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Copywriting Services For SEO Companies | Content writing

Copywriting services for SEO companies

Copywriting services for SEO companies.

Looking for an experienced and dependable copywriter for your SEO services?

I regularly provide copywriting services to SEO companies.

There are many search engine optimization companies that use my content writing services to boost rankings of their clients.

SEO copywriting is an integral part of offering search engine optimization services these days.

The focus of this web page are the following topics:

  • Copywriting services for SEO companies and agencies
  • Content writing services for SEO companies and agencies
  • Copywriter for SEO companies
  • Content writer for SEO companies

Why do SEO companies prefer to work with a content writer or a copywriter?

Why do they hire outside copywriting and content writing services?

There are very big SEO companies that have their own in-house copywriters and content writers.


But, there are many competent, but small-scale SEO agencies who wouldn’t like to hire permanent content writers and copywriters, for obvious reasons.

Hiring permanent writers has its own pros and cons.

You have greater control. You have atomic control over how the content is being written.

The writers are constantly available to you if they are your employees working in-house.

The downside is, hiring in-house copywriters and content writers is expensive.

Whether you need content or not, you need to pay them every month.

You not just pay them a salary, you spend money on infrastructure and facilities.

You must give them employee benefits.

You must pay for their hardware and software.

You are stuck with them even if you don’t like their work.

SEO agencies don’t need content writing and copywriting services regularly.

It makes perfect sense for them to work with an outside agency they can contact only when they need SEO content.

This way, they can provide cost-effective SEO services to their clients.

Without high quality, engaging content, one cannot think of improving his or her search engine rankings.

Quality copywriting leads to higher search engine rankings

Quality copywriting leads to higher search engine rankings.

Yes, you can do on page optimization.

You can work on getting high quality backlinks.

To better rank your content, search engines like Google expect you to publish quality content regularly.


I’m frequently working with digital marketing and SEO agencies that need quality copywriting and content writing for their clients.

Whatever SEO tool you use these days, it recommends what sort of content you should publish to improve your search engine rankings.

When search engine tools like SEMRush, SEOPressor and Ubersuggest audit your web pages they point out the pages that contain too little content.

For better search engine rankings, the minimum number of words you need is over 1000.

You can’t publish duplicate content.

You cannot write about the same thing over and over.

You need engaging copywriting.

You need writing that is full of relevant information for your readers and gives them a reason to stay on your website (this brings down your bounce rate which in turn, improves your SEO).

The Google SEO rankings are all about publishing relevant, valuable content.

It’s the content that gets ranked.

This is where my SEO copywriting can help you.

Persistent quality writing can get you

  • More traffic
  • More leads
  • More sales
  • More social shares

Most of my business comes from clients who approach me directly.

I do work with web design and SEO companies, but a major chunk of my work comes from clients who approach me by finding my services on Google (or LinkedIn).

(A big shout out to my existing clients who are constantly referring work to me!)


Their biggest problem is that they want to improve their search engine rankings and the SEO companies they have worked before weren’t able to deliver.

Don’t get me wrong, but there are many SEO companies who still don’t understand that it is the content that improves search engine rankings in the first place.

They don’t know that SEO is all about content. I’m not saying this because I provide content writing and copywriting services.

It is logical. If you don’t have content, what does Google rank?

Hence, the SEO companies who actually know how to improve search engine rankings for their clients know that without the foundation of high-quality content, there is nothing to build on.

As an SEO agency, this gives you an advantage over your competitors – you understand the importance of quality copywriting & content writing.

Why is quality content important for higher search engine rankings?

Google wants its users to find only the best content through its search engine.

There is no use finding content that doesn’t solve any purpose.

If you are writing content or copy on your web page just to improve your search engine rankings (randomly throwing in your keywords and search terms) while paying scant regard to what value you are delivering to your visitors, it has adverse effect on your SEO.

Providing a search engine optimization package to your clients without arranging for high quality content takes care of just 10% of their problems.

Most of the clients find it difficult to improve their search engine rankings because they lack quality content.

They don’t partner with a professional copywriting or content writing agency that can deliver high quality content on an ongoing basis.

If you want to improve search engine rankings of your clients as a competent SEO company, you need the following:

  • Valuable content written according to search intent.
  • Valuable content written according to search intent, published to regularly.

For higher search engine rankings, regular publishing is as important as quality publishing simply because if you don’t publish content, your competitors do.

Everybody wants to improve his or her search engine rankings, right?

Everybody knows that Google is constantly hungry for new content.

Since they know it, they are constantly writing and publishing it.

As a result, your content is constantly being pushed down on the SERPs.

To maintain your position for the relevant keywords, you need to publish content regularly.

Why hire my copywriting services for your SEO business or agency?

Why hire my copywriting services for your SEO company

Why hire my copywriting services for your SEO company?

I’m a writer.

I love storytelling.

Being a writer, I always want to make an impact with my writing.

If my words don’t jump out and touch the reader (of course not in a creepy way), I strongly believe that I have failed.

Hence, whether I’m writing about how to potty train your toddler or how to build your first blockchain application, I know that the reader is reading for a purpose.


I know how to write for the web.

Although my natural style is free-flowing, I completely understand that every extra word has the potential to distract your customer.

