongoing basis, on a well-defined schedule.

Once you start working with us, you no longer have to bother with what to publish, went to publish, how to optimize your content, which keywords to focus on.

We can totally take care of your blog. From simple supply of blog content to a total turnkey blogging solution, our blog writing services can provide you totally scalable services.

We can

  • Write blog content
  • Install WordPress completely along with theme customization
  • Maintenance and updating of your existing blog
  • Optimizing your existing content

The blog posts that we write for you will be

  • Search engine optimized for your chosen keywords and search terms
  • Well-written, without grammar and spelling mistakes
  • International standard – there is hardly a difference between our writing and that of a native English-speaking writer
  • Well-researched

Blog content services for reliable, high-quality content

When we write blog content for you, our primary focus is going to be quality and relevance. We believe that every blog post represents you, your business, and your brand.

There are various entry points to your website and blog. One never knows how and through which web page or blog post people come to your website. They don’t necessarily always come through your homepage.

This is why, every web page, every blog post is as important as your homepage. People may come across your link on one of the search engine result pages, on another blog or website or on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.

They may never even visit your homepage. Straight away, after going through the page they have just found, they may decide whether they want to do business with you or not.

This is why, when we offer you our blog writing services, we take every blog post very seriously. We pay close attention to every aspect of what we are writing for you. Our entire purpose is to serve your prospective customers and clients.

what you can use Credible Content blog writing services for

What you can use Credible Content blog writing services for

You can use our blog writing service for

  • Regularly updating your existing blog with high-quality content
  • Start a new business blog with valuable, meaningful, helpful and search engine optimized content
  • Driving targeted traffic to your website
  • Enhancing your online brand presence
  • Bringing down after-sales support cost by publishing helpful blog posts

Blog writing services for marketing agencies and individual businesses

Credible Content can provide you professional blog writing services whether you are an individual business or a marketing agency looking to provide value to your  customers.

As a marketing agency you don’t have to hire in-house writers to provide blog writing services to your customers.

A big benefit of outsourcing your blogging services to Credible Content is that if you need expert bloggers, you are not stuck with your existing bloggers who may be good at writing one type of blogs, but not all types of blogs.

Our blog writing services process

The process that we follow to provide you high quality content is quite straightforward.

  1. You contact us for your requirement with your business details
  2. We closely study your website and understand the nature of your business
  3. We closely study your prospective customers and clients – we mostly focus on what sort of problems and needs your prospective customers and clients have, what they search for, how they search for, and what they are actually looking for
  4. We make suggestions and accordingly either you come up with blog titles or we come up with blog titles
  5. Together we approve the titles and start creating content

Your blog requirements can be ongoing as well as one-time. Although there is no use publishing one blog post and then moving on with your life because a blog doesn’t work that way. The main feature of a blog is that content is published on it regularly, on an ongoing basis.

Although, it differs from industry to industry, we suggest one blog post every week, for better engagement and faster improvement of search engine rankings. Many businesses prefer one blog post every month, but if you face greater competition, this isn’t going to help you much.

Wondering how much our blog writing services are going to cost you? Given below are the different blogging packages that we offer (contact us if you are an India-based business):

Lightweight E-Lightweight Medium Weight E-Medium Weight Heavyweight
1 post every month 2 post every month 1 posts every week 2 posts every week 5 posts every week
700+ words 700+ words 700+ words 700+ words 700+ words
2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization
Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles
100% proofreading 100% proofreading 100% proofreading 100% proofreading 100% proofreading
No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee
3 revisions 3 revisions 3 revisions 3 revisions 3 revisions
$15/month $28/month $55/month $110/month $280/month

Please note: If there is a mismatch between our various rates on different pages, it is probably because when we were updating the rates, somehow we missed this page. So, don’t be upset, just contact us.

Can you depend on our blog writing services?

The biggest problem faced by the people who outsource their blog writing needs is that they constantly have to pursue the writers to get the job done.

Even if they don’t have to pursue the writers, the writing is not up to the mark. Either it does not improve search engine rankings or it compromises on the conversion rate.

This is not the case when you work with Credible Content. Our blog writing services excel in providing high-quality content. We understand that your entire success depends on how well we are able to deliver quality blog content to you. Along with quality, consistency matters too.

