Finding the right content writer is key to your success

Finding the right content writer is critical to your online success

Finding the right content writer is critical to your online success.

I have previously written on how to find the right content writer for your content writing needs.

In fact, multiple times. This topic is close to my heart. After all, if you are looking for a content writer, you should be able to find me on the web whether it is Google, LinkedIn or any other place.

I was going through my content writing and content marketing aggregation feed and I came across a blog post on another blog on the topic of what to look for when you are looking for a content writer for your business. I was about to start working on a client’s project but then I thought I will quickly post this small update.

Why do I say that finding the right content writer is key to your success?

One, I personally believe in that, and two, many clients who have been working with me for years, believe that without high quality content, they cannot possibly do business on the web.

Whether people find you through Google or they are already on your website, it is the writing that talks to them.

You have higher search engine rankings because of your content – both quality and quantity. You need to be publishing every second day to remain in the SEO reckoning.

You must have high quality content because without high quality content, at least now, after zillions of algorithm updates, you cannot hope to improve your search engine rankings or SEO.

A decade and a half ago you could get away with randomly using keywords and search terms and even use one of those article spinning services to enjoy higher search engine rankings, but not anymore.

Why finding the right content writer is critical?

You need regularity and you need quality. For this you need a dependable, experienced, and of course, proficient content writer.

Hence, a need to find such a writer.

The above-linked blog post makes some suggestions regarding how to find the right content writer. I have already written about the topic multiple times.

My experience with my clients tells me that using freelancing services rarely works. They have burned their fingertips. They have burned their hands. Some have also burned their businesses.

Even doing some research, my experience tells me, helps you little. In fact, there is no foolproof way of finding the right content writer for your needs. It is sheer luck. Yes.

The thing is, lots of factors collectively play a part in deciding who is right and who is wrong. It is not only about being able to write well. You can get thousands of writers who have an awesome writing style.

Professional content writing is about

  1. Understanding your needs.
  2. Understanding the needs of your target audience and writing accordingly.
  3. Being well versed with the technologies involved.
  4. Writing high quality content.
  5. Writing high quality content consistently – if you need to publish 15 blog posts every month, then you MUST publish 15 blog posts every month.
  6. Writing search engine optimized content that is acceptable both to search engines and humans.

This combination is difficult to find. Especially, dependability.

I may be biased towards my disposition, irrespective of whether you work with me or with someone else, instead of working with a content writer through a freelancing website, collaborate with a writer who either has his or her own content writing business (like yours truly) or is employed at a content writing service.

This is because a person who is employed or who runs his or her own business, has higher stakes. He or she has a system because his or her business depends on your level of satisfaction.

Sure, even on freelancing websites there is a rating system and content writers need to gather reviews and feedback from the clients they have worked for, the stakes are much lower when someone solely gets work from freelancing websites.

On the other hand, if someone works on his or her own website and runs the entire business through the website, he or she has a greater stake in maintaining quality, regularity and accountability. Professionalism.

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