More than wanting to write for you, I want to help you improve your business

Recently I was thinking what makes me different from other writers, online copywriters, content writers, SEO copywriters or whatever you want to call the people who write for you, and unfortunately I could not distinguish much. I mean, okay, I may be better at expressing what you intend to convey to your customers and clients but then there are many writers who can help you achieve this.

I would also like to think that I am a better SEO writer because I understand the nuances of search engine algorithms as well as content arrangement. I’m also totally comfortable with web design and development (I used to design and develop websites before becoming an online copywriter). Additionally I have some sense of blogging, social media marketing as well as Internet marketing. To sum it up all, if I intend to, and if you ask for it, I can provide you a total content, search engine optimization and marketing package. But that doesn’t make me special and I thought more about what I can do to make my work special and rewarding.

This is what I came up with: more than wanting to write for you I want to help you improve your business or whatever you are doing or intend to achieve through my online copywriting services. I don’t want to simply focus on providing content, getting the payment and moving on. I want to make sure that when you contact me, when you partner with me, you are enriched and you see an improvement in the way you manage your online business. This may go beyond simply providing content writing services; it will also involve delivering knowledge and experience that has got nothing to do with writing. I have been working on the Internet for the past eight years and along the way I have learned a few things. I hate to call myself an expert but I can offer you whatever I know and whatever I feel can help you grow your business. This is how we transcend the borders of being merely a client and a service provider and truly become partners in growth.

I cannot promise that it will happen all the time. There will be some shortcomings and there will be some grievances. The important thing is how we handle the shortcomings and grievances and enrich the experience that we have with each other.

Do I expect something in return? I think your success will be all the return that I need.

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