Once you have decided to partner with us, once you have made the initial payments, our life’s mission is going to be to stick to the guidelines and provide you best possible content for your blog.

We are not saying that we are going to deliver the blogging content on time even if a comet hits the earth, but unless there is a major disaster, we are never going to miss the deadline.


Cost-effective and high-quality blog content writing services for individual businesses, web design agencies as well as advertising and marketing agencies. Experienced, international blog content writers.

If you’re looking for great blog content to boost your online image then no matter what your topic is, you will get premium content from Credible Content. From a single blog post to ongoing blog content writing services, every package can be tailored according to your specific need.

Every blog post will be diligently checked for plagiarism, over-optimization as well as under-optimization. You can get blog content from native English-speaking content writers as well as writers from across the globe with high proficiency in the language.

My blog content writing services will help you:

  1. Improve search engine rankings
  2. Create an engaging and buzzing social media presence
  3. Improve conversion rate on your own website and blog
  4. Keep your website updated on a regular basis because Google and other search engines prefer fresh content
  5. Publish highly topical and relevant content on your blog

Why hire a blog content writing service instead of doing it on your own?

Why hire a blog writing service?

Why hire a blog writing service?

It makes great sense to hire a professional business blogging service if you plan to publish a regular business blog, and I’m not saying this just because I provide blog content.


Blogging is a delicious cup of tea for those who love to write, enjoy expressing themselves through the written word, and most importantly, have enough time to do so.

Even if your writing side is well-nourished you must always be hard-pressed for time because you have to take care of your business. Blog publishing is not your bread-and-butter so you can’t suddenly develop a writing habit.

Many of my clients can write an occasional blog post but they can’t do it regularly. This is why they hire my blogging services. Of course, this is not the only reason. They also hire me (and my other writers) because I can write consistently, I can deliver on time, and most importantly, I can write convincingly, in a conversational style.

There are 3 traits that make your blog successful

  1. You publish great content.
  2. You publish great content regularly.
  3. You follow a schedule.

It cannot be said enough that publishing great content is paramount.

Search engines like Google are constantly looking for great content and through various algorithm updates they make sure that businesses are, sort of, forced to create great content.

Google’s business depends on people’s ability to find highly valuable content using the search engine. This content can only be found if it is created. If people don’t find great content they are going to blame Google, not the fact that people are not publishing enough great content.

So, Google has created its ranking algorithms in such a manner that unless you satisfy its need for great content, it is not going to rank your links well. How does Google achieve that?

  1. By analyzing the content of your blog.
  2. By analyzing how people evaluate the content of your blog.

Analyzing your blog content means how you have handled your topic.

How you have presented it.

How much information you have given.

What language you have used.

How you have used your keywords.

How you have interlinked various pieces of information existing all over your blog and website.

This is a small part of on-site SEO and content optimization.

After you have built and optimized blog content – suggested reading: optimized content explained – that content needs to gain authority from as many people as possible due to the strength of its quality.

Google gives a lot of importance to this.

This helps the Google algorithm weed out crappy content that is created just for better search engine rankings.

It’s very simple logic: only humans can really decide the contextual importance of your content. They can use emotions that artificial intelligence cannot. This is why, especially after the advent of social media, Google has incorporated the value of social validation into its search engine ranking algorithm.

Why is it important to hire a professional blogging agency?

As I have mentioned above, even though you may be good at writing, writing consistently may be a problem after a while. When you start a business blog, you may feel very enthusiastic and you may even have many ideas to write about.

Besides, a trained and experienced blog content writer knows how to write for search engines.

Writing for search engines is no longer confined to repeatedly using your keywords. Yes, you still need to use keywords, but they have to be a part of your overall writing process rather than something that needs to be “incorporated”.

So, you need to use your keywords, and you need to use them in such a manner that they add value to your content rather than simply “optimizing” your content.

Even if you know a lot about what you want to write, do you have enough time to write? Studies have shown that businesses who blog every day attract 315% more traffic than those that blog once or twice a month.

Even if you don’t want to blog everyday, there needs to be a consistency because then this consistency is noted by search engine crawlers and they begin to crawl your blog or website during those days.


