Why outsource to a content writing service

Looking for a professional content writing service to outsource your writing jobs? Writers come cheap, and they also come expensive, it depends on what you are looking for. As a serious content provider who prefers to compete over quality rather than on price, I prefer to work with clients who understand the importance of high-quality content and also understand that you have to make certain investment in order to improve conversion rate.

No need to hire full-time writers when you can outsource to a content writing service

It makes sense to hire full-time content writers only if you are going to use their services all the month, every month. And once you have hired them on a permanent basis, you are stuck with their abilities and inabilities. Of course you can hire specialist copywriters but then you have to take care of everything such as

  • Provide them office space
  • Provide them infrastructure
  • Give them pay and other benefits mandated by the law
  • Be vulnerable to lawsuits in case you need to take some action
  • Do quality control yourself
  • Search for newer stuff if the existing doesn’t deliver

And this goes on and on.

By outsourcing your work to a content writing service you can access global talent

Writing is a talent, it’s an ability, and it’s a passion. It doesn’t really matter what your native language is or if you have a degree in linguistics. You can either write or cannot write, and by the end of the day all that matters is how well your writing has performed. Anybody from anywhere can be a good writer, and a good thing about the Internet is, you can access a highly talented writer from across the globe even at the cost of a pizza sometimes!

Hiring talent from all over the world has its benefits (it also has its disadvantages but then every option comes with its own set of disadvantages) for instance you get to choose the best irrespective of where your business is, you don’t have to stick to local business hours and sometimes your documents are ready by the time you start your day (due to the time difference).

There are financial benefits also to think of

When you outsource to a content writing service, you’re paying only for the performance. You’re paying for the work being done. You don’t have to pay for multiple revisions and you don’t have to pay to the writers whether they have work to do or not. You pay exactly for what you get. When you outsource:

  • You are not paying for hardware and software
  • You are not paying for software and hardware upgrades
  • You are saving on the employment benefits
  • You are saving on office space
  • You are getting trained writers at a very low cost
  • You don’t have to spend money on hiring and firing writers

Additional benefits of outsourcing your work to external content writers

  • You get to work with online copywriters who are well-versed with writing for the Internet
  • Experienced and established content writers are very active on social media
  • They are in the hub of technology
  • They know how to write search engine friendly content
  • All the editing and proofreading is already done by the time you get your documents
  • There is greater accountability
  • There is a larger talent pool.
  • The timings are highly flexible: your content is being prepared even when you are sleeping or holidaying

Of course there are problems associated with outsourcing your content writing needs but aren’t there problems with every aspect of life and commerce? Just like in any field of business and personal life you have to be careful of what sort of people you deal with, the same applies to people you hire for your work.

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