Boost your SEO with targeted content writing

Boost your SEO with targeted content writing

Every business wants to boost its SEO – improve its search engine rankings for meaningful keywords – but most of the businesses still don’t know that it is mainly targeted content writing that does the job.

Here is a nice post that reconfirms my statement on this web page that high quality content is the best SEO strategy.

Our targeted content writing can boost your SEO by

  • Writing content according to your keywords and search terms
  • Writing content that really helps your customers and clients
  • Writing content that provides precise answers to people’s questions
  • Providing you high-quality content on an ongoing basis, without ever mitigating quality
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Google aggressively promotes its content quality guidelines. On many occasions it has advised content publishers what sort of content to publish, how to publish it, how to format it and what other things to take care of so that the Google ranking algorithm can understand its intent.

Although there are scores of factors that affect your search engine rankings, you can boost your SEO in a big way through targeted content writing.

What exactly is targeted content writing?

There is no definitive definition for it, but I term “targeted content writing” as writing for a specific purpose using a set of keywords and search terms that are important for the client.

When writing content you should always be clear what you are trying to achieve.

Take for instance this web page; what do you intend to achieve by writing and publishing this web page?

The aim of this web page is to attract those people to my website who want to boost their search engine rankings and they have some idea that targeted content writing can help them.

I am writing informative content but I am also targeting for keywords such as “boost your SEO” and “targeted content writing”. These are my two purposes for publishing this web page.

So, whenever you are publishing a web page or a blog post, have a clear intent in your mind.

You want to achieve something, so accordingly you write the content. This is targeted content writing.

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Sometimes you just want to help your prospective customers and clients for brand building. You don’t want to promote your service. They already know what business you are in and they don’t need to be told. They just need to be educated. You just want to make sure that they have the needed information. That is also targeted content writing.

How you boost your SEO with targeted content writing

As mentioned above, there are multiple factors that affect your search engine rankings. The most important is, of course, the quality of your content.

The way you incorporate keywords and search terms into your content has a big impact on your SEO.

But Google also looks for user behaviour. How do people react to your content?

People’s reaction to your content can manifest in the following ways:

  • Do they click on your links when they come across them on search engine result pages?
  • When the find your content on Google and the click your link, how much time do they spend on your website?
  • After having found and explode your link, to the continued their search or do they no longer search?
  • Many people share your links on social networking platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?
  • How many reactions do your links attract on the above-mentioned social networking platforms (likes, retweets, shares, comments, mentions, et cetera)?
  • How many backlinks does your content have?

As you can understand, all these reactions come from people.

When some of these reactions come into force, when they are executed, it signals Google that your content is important, that people like it, or react to it.

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These reactions can only happen if you write and publish targeted content. Content that is really useful and relevant.

If your content is not useful and relevant it won’t motivate people into sharing it, liking it, linking to it, or even going through it.

This is why, when you are intending to drive targeted content, people’s reaction to it is as important as how you incorporate your keywords.

Credible Content can help you boost your SEO by writing high-quality targeted content on an ongoing basis.

Although you can choose to work with us on-and-off, since your SEO also depends on your competition, if your competitor is publishing more content than you, he or she is obviously going to be at an advantage.

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Remember that Google likes fresh content. If you published a blog post or an article 3 months ago and if your competitor has published a blog post or an article just recently, if it is good enough, it is going to be ranked much higher than your link.

Credible Content is a reliable and dependable content writing service that can provide you very high-quality content non-stop.

Our trained writers can write on diverse topics without compromising on quality and uniqueness.

We can write content for your

  • Web pages
  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Information articles
  • Guest blog posts
  • Social media updates
  • E-books

So, are you ready to boost your SEO with targeted content writing? Contact us for more details.

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