Why is SEO Copywriting important? Should you work with an SEO copywriter?

Why is SEO copywriting important

Why is SEO copywriting important?

Why is SEO Copywriting important? What is the importance of SEO copywriting

What do you need to sell from your website?

  1. You need targeted traffic.
  2. You need an outstanding conversion rate.

How do you achieve the two?

Copywriting is an old field of profession. The concept of SEO is relatively new.

When you do business online you need people to come to your website.

Most of the people may come from search engines.

A few may come from other websites that have your link on them.

Many may come from social media.

But is it just about coming to your website? By simply coming to your website do your visitors become your paying customers and clients?

Fat chance.

You need to convince them.

They should be able to trust you.

You must make them feel confident enough so that they spend money on your business.

For this you need compelling copy that persuades them.

This is the job of a copywriter.

SEO writers are good at improving your search engine rankings by writing optimized content.

When conventional copywriting and SEO writing are combined, they become “SEO copywriting”.

Why is SEO copywriting important?

Can you do without search engine traffic?

If you can, well good for you – you can go on doing whatever you’re doing.

But if you need search engine traffic, you need SEO copywriting.

When the concepts of copywriting and SEO are combined, you don’t need separate web pages to draw traffic from search engines AND to convert visitors into paying customers and clients.

In fact, this can be counter-productive because most of the people who come to your website are not going to explore further if you are just focusing on SEO and not delivering quality.

Therefore, to get quality search engine traffic that converts, you need quality SEO writing.

How is SEO copywriting different from normal copywriting?

Difference between SEO copywriting a normal copywriting

Difference between SEO copywriting a normal copywriting.

Why is SEO copywriting important?

What does SEO copywriting mean?

You will get the answer here.

To be able to send targeted traffic to your website, the search engines need to know what you’re talking about.

For brevity, whenever I talk about Google, you can assume I’m talking about search engines.

So, if someone searches for “the importance of SEO copywriting”, to show my link Google needs to know that I’m actually talking about this topic.

The phrase must appear somewhere in my copy.

Should I talk about the importance of accounting content?

Should I write content about web design?

Even SEO?


To make sense of my web page Google must be able to find expressions like “the importance of SEO copywriting”, “why is SEO copywriting important”, “importance”, and “SEO copywriting”.

The problem here is, many writers don’t know how to use keywords when writing compelling copy.

Unknowingly, they may indulge in “keyword stuffing” – over optimizing your content and as a result, getting your content penalised.

They may also end up using your keywords with less frequency that leaves your content less optimized for the needed keywords.

The copywriter needs to strike a balance.

Your keywords must appear contextually.

They must appear enough times.

They shouldn’t be overused.

This is where SEO copywriting comes to your rescue.

You get content that converts.

You get content that ranks well.

So how is normal copywriting different?

Normal copywriting isn’t bothered about keywords.

It primarily focusing on selling. It doesn’t have your primary and secondary keywords strategically inserted into the copy.

It doesn’t follow certain conventions and guidelines.

Does it rank well? It depends on randomness. It may or may not.

Why you need SEO copywriting to improve your search engine rankings

Why do you need SEO copywriting

Why do you need SEO copywriting?

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing as every search engine wants to find the best possible content for its users.

We all remember the Panda update from Google that devastated more than 33% of the websites.

One thing remains constant though: content quality and relevance.

Focusing on the keywords is important – after all, your keywords are the patterns that help the search engine algorithm analyze your content and then decide for which search terms it should be ranked.

But what matters the most is, the purpose your content or your copy solves.

If and when it is ranked, it is ranked for the purpose it solves, and not due to the keywords.

This purpose is called “search intent”: what is the intention of the search engine user?

Even slight variations in the search terms can indicate different search intent.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that a search engine like Google is crawling millions of pages on monthly basis.

It doesn’t want to spend lots of its resources trying to figure your website if it is difficult to access your important content.

Here comes the importance of search engine friendly copywriting.

Here are the main characteristics of SEO copywriting:

  • Focus on targeted keywords and key phrases.
  • Write clear and compelling headlines.
  • Create informative and engaging content.
  • Use a conversational tone to connect with readers.
  • Optimize content for search engines without keyword stuffing.
  • Incorporate relevant and descriptive meta tags.
  • Structure content with headers and subheadings.
  • Utilize internal and external links to enhance SEO.
  • Write concise and relevant meta descriptions.
  • Use appropriate keyword density throughout the content.
  • Optimize images with descriptive alt tags.
  • Craft unique and original content to avoid duplication.
  • Pay attention to readability and user experience.
  • Include relevant and informative call-to-action (CTA) statements.
  • Maintain a consistent brand voice throughout the copy.
  • Write for both human readers and search engine algorithms.
  • Stay updated with the latest SEO trends and algorithms.
  • Conduct thorough keyword research and analysis.
  • Monitor and analyze the performance of SEO copy.
  • Continuously refine and optimize copy based on data and insights.

In simple words, SEO copywriting is presenting or writing search engine friendly content but at the same time being people friendly.

It is different from content writing in the sense that you write and publish content to improve your search engine rankings as well as keep people coming to your website on an ongoing basis.

Content writing doesn’t necessarily sell. It mostly informs and educates.

