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Short note: When researching or even when going through my feeds, I often come across great blog posts, articles and social media updates on content writing and content marketing. Often, I give them a glance and move on. So much valuable information goes waste. Henceforth, I will be compiling all those bits of information and links on this page. Hopefully, you will find it a great content writing and content marketing resource.

7 Lessons Copywriters Can Learn from Simply Listening to a Really Good Conversation

A great conversation is a collaborative effort. It’s a deeply creative activity. It’s also incredibly bonding and rewarding for the people involved.

5 Reasons Why Content Writing Is Important For SEO

The essence of content writing is that you need to develop content that matches the needs of your readers for the viewers to keep on visiting your site. If you fail this simple test, then you may have to redo all your entire content.

Is It Time for an Audit? Strategies to Revitalize Underperforming Content

Content management shouldn’t be a point of dread for content marketers. Low performance can (and will) happen for myriad reasons, from changes in audience interest to search algorithm updates to once-timely topics that are simply out of date. Auditing this content isn’t just a vital part of keeping your whole marketing engine healthy—it’s also an invaluable opportunity to learn from your content and to revitalize pieces that might be losing their shine.

4 Ways Medium Can Maximize Your Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to content marketing, there are a few ways marketers are utilizing the platform to maximize their content marketing strategy. Businesses are finding success on the platform by creating new content specific for Medium, as well as resharing their old content to potentially achieve a higher reach through Medium’s audience.

Maintaining One Brand Voice When Working with Multiple Writers

For content marketing managers, one of the most important responsibilities is presenting a unified brand voice. You want to hire writers with a strong individual voice, but you also want the tone of your brand to remain consistent across your content. Understanding how to balance those individual voices with the voice of your brand can be tricky, but there are a few ways you can manage a content destination with a diverse team while still remaining true to your content marketing guidelines and brand style.

17 Tactics to Create Engaging & SEO-Friendly Content

After more than two decades of creating content for both traditional and digital platforms, I’ve learned a few things about designing content strategies that feed the engagement/SEO-friendly machine.

5 New Content Marketing Trends in 2018 that Every Marketer Should Know

It’s 2018. Blogging alone isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need to find new and engaging content trends. But first, you need to understand who your target market is, and what type of content they’re interested in.

Which Metrics Matter Most for Content Marketing?

Given all the time and creative energy that goes into brainstorming, crafting, editing, publishing, and sharing content, you’d probably love to have a direct finger on the pulse of how it’s doing with readers. Fortunately, you have everything you need, right at your fingertips.

7 Challenges to Your Content Marketing – and How to Meet Them

On the official Branex blog, the company points out content marketing has become increasingly more important as the number of people who spend time online continues to grow. The post explains, “Content marketing is a powerful tool that helps you grow your brand awareness, brand loyalty, customers, and sales. From quality vs quantity to creativity vs SEO debate, there are many challenges for content marketers.”

Curious How To Write Great Content?

Content is anything and everything your company puts out there that tells the world about your business, usually when you’re not there. Together, all the pieces make up your marketing. Articles, Facebook posts, podcast interviews and tweets: all content. Giving a live speech is great marketing, and when the recording of it is put online afterwards, that’s also great content. Even if you pay for advertising as part of your marketing strategy, those ads are still considered content.

5 Content Management Tips for Global Websites

Considering that the content on the home site was often created based on the customer needs and other factors for a specific market, those global variations may be started out with an enormous handicap.

Content Marketing’s Best-Known Evangelist Takes A Big-Picture Look At Where The Form Is Headed

So what are the pitfalls in content marketing, circa mid-2018? Pulizzi points to two mistakes. First, companies don’t focus on a content area where they can be the leading provider of that information to a particular audience. To cut through all the clutter and build a loyal audience, they need to deliver amazing information.

Are You Really Listening to Audience Insights, or Just Creating Content?

Listening in whatever format—whether it’s social monitoring tools, desktop and SEO research, audience surveys, or focus groups—can help bolster content strategy and ensure you’re creating content that your audience is actually interested in. And if you’re ever unsure it’s working, listen harder. Ask the audience. Your content strategy exists to pull them into your ecosystem, after all, so there’s no better place to start.

5 Things Only Serious Writers Do

Frankly, it doesn’t matter how many words or how long you commit to butt-in-chair time … what matters is that you do it over and over until you have something of value for you, your audience, benefactors, clients, subscribers, or publishers.





33 Explosive Content Writing Tips From 33 Content Masters

My number one tip for writing great content is to be useful. Think of the issues that your readers have (in relation to your niche) and brainstorm questions that they would ask you if you were sitting down for coffee with them.

I even recommend to my clients that they contact 5 of their readers and ask if they could talk, strictly for research purposes. There is nothing better for finding out* exactly *what your readers want.


6 SEO content tips to help your articles rank higher in Google

Content is King in SEO simply means if your articles are relevant, engaging and useful for your audience (usually targeted), they are most likely to consume it better, share and take actions based on it and all of this well, in turn, send positive signals to search engines to rank your article hire.


Planning to make a video ad or other video asset? 3 things to consider

Fortunately, if you’re thinking about making video ads, there are a few simple questions you can ask yourself that will save you from making some basic, but common, mistakes in the ad-creation process. Let’s take a look.

Want real email results? Stop focusing on the open rate

Even after all this time, when we’ve learned so much about what matters in email performance, I’m still hearing people say things like “It’s all about the open.”

I just heard that line at a recent conference, and it took all my willpower not to challenge the speaker right at the podium.

Folks, it’s not all about the open. It’s all about the clicks. What are your customers clicking on in the email? Are you mapping those clicks and learning from them?

10 Expert Tips for Putting Together Your Own Digital Marketing Puzzle

Building your marketing plan is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. One piece might be video marketing. Another might be email marketing. And there might also be some related to social media and content creation. To help you put together those pieces in a way that makes sense, check out this week’s top marketing tips from members of the online small business community.


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