Hence, I choose my words carefully.

I keep my sentences short, crisp and to the point.

I know where to use power words and where to avoid them.

I can independently research.

I never take bulk writing assignments.

It means I spend enough time on an assignment to create quality content.

My primary focus is on your readers and their concerns.

When they are looking for information on Google (or any other search engine) they need specific information.

They have an intent called “search intent”.

They must find content according to their search intent.

I know how to write content for that.

If you’re searching for “copywriting service for SEO companies” I know that this web page should be able to provide you all the needed information to help you decide – in my favor.

Similarly, when you are improving search engine rankings for your clients, you also want to improve their conversion rate.

Search engine traffic without conversion rate is meaningless.

Even if you can help your clients improve your search engine rankings but they don’t grow their business, they are going to feel disenchanted.

They may not blame your SEO company for not being able to sell more despite having higher search engine rankings, they will realize that something is amiss.

In most of the cases, provided they have a good product or service, it is a messaging, it is the copywriting.

The copy on the website is unable to convince and convert.

Hence, when you hire me as a copywriter I can help your clients improve both their search engine rankings and conversion rate.

This is one of the biggest reasons why my current web design and SEO companies stick with my copywriting services.

I deliver them

  1. Higher search engine rankings for the clients.
  2. Better conversion rate for their clients.

I can do the same for your clients.


I do SEO copywriting from a businessperson’s perspective.

I run my own business.

I fully understand how important it is to convince your visitors.

Whether I’m writing a blog post or a web page or a landing page, ultimately, the objective is to improve the conversion rate.

This is why you are looking for a copywriter.

The job of a copywriter is to improve sales.

The job of an SEO copywriter is to improve search engine rankings as well as sales.

I can deliver you both.

Some questions you may have about my SEO copywriting services

As an SEO company or an agency, you may have some valid questions before you decide to hire my copywriting services.

Answering some questions below.

Can I deliver you quality content writing and copywriting?

Yes. I can.

To get a glimpse of how I write, you can visit my blog.

You can ask for relevant samples when you contact me.

My process for delivering quality copywriting is quite straightforward:

  • Empathize with the reader.
  • Convince her that I understand her problem.
  • Give the solution.
  • Explain to her, preferably with authoritative data, why this solution is the best.

Every copy revolves around this concept and it ensures that I deliver quality work.

Can you count on me for delivering quality copywriting regularly?

I will be frank.

Sometimes I have too much work.

Sometimes I have no work at all (this happens because I don’t promote myself as consistently as I should).

But in most of the cases, I have enough time.

If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this page.

I never overcommit and overpromise.

At the same time, I understand that regularity is very important.

So, yes, once I have committed, I am regular.

Can I adapt my writing style for the needs of your different clients?

I am first a writer and then a content writer/copywriter.

Once I have the background information, I can write on any topic.

I have a decent inventory of vocabulary that covers practically every industry – this is because I have been writing for different businesses for more than 20 years.

A couple of weeks ago, on the same day I worked on two blog posts, one for a daycare center and one for a blockchain project.

Can I do SEO copywriting without needlessly using the keywords?

One has to strike a balance when writing.

Your keywords are important so let us not pretend that they are secondary to your writing.

Having said that, needlessly using the keywords can get you penalized.

I know how to use the given keywords strategically and integrate them into the overall web page or blog post body text.

When I’m writing content for your clients, I will use the main keyword within the first 100 words, contextually, and then I will keep on using the main keyword and its variations throughout the copy.

Can I write engaging and convincing copy for your SEO clients?

Yes I can.

I have the needed writing skills to engage the readers.

I don’t bore the readers.

I fully understand that the purpose of the present sentence is to make the reader go to the next sentence.

The focus must always be the reader.

I can provide you a specific answers if you contact me to know more about my SEO copywriting services.

Topics covered on this webpage: Content writing services for SEO companies | Content writing services for SEO companies | Content writer or copywriter for SEO companies

Copywriting services for voice search

Optimized copywriting for voice search

Optimized copywriting for voice search

Every major technology company, especially the ones selling mobile phones and related operating systems, is investing big in voice search.

Therefore, it is very important that your copywriting focuses on voice search as much as it focuses on conventionally optimized content.

What is voice search?

The image asks what is why search

What is voice search?

It means when people talk into their mobile phones (even browser add-ons on their PCs and laptops) instead of typing into them. Specially to look for information.

Using search engines these days to find every bit of information has become second nature to every mobile phone user. Even to check out websites, people use search engines instead of straightaway typing the URL.

It is like this, you are looking for a professional copywriter for your website, you will speak into your phone something like, “copywriting services for my art gallery website”.

A peculiar thing about voice search is that apps like Google Assistant can even remember your previous search activity to interpret what you really mean to search instead of taking your proceeding search as a standalone query.

For example, you first search for “best chicken tikkas in my area”.

Google shows you the results – listings of all the restaurants offering chicken tikkas.

Then, if you search for “restaurant serving after 11 PM”, Google will show you not just the restaurants that are open after 11 PM, but also the one that serves chicken tikkas.

You can use different variations according to your individual business needs, but the basic premise is, instead of typing your query, you may use voice, and when you use voice, your search queries are conversational instead of well-defined text strings.

