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“Website writer” is a strange term but I’ve noticed that many people who are looking for a content writer for their website often search for website writer. So this page is for you if you are looking for a website writer. This page also acts as a demonstration for search engine optimization, that you may be interested in (who isn’t?). I’m writing this page in such a manner that it should come up on the first page for the term “website writer”, and if you’ve found this page after searching for “website writer” I’ve achieved my goal. OK, you might also have landed here from the link on my sidebar titled “Website writer explained”.

You’ll notice I’m not stuffing this key phrase anywhere because it shouldn’t sound nonsensical. Along with that, it should contain the expression “website writer” enough times to convince the search engine crawlers that this page indeed talks about something like website writer.

Now we go to the explanation part. Actually, you don’t need a writer to write a website. You don’t write a website, you design or develop a website. If you want content for your web pages, then you need a writer who knows how to write for websites. Now, you may ask what’s the big deal about writing for websites? I mean why do you need a so-called “specialized” writer to write content for your website? Frankly, what you need is a good writer who is comfortable with the nuances of the online world.

I’m not a specialized writer per se; I only know how to write well. If I write for your website, I know I’ll be able to convey the essence of your message, and I’ll be able to convey it in such a manner that your readers will find it interesting. Not only that, as an experienced writer, I also know that your writer should cater to the search engine crawlers too. Your website needs a writer who not only makes your visitors happy when they visit your website but you also need a writer who can lure the search engines to your website. I can do both.

So if you are looking for an experienced website writer, you are in fact looking for an experienced content writer.

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