Want to offer your content writing services from my website?

List yourself as a content writer

List yourself as a content writer

Here is an invitation to awesome content writers.

I have been offering content writing services from my website for many years. Right now, I promote my website and I also write content for my clients.

Over the years I have realized that I enjoy generating traffic for my website and getting paid assignments as much as I enjoy writing content (well, sometimes more).

What is the benefit of offering your content writing services from my website?

You will receive quality leads. Instead of you contacting prospective clients, clients will be contacting you.

No matter how well you write, normally it is difficult to get work. You can enlist yourself on freelancing websites. You can promote yourself on social media including LinkedIn. You can still do that. This is just an additional platform for you.

Right now, I have not figured how I will make it financially sensible for myself. Maybe I will charge a commission or a fixed monthly fee.

I will also be providing mentoring to many budding content writers to help them hone their content writing skills.

This is an evolving idea. I am just publishing this page so that if you are interested, you can contact me.

To maintain a sense of quality, I will be reviewing your work before creating your author profile.

Submit the form below to let me know if you are interested.

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