And it’s not just mobile phones where people use voice search.

Millions of devices are being shipped that are voice-controlled, including Amazon Echo and Google Home.

According to this AdWeek link, right now (this is 2019) there are 67 million voice-enabled devices just in the US.

They don’t even have optional buttons. They are completely controlled by voice commands and one of the major features is the ability to search by telling them the queries instead of typing them in.

Developments in the ranking algorithms that can use natural language processing to recognize voice text and related patterns have also contributed towards more people using voice search instead of simple typing.

This is why, it is very important that any optimized text on your website or even your blog, is optimized for voice search.

Copywriting services and voice search


According to this Search Engine Watch post, search results for voice search are different from search results for typed search even for the same sort of information.

SEO experts have noted that once you have optimized your content and your copywriting according to conventional SEO techniques you cannot safely assume that your website will also draw targeted traffic from voice search.

You need to tailor your content both for the purpose of optimizing for voice search, and for higher conversion rate.

The role of copywriting

Copywriting mostly comes into picture when you need to convince your visitors (in terms of World Wide Web) into becoming your customers and clients.

“Convincing” is the keyword here – you need to be persuasive enough.

Hence, your copywriting must be conversational, engaging, informative, succinct, and in terms of optimization, well-adapted to voice search.

Through my website copywriting services I can help you convert more visitors into customers and clients and at the same time draw targeted traffic from voice searches.

How will I optimize copywriting for voice search, for your business?

When I write copy for your website, in fact, before I start writing copy for your website, I will try to understand how your target customers and clients carry out searches.

As a writer, I don’t believe that you should solely focus on improving your search engine rankings because higher rankings mean nothing unless the traffic converts.

The traffic doesn’t convert unless you have well-written content, well-written copy on your website.

Having said that, the need to draw targeted search engine traffic is inescapable.

Many businesses depend on search engine traffic and with greater number of devices enabling people to voice search, you need copywriting services to target people who use voice instead of typing to find information on the Internet.

To achieve this, I will take care of the following:

  • Optimize your copy for longer search terms.
  • Keep my copywriting conversational because this is how people search using voice.
  • Understand what sort of problems people have and then provide solutions through my writing.
  • While keeping my copywriting professional, I will write in a manner your core audience speaks.
  • I will write for the web, which means, write shorter, crisp sentences that are to the point.

What is so important about voice search and how my copywriting services can help you?

Importance of copywriting in voice search

Importance of copywriting in voice search

People, especially those who are comfortable with the language they speak in (mostly English in this context), don’t use a monotonous way of talking when using voice search.

They use conversational style. Also, they mostly ask questions. Given a choice, 71% people prefer to use voice assistant to search for information.

The use of mobile phones and the mobile technology has been phenomenal. Even a totally illiterate person can use a mobile phone. If he or she doesn’t know how to read or type, he or she definitely knows how to speak into a mobile device.

Hence, it is very important that your partner with a professional copywriting service that helps you optimize your website content for voice search. Contact me today for more information.

Content Writing & Copywriting Services For Advertising Agency


As an advertising agency you constantly need to create compelling messages people can believe. For that you need professional content writing and copywriting, whether you are working with in-house writers or you collaborate with outside services.

If you work with outside services, Credible Content can provide your advertising agency high quality and reliable content writing & copywriting services at a sustainable level.

Contact for more details

Benefits of working with Credible Content for your content writing & copywriting needs


Advertising agencies have to rely on the strength of the written word whether you are creating videos, graphics or text. Everything revolves around a well-written story.

Since different clients of an advertising agency may have different needs, it is often difficult to rely on a single content writer or copywriter that you have hired. This is where an outside service can help you.

At Credible Content we have a slew of talented writers who can provide you compelling content as and when required. Whether you are a big advertising agency or a small service, we can tailor our content writing and copywriting services according to your budget and needs.

Contact for more details

Are you an online advertising agency? Content writing and copywriting services especially for the web


We provide our services mostly for the web. If your ad agency is providing Internet advertising and marketing services you will find an ideal partner in Credible Content.

We have vertical and horizontal experience in online marketing.

We have in-depth knowledge of SEO.

Our copywriting can turn casual visitors into regular customers and clients.

We can write copy for the main company pages or content for blog posts, email campaigns and SEO articles.

We can write landing page copies for your clients.

We can also write social media updates for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Basically, when you need to communicate on the web, you can trust us (our content writers and copywriters).

Contact for more details

Content writing & copywriting services for individual ad agency clients

We live in the times of specialties. It is very difficult and expensive for an advertising agency to hire in-house content writers and copywriters for various needs. Every client is unique. Therefore, he or she requires a unique specialty in your content writer or copywriter.

If you work with an in-house team of content writers and copywriters, every time you worry about the requirements of the new project because you are never sure whether your existing content writers and copywriters will be able to do justice with a project or not.

But when you work with Credible Content you don’t need to worry about the expertise of your content writers and copywriters. This is because we have a large pool of content writers and copywriters at our disposal from all over the world.

This is a big reason why, when we are promoting our content writing and copywriting services (to advertising agencies and various other businesses) we don’t promote ourselves as “cheap content providers” because we cannot afford to be like that.