Copywriting sells. It carries a marketing pitch. It convinces your visitors to buy from you.

Copywriting in traditional sense is writing for advertisements.

When you are writing for the web, you don’t just sell, you also attract targeted search engine traffic.

Remember that higher search engine rankings will manifest automatically if you have a high quality website that provides excellent information to your visitors.

After all, this is what Google wants to find for its users: solutions to their problems.

SEO copywriting is all about placing your keywords at the right spots and amidst the right tags on your web page.

The keywords should be relevant and should be able to connect, inform and convince the search engine crawlers, AND the human readers.

Although the ranking procedure is quite complex and makes use of numerous parameters, one important factor is how your pages are spidered or crawled.

Sprinkled with keywords, your web page text should be strategically used to convey to the search engine that your web page really contains information relevant to the keyword in focus.

So SEO copywriting is all about creating a content to ‘impress the search spiders’ and assist them.

Keep in mind that search engine robots do not consider “websites” but consider the “web pages” of those websites.

But does SEO copywriting only cater to the search engines?

Is SEO copywriting good for only search engine rankings

Is SEO copywriting good for only search engine rankings.

If SEO copywriting is all about getting ranked higher, then what about your visitors, the humans who will actually do business with you and give you money?

Herein lies the real importance of SEO copywriting.

As an SEO copywriter you must always focus first on creating content useful for online users and not for gaining higher search engine rankings.

Copywriting for search engine optimization plays a vital role here.

It helps your website not only ‘catch the eyes’ of the search robots but also get it ‘picked up’ by those spiders.

Don’t ever stuff your web page copy with your keywords and key phrases because it works, but doesn’t actually work.

You may find many websites getting a good rank just because they have written nothing but a long concatenation of keywords as anchor texts, or in the header tags.

These websites eventually get blocked or downgraded because in the name of relevant content they provide nothing.

Google has a way of finding out how much time people spend on your website after finding your link on Google.

If they don’t spend much time, it is an indication that you are not delivering what you a promising through your optimization efforts.

When the immediately leave your website after coming from Google, the phenomenon is called “pogo sticking”.

Therefore, Google concludes that you shouldn’t be ranking well for the keyword you are ranking well right now.

It downgrades your rankings.

Want to rank well? Want to convert leads into customers? Just focus on delivering value.

A quick recap – SEO copywriting achieve the following for you:

  • Helps your site to be compatible in both ways i.e both from viewers and search engines point of view.
  • Helps your site by placing keywords at the right places in the web pages. As I mentioned earlier, the keywords should be relevant and should be able to connect, inform and convince the search engine spiders.
  • Helps your site maintain correct “optimal length”. Irrespective of your area of business, it helps your site attain the right and exact balance of getting relevant traffic to your website and converting that traffic into business.

The holistic way of writing SEO copy

Holistic approach to writing SEO copy

Holistic approach to writing SEO copy.

The biggest strength that I see as an SEO copywriter in your copy is its sense of purpose.

Write the mission statement of your web page copy

Hence, before starting to write, always write a mission statement. What do you want to achieve?

Make sure that you don’t want to achieve 10 things. Focus on just one thing or at the most two things.

For example, the purpose of this article is to explain to you the importance of SEO copywriting.

Along the way, I’m also explaining the process and why it is important to follow that process.

Also, as you’re reading this, if you’re looking for a professional SEO copywriter, somewhere you are also feeling reassured that I have enough knowledge and experience to write copy for you that will improve your search engine rankings and increase your conversion rate.

Hence, as an SEO copywriter, I’m trying to achieve the following with this article:

  1. Optimize the article for the search term “importance of SEO copywriting” as well as related terms such as “SEO copywriting” and “SEO copywriter”.
  2. Educate you about the concept of why your website needs copywriting to improve your search engine rankings as well as conversion rate.
  3. Convey to you that if you hire me as your SEO copywriter, I have enough knowledge of the field.

Writing down a sense of purpose keeps you focused and also helps you create an outline for your web page or blog post copy.

Some writers also call it writing the “mission statement” of your web page or blog post.

Make a list of keywords

You can use different tools or even your own subject matter expertise to make a list of keywords for which you’re going to optimize your copy.

You may not use all the keywords in your SEO copy – in fact, I recommend not using all the keywords because this ends up diluting your text – but compiling a comprehensive list gives you an idea of which are the most important keywords and search queries you would like to include in your copy.

I suggest creating longtail keywords because as an experienced SEO copywriter, I know that they work better than keywords containing 2-3 words.

For example, I would rather optimise a page for “SEO copywriter to improve my rankings” than a mere “SEO copywriter” because then I know precisely why the person is searching accordingly I can write my copy.

Create a persona

The “persona” is the typical person you are writing for. Whom do you want to target?

Who carries the greater probability of turning into your paying customer or client?

Don’t try to accommodate as many personae as possible because this again dilutes your content. Focus on one person. Then write as if that person is sitting across the table and were both having a conversation.

Anyway, the purpose of this article is not to educate about how to do SEO copywriting but rather, why it is important.

This blog post has explained to you what is the importance of SEO copywriting.

If you’re looking for an SEO copywriter who can help you improve your rankings and enhance your conversion rate, contact me for more information.

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