22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Are Stuck for Ideas

Original post: 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue [Infographic] | Copyblogger.

No matter what prodigal capacities you have as a blogger or a content writer, sooner or later you run out of ideas and you don’t know what to publish next on your blog or website. This phase comes in everybody’s life. Even the likes of Tolstoy must have fumbled with words and ideas before, during and even after creating their masterpieces. But you can develop a mechanism that can help you steer away from such situations.

Presented below is an infographic (originally published at the link mentioned above) that graphically explains what you can do to make sure you never run out of content writing ideas.

22 ways to create compelling content

The primary ideas explained in the infographic are:

  • Maintain a list of your favorite blog posts from around the Internet to get new ideas
  • If you have some decent traffic on your blog, you can ask your visitors to give you blogging ideas. Many blogs have sections where people can post questions and then later on those questions are turned into full-blown blog posts
  • You can interview industry experts from your field
  • Review products and services – as recently I wrote about A list of digital tools that I use these days while managing my content writing business
  • Share your successes and failures on your blog – there is no reason to feel shy while sharing your failures because a lot can be learned from them
  • Write on top trends – recently I wrote about How to make your business Google-update-proof while many bloggers and web masters were coping with the aftermath of the Google Penguin update. This also gave me an idea for writing a blog post on the same topic for the Content Marketing Institute blog
  • Express your personal opinions – although this is not highly recommended for a business blog but sometimes it is all right to show your visitors that your engine trusted in the socio-political conditions in the country as they are. You will just need to learn how to express such ideas without offending your visitors

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