Since our writers come from all over the world including Europe, America, Australia and Asia, different writers may have different rates and sometimes since they charge regional rates, we have to charge our clients accordingly.

Contact for more details

Dependable and affordable content writing and copywriting services for advertising agencies

At Credible Content we understand that ongoing business partnerships depend on trustworthiness, reliability and affordability. Why would you work with us if it doesn’t make financial sense to you? Our content writing and copywriting services shouldn’t be more expensive than hiring an in-house team of content writers and copywriters for your advertising agency.

The good thing about working with an outside content writing and copywriting service is that you don’t have to pay to your writers all the time. When you work with in-house writers, you have to bear all their costs. They use your resources. You have to pay insurance. You have to worry about the legal fee in case some legal complication arises. You have to pay them a salary every month. They use your space and your infrastructure.

These are recurring costs that you have to incur whether your content writers and copywriters are writing for your clients or not.

If you partner with Credible Content on the other hand, you spend money only when you use our content writing and copywriting services. You pay just for the content and the copy and nothing else.

What about affordability? As a professional advertising agency we understand you will be needing content writers and copywriters on an ongoing basis.

As mentioned above, our writers hail from all over the world. Nonetheless, we try to make our content writing and copywriting services as affordable as possible without stretching our writers. You understand that every project needs to be financially viable for everybody involved. But we try to do our best to give you the best rates.

Contact for more details

Once you decide to partner with us, you will be able to provide the following content writing and copywriting services to your clients:

  • Main website content including homepage, services pages, products pages, company profile, FAQs, mission statement, vision and philosophy – basically, all the web pages that you find in the top navigation of a business website.
  • Content writing for business blogs.
  • Social media updates
  • Copywriting for landing pages
  • Copywriting for email marketing campaigns
  • Case studies and white papers
  • E-books
  • PowerPoint slides
  • SEO articles
  • Press releases
  • Regular official communications
  • Scripts for video campaigns
  • Story-based advertising scripts
  • News-based articles
  • Articles and blog posts on trending topics
  • Evergreen educational blog posts and articles
  • Thought leadership updates

Why it makes sense for your advertising agency to use our content writing and copywriting services

At Credible Content we aim to make using our content writing and copywriting services for you as profitable and easy as possible. The biggest benefits of working with us are

  • High quality content on an ongoing basis
  • Quick turnaround
  • A vast pool of qualified and experienced content writers and copywriters from all over the world
  • Reasonably fast response rate
  • Reasonable number of revisions
  • No contract (unless asked for)

Other features of our content writing and copywriting services that will be beneficial for your ad agency clients:

  • Increased conversion rate
  • SEO content for targeted keywords
  • 100% unique and original content
  • Conversational and engaging writing style
  • Web-friendly writing style and format
  • Convincing writing that instills a sense of confidence
  • Effective writing for every stage of your client’s sales funnel
  • Total nondisclosure of our partnership, if you prefer that

Still wondering how we can move forward?

Contact for more details

Content writer to help you write your value proposition


Looking for a content writer to write a killer value proposition for your business? A well-written value proposition can help your business stand out and convince your customers and clients to choose your business over your competitor’s.

What’s value proposition?

The value proposition of your business (of your product or of your service) is a unique feature or innovation that your product or service has and nobody else does, or very few do. It is the statement, the expression or the message that convinces the potential customer or client that he or she should choose your product or service.

Why writing a value proposition is very important for your business?

A value proposition helps your customers distinguish you from the others. If you face lots of competition you need to give a reason to people to choose your business over another’s. How do you do that? You highlight the feature that you have and the others don’t.

Of course, this feature should be valuable and it should be convincing enough to make people consider you. This big feature must add great value once people decide to go with your business.

In fact, I suggest that every business must work hard at arriving at a clearly-defined value proposition. This will also help you develop a unique feature for your product or service if that unique feature so far has been missing. Deciding to write a value proposition and then use it as a marketing feature will help you change your product or service in such a manner that it HAS that feature that the others don’t have.

With so much competition around, why should people choose you?

Suppose you have an online mobile store where people can purchase mobile phones of different brands. So what? There are many online mobile stores. What unique feature can you add and then turn it into your value proposition?

I have no idea. You have to think of that. But what I’m saying is, in order to have a unique value proposition you will be forced to give a unique feature to your customers that they won’t find on another online mobile store website.

Remember that in order to have a convincing value proposition, you must offer something that is of great value.

Take the Uber service for example. Before the Uber cab service arrived at the scene, hailing a cab was always a great pain. You were totally at the mercy of the erratic drivers.

The great value proposition of the Uber cab service is

  • Just a single tap and the cab arrives wherever you are
  • The cab driver knows exactly where you are going
  • The payment is totally cashless and the estimate is presented to you before you leave for your destination

Now, this collection of value to propositions need to be communicated to people who have never used the Uber cab service.

With Apple products like the iPhone and the iPad, the sleekness, the experience, is their value proposition. When people are looking for a high quality mobile phone or a tablet with a very smooth interface, they know that Apple has got such a mobile phone or a tablet.

Persuasive writing to convincingly communicate your value proposition

I can write you a killer value proposition that will immediately convince your prospects.

Why am I the right person to write your value proposition?