For instance, if you publish a blog every Wednesday and Friday, your blog or website begins to get crawled and indexed every Wednesday and Friday. If you update your blog everyday, your blog is crawled and indexed every day.

Listed below are some reasons why you should hire a blog content writing service:

  1. Consistent delivery of quality blog content:
    According to this Content Marketing Institute finding, 70% marketers feel that the toughest challenge they face when carrying out their content marketing strategy is producing high quality content on a consistent basis. The entire success of your content marketing strategy depends on your ability to publish quality, useful content on an ongoing basis. This requires full-time attention, and even if not full-time attention, then at least a consistent, disciplined attention.
  2. Professional content to strengthen your brand: There is a reason some people are writers and some are not. Hiring a blog content writing service will give you access to professionally written content that will help you strengthen your brand on your own website and blog as well as social media websites like Twitter and LinkedIn.
  3. No-obligation content writing service: If you hire an in-house team of blog content writers, although you may feel reassured that everybody is inside the office and working, you can be never sure of the quality of content that you will be publishing. Of course, there are many other associated problems with hiring employees which don’t exist when you hire an external content writing service. Suggested reading: 20 benefits of hiring professional content writing services.
  4. Very easy to switch services: Although you can read above the entire list of the benefits of hiring a blog content writing service, one of the biggest benefits is your ability to switch between different agencies in case you are not satisfied with the quality of work. Just imagine, if you don’t like the work of your content writer that you have hired, how difficult it will be to fire him or her and then hire another blog content writer. Think of the legal problems you may get into while trying out multiple content writers. When you work with a blog content writing service you can easily change it if it is not up to the mark or if you find it very expensive.
  5. Professional writers from a global talent pool: This world brims with talent; it’s difficult to come across it sometimes. When you work with a blog content writing service, suddenly, multiple professional writers are at your disposal. If you work with a reliable content writing service you won’t have to worry about the quality of your content or whether you are publishing original content or not.

Blog content writers from across industries and niches

For many years I have been working with content writers who have written for numerous businesses, industries and niches. My blog writers are not just writers. They know that:

  1. Your blog content must improve your conversion rate
  2. Your blog content must improve your search engine rankings
  3. Your blog content must be able to engage people on social media websites

My content writers have years of experience writing for the web audience. They know how to write engaging content for an audience that has a depleting attention span.

Before your blog content is delivered to you it will be thoroughly proofread and checked for plagiarism.

Benefits of regularly publishing a blog, whether you do it yourself or through a blog content writing service

  1. You get to regularly share your knowledge and wisdom.
  2. You build your professional network as, while creating content, while researching, while linking to the others, you often have to contact people in your niche.
  3. Generate more leads as more people are able to find your blog or website.
  4. Your overall visibility increases as it becomes easier to find you on search engines and social networking websites.
  5. Provide answers to commonly asked questions, increasing your knowledge Wealth.
  6. You educate your customers and clients so that they are in a better position to do business with you in an informed manner.
  7. Cover topics in depth that sometimes is not feasible on regular web pages.
  8. Seem dependable and trustworthy as, when people see you putting in effort in developing your blog they come to know how hard you work and how proactively you promote your business and then, you will bring in the same attitude to their work.
  9. Publish fresh content on your blog on an ongoing basis, consequently, improving your search engine rankings.
  10. Give search engines a reason to crawl and index your blog regularly.

How to choose the perfect blogging service for your business?

Choosing the perfect blog writing service or blog writer for your business

Choosing the perfect blog writing service or blog writer for your business

Actually there is no rule of thumb. Just like any other sphere of life, the quality of your blog writing service or your blog writer will only be revealed to you once you start working with him or her.

Nonetheless, there are some fundamental traits to look for before you settle with a particular blog writing service or a blog writer…

  1. Go through the website to see if all the needed information is there or not.
  2. Check if the business blog of the blogging service or your blog content writer is updated or not.
  3. The above provides is based on the fact that your blog content service has a website.
  4. Google the person or the service to see if there are some negative reviews.
  5. Be wary of a person or an organization that readily over-commits.
  6. Try out the service by getting written one or a couple of blogs.

Want to kick start your content marketing with a professional blog content writing service? Contact me today for more information.

Whether you are an individual business or a marketing agency we can easily scale our blog writing services according to your need and budget. Contact for more details.

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