Looking for good content marketing writers? Here is what you should do

The success of your content marketing depends on your writers whether you intend to use text content, video content or image content. Ultimately it is the written word that gets the message across and if you are unable to get the message across, your entire content marketing fails.

When pursuing content marketing both quality and quantity matter. Quantity matters because your competitors are continuously publishing tons of content and you are constantly in danger of getting drowned in the din.

Quality because, well, there is no content marketing without quality content. By the end of the day, your content needs to convert. It needs to make an impact. It should be well-written. It should be conversational. It should be able to reach out to your target audience and consequently, your target audience should feel like reaching out to you after getting exposed to your content. Your content should be so well-written and so well-produced that people should feel like sharing it without you having to prompt them to share it. How does this happen? This happens when you have good, experienced and creative content writers in your team.

This blog post at NewsCred lists the following ways you can find yourself good content writers:

  • Use your LinkedIn network:
    Many professionals list themselves on LinkedIn and this includes content writers. In fact, these days I am extensively promoting myself on LinkedIn (I have also upgraded my account to Premium) but I mostly try to find clients. It is also a good place to look out for competent writers because as my work increases, I will need more writers.
  • Find good content writers among your own employees: You will be surprised to know that many of your employees have this hidden talent. Without putting extra pressure on them you can encourage some of your employees to come up with good blog post regarding your business. Even if they are unable to churn out complete blog posts and articles, they can create outlines using Google Docs or OneDrive and later on these outlines can be turned into full-fledged pieces of content.
  • Work with freelance content marketing writers: This might be one of the best options available to you because when you work with freelance content marketing writers, you enjoy unprecedented freedom. First of all you are not stuck with the writers that you have hired. They don’t use your office resources because most of the freelance content marketing writers work from their own respective locations. It is extremely easy to change the writers because all you have to do is approach someone else in case you don’t like the writers you are currently working with.

Of course it doesn’t just stop at finding good content marketing writers and working with them. As the article rightly mentions, you will need to vet these writers to make sure that you work only with the best. Initially you will need to hire and fire repeatedly and you may feel disenchanted but once you are working with the writers your content marketing strategy really needs, there will be no looking back.

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