Because I totally understand its importance for your business. It’s what makes your business stand out. It highlights the most compelling reason for people to do business with you. It’s a believable compilation of the most convincing and persuasive reasons for people to click that “call-to-action” link or button and buy your product or service.

I fully understand that an effective value proposition addresses the pain points of your customers and clients. It should provide a solution that they are looking for.

I will write a value proposition according the perspective of your customers and clients.

Marketing Copywriting Services

Marketing copywriting can be different from the normal, conversion-oriented content writing, and it can be the same thing — it all depends on how you view promotional content publishing.

Marketing copywriting helps you sell more, whether it is your product, your opinion or your ideas. Personally I don’t see a stark difference between writing content convincingly and creating a marketing copy: eventually you are making people do something by your words.

Nonetheless, the fundamental difference is that content writing helps you establish your brand and build a platform for you, and with marketing copywriting you actually make sales. You can build platform to engage people and to get them to your website or blog, but once they are there, it is your copy that induces them to buy your gadget or hire you as a professional.

Where you can use marketing copywriting?

  • Your website homepage
  • Product or services description page
  • Landing page being promoted by PPC advertising
  • Marketing collateral such as brochures, flyers and mailers
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Advertising

Looking for a marketing copywriter for your business?

I wouldn’t like to sound boastful, but I have an advantage, being a content writer and a content strategist, over other copywriters. Since I already know why people are coming to your website, it is easier for me to offer them what they are looking for. You see, copywriting doesn’t just mean creating a sales pitch. It means empathizing with your visitors and understanding their need. In order to convince them into doing business with you, you have to make them understand that you understand them and you can solve their problem.

I don’t use hyperboles. I don’t believe in misleading your customers and clients through my writing. But I believe that if you have something unique to offer, you should be able to put forth your ideas with conviction. This is where I can help you. Give me information, give me raw data, and I will convert both into a high-performance communication platform.

Copywriter for Writing Sales Letters | Email marketing writer

Copywriter for writing sales letters – email marketing writer

Copywriter for writing sales letters – email marketing writer.

Are you looking for a copywriter for writing sales letters?

Do you need an email marketing writer that can boost your open rate as well as conversion rate?

Need a content writer for writing a sales letter?

I am an experienced sales letter writer who can help you write marketing messages for effective email marketing.

Copywriting for sales letters can be both for websites as well as off-line marketing campaigns. Read this to know more about the difference between copywriting and content writing.


Why you need a copywriter for writing sales letters?

Why you need a copywriter to write your sales letter

Why you need a copywriter to write your sales letter?

You may want to use a copywriter for direct mail marketing or for email marketing.

You can use a sales letter to make a business proposition to your customers and clients.

Most of the sales letters these days are written as emails and it rarely happens that people send sales letters through snail mail or postage.

Hence, these days, whenever you talk of sales letters, we normally refer to email marketing campaigns.

Nonetheless, if you plan on distributing flyers for sending introductions to your products or services by Postal Service, you can make use of sales letters.

Now, why do you need a copywriter to write your sales letter?

Your sales letter is a marketing pitch.

You need to convince the reader to buy from you.


The main objectives of the sales email is:

  • Reach out to your recipients to purchase one of your products or subscribe to one of your services.
  • Introduce a new product or a new service to potential customers and clients.
  • Expand into a new market.
  • Constructing a component of your sales funnel.
  • Using the sales letter as a landing page.

As must have been your experience, whenever you ask people to buy something from you, they become defensive.

There is a natural resistance among people to not to buy even when they need that particular product or service.

A copywriter can convince your prospective customers and clients.

A copywriter knows how to strike up a conversation through the written word.

A sales writer knows what words to use at the right time and what words to avoid.

You see, just as some words can prompt your prospective customers and clients to do business with you, there are some words that can turn them off or make them run away.

When people are reading your sales letter, unconsciously they are constantly thinking of reasons why not to buy from you.

An experienced copy writer knows about this attribute of your readers when they are reading your marketing copy and builds up the narrative accordingly.

A trained writer knows what are the right words to use when preparing your sales letter.


Can you avoid working with an email marketing writer and write your own sales letter?

Can’t you write a sales letter on your own? After all, who understands your business more than you do?

Yes, sure, you can write your own sales letter but there is a reason why people hire expensive copywriters.

You need to convince people as a marketing writer

You need to convince people as a marketing writer.

A copywriter knows how to lead your prospective customers and clients from a psychological position A (full of apprehensions) to a psychological position B (eager to buy from you).

There are three types of people who are going to read your sales letter or marketing literature:

  • People who want your product or service but need a bit of convincing.
  • People who don’t want to buy your product or service but they may buy it when provided the right information convincingly.
  • People were not going to buy no matter what you tell them.

You can ignore the third category and focus on the first and the second.

A professional copywriter writing a sales letter for you will create two separate letters – for those who want to buy but need a bit of convincing, and those who don’t want to buy but can be convinced into buying with the right information.

Today, I was talking to a client and he said, “Why should I waste my time on something I don’t do regularly?”

He was talking about writing an e-book to explain his concept on webinars.

He is good at training businesses generate more leads.

He can talk convincingly.

But, he doesn’t write because this is not his profession.

Hence, he was explaining to me what to write in his e-book.

The same is the case with your sales letter.

