The difference between Primary content and Secondary content

These days when I replied to client queries I offer them two types of content:

  • Primary content
  • Secondary content

Here is a brief description of both the categories

Primary content

Primary content is the main content that you use to communicate your business message. You publish primary content on your homepage and the links appearing in your primary navigation bar such as “services”, “products”, “about us”, “FAQs”, “terms and conditions”, “company profile”, and “our policies”. These are very important pages because they represent your company’s attitude and the manner in which you want to talk to your prospective and present customers and clients. Primary content, since it is your main business content, costs you more compared to secondary content.

Secondary content

It constitutes of all the information articles and blog posts that you repeatedly publish on your website or blog. It helps increase your search engine visibility, it helps to create a buzz on your social media profile, and blog content can help you generate revenue, if that is your purpose. Secondary content doesn’t have to be as official as primary content and you can easily publish it as your personal views and also in the first person (not necessarily). Secondary content is an integral part of your long-term content strategy. I won’t say it is less important compared to your primary content because it is a secondary content that generates targeted traffic and also gets you repeat visitors. Secondary content also increases the authority quotient of your website or blog. It helps you generate a community around your online presence. You can also create secondary content to submit articles and blog posts on other websites and blogs.

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