You may be a good lawyer. You may be a good architect. You may be a good cook. You may be a good web designer.

But are you a professional sales letter writer?

Do you make a living working as an email marketing writer?

Do people routinely hire you as a copywriter for writing sales letters?


Despite that, if you think you can write your own sales letter, sure. Go ahead.

After all, it is your business. You are the best judge.


Now, coming back to the main topic of this web page – copywriting for sales letters…

Sales letter copywriting is a bit different from writing normal web content – it is more direct, more conversational, more to the point and full of call-to-action words and expressions.

Can I write sales letters for your business?

Direct answer would be, yes I can, and indirect answer would be, it depends.

I cannot write hyperbolic sales letters – the types you often come across on badly prepared websites and landing pages.

When I create a sales letter it is like a value proposition.

You’re looking for something? Fine, you can get it on this website.

No, I don’t keep it this simple. And anyway, genuine simplicity cannot come without experience and hard work.

Before writing a sales letter I thoroughly understand your business and also your audience.

A sales letter is not about how great your business and your product is (the greatness of your product may matter if it is a reputed brand).

It is about the most important reason why people should buy this product or service.

I first understand what people are looking for and then provide the solution, if possible in the very first line of your sales letter.

Of course you have to hook people onto your copy in order to create an environment.

You have to strike a conversation.

You need to create a sense of urgency without misinforming your readers.

You need to put them at ease.

You need to make them feel that they are at the right place.

Empathize with them.

Show them what they want and show them that you totally understand why they want it.

As I have explained above, there might be two case scenarios for your sales letter: (1) people are aware of your product or service and they just need some convincing; (2) although they know what they want they are not aware of your product or service.

In the first case scenario you just need to stand out.

Take for instance Apple, the company that sells iPads and iPhones.

Its products need no introduction.

If they want to write a sales letter they will not only try to compare their features versus those of other phones and tablets they will also try to associate the prestige value in the vast community that supports Apple products.

In reality, if you look at their website they seem to assume that no other smart phone or tablet exists in the world but theirs.

In the second case scenario the product needs to be introduced, people need to be convinced that although it is not a known product it is far better than the known products.

So you would like to open your sales letter with the biggest benefit your product can deliver.

Anyway, this is not a tutorial on copywriting for sales letters; I’m writing this just to let you know that I can write sales letters for your business if you need them.

I have written sales letters for the following businesses:

  • Automotive industry
  • Hospitality industry
  • Travel and tourism industry
  • Web design and development agencies
  • Permission-based e-mail marketing agencies
  • Legal services
  • Information technology

When does your business require sales letter copywriting

Whenever you need to convince people, you need the services of a capable copywriter.

As you may have read above, when you are writing the copy of a sales letter or a landing page you are trying to convince people into doing something, whether it is prompting them to subscribe to your newsletter, your service, or purchase your product.

You need the right language and the right tone and you need to use the right phrases at the right time.

You can call it a behavioral science, copywriting.

There is a very thin line that separates convincing from putting people off.

Your business may require sales letter copywriting for the following:

  • Landing page deriving traffic from banner ads and PPC campaigns
  • E-mail updates promoting your products and services
  • Products or services pages intending to make sales
  • Your homepage
  • Blog posts targeting prospective customers and clients
  • Brochures and flyers

The topics that have covered here: “copywriter for writing sales letters”, “email marketing writer” and “sales letter writer”.

Looking to boost the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns?

Want to supercharge your call-to-action?

Contact me for more information.


Difference between copywriting and content writing

Difference between content writing and copywriting

Difference between content writing and copywriting.What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing especially in the context of writing for the Web – for websites and blogs?

While adding another blog post, the following definitions came to my mind:

  • Content writing means informing and educating your visitors to increase your brand visibility and customer engagement.
  • Copywriting means informing and educating your visitors and then convincing them to buy from you.

In content writing, the “buy” factor is missing and in copywriting, the “buy” factor dominates the discourse.

What are the broad differences?

This is something that constantly crops up especially when lines are constantly being blurred.

As a professional content writer  I’m often hired to improve conversion rate and increase sales but isn’t increasing sales the job of a copywriter rather than a content writer?

But since my content writing services also help my clients experience a significant increase in their sales they have no qualms in saying that I provide them copywriting services.

Whether there is much difference between copywriting and content writing depends on how you evaluate the act of writing, what sort of expressions you use, and what is the end result?

Yes, the end result of content writing can be totally different from that of copywriting.

A lot has changed since I wrote this webpage for the first time.

I notice it was somewhere in 2012.

Although content marketing was growing in leaps and bounds on the strength of targeted content writing, the big difference between then and now is, it’s been clearly established that content marketing has proven its mettle and big and small businesses are switching to content marketing from conventional advertising and marketing to promote their brands and businesses.

It means they are depending more on their content.

Their content no longer has to just inform, it also has to sell.

An average content writer these days, and I’m talking about an experienced, well-meaning, and professional content writer, is also adept at the art of copywriting, that is, in the art of writing sales-oriented literature.

In fact, on many American blogs they don’t even talk about content writing.

Google trends data on content writing and copywriting

Google trends data on content writing and copywriting.

They call it online copywriting whenever you’re writing for a website or a blog.

Content writing vs copywriting: table of differences

Content writing Copywriting
Informs and educates Informs, educates and sells.
Conversational and informative More stress is on selling the product or prompting the reader to perform a particular task.
Any good writer can be a content writer Copywriting requires a special talent of being able to convince people through written words.
The central purpose is delivering value through informative content The central purpose is to sell
Caters to the intellect Caters to emotions
Builds a narrative Uses lots of action words
Relaxed and conversational Invokes a sense of urgency
Examples: blog posts, white papers, social media posts, magazine articles, newspaper articles, e-books, case studies and company webpages. Examples: sales pages, landing page copy, main website content, email marketing campaigns, video scripts, brochures, ad copies, press releases and slogans and taglines.
End result: Informed and educated audience End result: Audience turned into paying customers and clients


Copywriting explained

In the context of the Internet, copywriting (or copy writing) is mostly termed as online copywriting and that means writing for websites.

Copywriting is a term derived from advertising.

It means writing promotional literature whether it’s an advertisement, a sales copy, or a website’s home page prompting people to buy something.

Copywriting means, using your words, using your language, in such a manner that it prompts people to take an action. Whatever that action is.

It is more conversational and interactive.

It is also forceful.

Remember that when you want people to buy from you, you have to sound fluent and forceful at the same time.

Do you know that before becoming a famous author Salman Rushdie was a copywriter at Ogilvy and Mather. Just a trivia.

Here are 2 examples of copywriting that are slightly different from content writing:

Copywriting for a landing page

A landing page is normally promoted through a PPC campaign.

People directly land on a landing page and this is why it is called a “landing page”.

Some people mistakenly call their website homepage as the landing page because they assume everybody first comes on the homepage whereas this is not the case.

People enter your website from various entry points.

For example, you have reached the Credible Content Writing Services website via this page or any other page that you must have come across either on a search engine or social networking website.

For a landing page you don’t do content writing, what you do is copywriting because the sole purpose of a landing page is capturing leads and making sales.

You need strong copywriting for that.

Email marketing campaign

Your email marketing campaigns also depend on your ability to convince people into either directly buying products from you or click the links mentioned in the email, visit your website, and then buy products from you.

Copywriting plays a very big role in increasing the conversion rate of your individual email marketing campaigns.

Copywriting is more geared towards making sales rather than informing and educating your prospective customers and clients and solving their problems.

Copywriting doesn’t solve problems, it convinces people into doing business with you.

When I say it doesn’t solve any problems I’m not saying that it has got nothing to do with solving problems because basically, whenever you write, you offer a solution.

So, whenever you are writing, you’re solving people’s problems and without solving people’s problems, you cannot make them buy from you.

When you are highlighting the overwhelming benefits of your product or service through your sales copy, you are actually offering your audience a solution.

As I mentioned, it’s promotional literature and it contains lots of action words such “do”, “buy”, “contact”, “earn”, “get well”, “hire us”, etc.

This type of writing highlights the benefits of a product or a service in order to sell it.

It is highly interactive; it directly talks to the reader and it involves lots of emotions (buying, most of the times, is an emotional action).

Content writing explained

Content writing means writing to inform, educate or interact.

Although you can write content to sell products and services, content writing doesn’t always involve promotional literature.

Some pages on a website might be promotional, and some might exist just for the purpose of educating the visitors.

A good example of content writing is blogging.

Over the years you create 100s, or maybe even 1000s of blog posts as a process of your content marketing effort.

These blog posts may not get you direct sales but they help you build a platform that helps you promote your products and services and consequently, generate more leads and sales.

I get lots of content writing and copywriting work through my Credible Content Blog.

The job of content writing, contrary to that of copywriting, is to keep your audience engaged and provide them enough information to keep them coming to your website or blog again and again.

Content writing can entertain them, educate them, inform them, offer solutions to their problems, hold conversations with them and make it possible for them to find your website and individual pages on search engines.

Content writing these days allows you to create a formidable presence for you on the Internet.

As you must be aware, there are multiple channels on the web these days. You do not just have to publish content on your own website or blog, you also have to keep your social networking and social media profiles updated.

Content writing also involves maintaining a presence on websites like LinkedIn (especially for B2B marketing), Twitter, and Facebook.

Examples of content writing:

  • Blogging
  • SEO content writing
  • Helpful articles
  • Forum posts
  • LinkedIn updates
  • Facebook and Twitter updates
  • Newsletter

There isn’t much difference between content writing and copywriting on a day-to-day basis especially when your content writer also helps you make more sales.

Conclusion regarding difference between copywriting and content writing

Many people tend to mix copywriting and content writing, and I too don’t differentiate much on my website, but if you really dig deeper, copywriting is a specialty and not everybody can pursue this vocation.

It requires special talent.

You need to have a knack for marketing and advertising.

Content writing can be done by anybody who can write convincingly.

Fortunately, since I have had experience in both, I can provide you copywriting as well as content writing, whether you want to maintain a difference or not is another matter.

SEO Copywriting Services To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

SEO copywriting services to improve your search engine rankings

SEO copywriting services to improve your search engine rankings.

SEO Copywriting Services can help you improve your search engine rankings but they work like a double-edged sword.

There is quality copywriting to engage your audience and help them take a decision in your favor. And then there is copywriting that merely stuffs keywords into your copy hoping that this would improve your search engine rankings.

Aimlessly using your keywords and search terms can prove counter-productive and instead of improving your search engine rankings, they can harm your rankings.

SEO Copywriting means writing compelling content for your readers.

It also means writing content that satisfies the palate of the search engine crawlers.

It definitely doesn’t mean stuffing your content with keywords nonsensically.

This gets your web pages blacklisted.


Being an experienced content writer and copywriter I can create content around your important keywords and key phrases without compromising the overall quality of your copy.

Please remember that ultimately what matters is how many people convert (become your paying customers and clients) by reading your copy and if all you are bothered about is using your keywords everywhere around, even if it improves your search engine traffic, it doesn’t do you much good.

Difference between SEO copywriting and SEO content writing

Now that we are at it, let us quickly recap our concepts of the difference between SEO copywriting and SEO content writing.

Copywriting, as you may have already read on my website, is sale-oriented.

After reading your copy you want people to do business with you.

You want to convince them.

You want to we reassure them that your product or service is really worth it.

You want to convince them that the solution you are providing is really going to work for them.

You want to communicate, compellingly, that you have got what they want.

Naturally, your language needs to be persuasive.

There is no need to stuff your messages down their throats, but it certainly changes the dynamics of how you write.

It is full of strategically-placed call-to-action words. After people have read your copy, they should either contact you or place an order, ideally.

Content writing on the other hand is informative. I don’t mean to say that your content doesn’t help you sell more, but it is mostly used to educate your visitors.

It helps in brand awareness. It helps you establish yourself as an authority.

It also improves your search engine rankings for your target search terms.


When people access your content, when they read it, when they view it, they know more about your product or service, and its benefits.

They get a clear picture of what is going to happen if they purchase your product or service.

They are better informed.

Yes, after reading your content they may decide to do business with you, but you don’t go overboard with your sales pitch.

Both copywriting and content writing can be used to improve your SEO.

A writer who is adept at using the language properly and incorporating the needed words can prepare you a copy with high conversion rate along with getting you higher search engine rankings.

Normally it is one way or another. People can either write an SEO copy or they can write a copy that gets you more sales and leads.

SEO copywriting means striking the perfect balance. The same goes with SEO content writing.

How my SEO copywriting services help your business

Almost every business on the Internet needs search engine traffic.

Of course there are some websites that don’t depend on search engine traffic, but most do.

So if you need qualified search engine traffic, you have to bother with SEO copywriting.


SEO copywriting is not as cryptic as it sounds.

It is normal copywriting, it’s just that when I’m preparing your copy I try to use your primary and secondary keywords at strategic places.

How does that matter?

Suppose you run a computer repair service in LA.

There might be hundreds of thousands of such services all over the globe because everybody and his/her granny uses computers these days in one way or another.

So if somebody simply looks for “computer repair service” it is not going to help much if most of the services that are being listed are in Beijing or Honolulu.

You want a service that is based in LA.

People search for “computer repair service in LA”, or “LA computer repair services”, and so on.

You need to keep people looking for computer repair services in LA in mind while creating your content.

Unless you use these words, how can search engine algorithms rank you for computer repair services in LA?

This is just an example and to be frank it is quite easy and straightforward.

There can be very difficult examples and sometimes there are big gaps between what YOU think people must be looking for and what ACTUALLY people are looking for.

As your SEO copywriter I also help you find that out.

Copywriting, as you may already know, is a bit different from normal content writing.

Both the terms often get mixed up but there is a slight difference.

Copywriting comes from advertising and it may involve creating sales pitches and marketing oriented writing.

Content is, well, almost everything that is visible on your website or on your blog, or in your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus updates (in the form of text, videos and images).

So ideally SEO copywriting means that a copy is not only search engine friendly it also fetches you more business by convincing your visitors into becoming your paying customers and clients.

Elsewhere on my website I have discussed how I achieve that.

How my SEO copywriting services can improve your search engine rankings

I understand copywriting from the in-side out.

I know, this sounds very clichéd.

Anyway, what I want to say is, copywriting is all about understanding the most compelling strengths of the product or service you are trying to write about, understanding the most compelling needs of the audience you are trying to write for, and then representing both through writing.

SEO copywriting involves doing the same, but using the words and search terms people use in order to look for your product or service on search engines.

As I have written above, the secret lies in striking the perfect balance.

As a trained SEO copywriter I know how to please both human beings and search engines.

A good thing is, there is a similarity in the way people and search engine algorithms interpret your copy.

More and more search engine companies are using “human intelligence” to decide rankings.

If people like what you have written, your rankings automatically begin to improve.

You need to make sure that your writing is relevant, useful, informative, and provides legitimate information.


It shouldn’t mislead people into believing something that does not exist.

The strength of my SEO copywriting services lies in my ability to understand the problems your customers and clients face and the sort of solutions they seek.

You see, your business is not about you.

Your business is about solving people’s problems.

Once you get that, you have people eating out of your hand.

My entire copywriting focuses on that, and as I have said, if people find your copy useful, so do the search engine algorithms.

And it helps if you are a prolific writer.

Contact me if your business can use a prolific SEO content writer.