How regular blogging helps your customers and clients

Regular business blogging isn’t just about improving your SEO and it also isn’t always about strengthening your brand identity, it also helps your customers and clients take better decisions. When you keep your customers informed of all the new developments taking place in your business (strategic alliances, product launches, new services, change in existing services and product features, etc.) they feel a part of your business process and consequently, are more eager to do business with you whenever they need to.

Blogging to help your customers and clients

The greatest hurdle on the Internet is the lack of information. Before you have bought, almost nothing is tangible, unlike in the real world where you can actually extend your hand and types the object you are planning to purchase. At the most on your website they can get a three-dimensional view of your product and use some sort of simulation. So how do you convince them? By providing as much information as possible.

You need to keep in mind that when you are providing information to them it doesn’t mean you’re trying to manipulate them. The information in every blog post needs to be very objective and, you’re right, informative. The primary objective of your blog posts is not making sales (although the end result is always this); the primary objective is to keep them informed and interested in your regular communication. Primary objective is to engage them on an ongoing basis and to encourage them to share their concerns with you, whether they want to do it through the commenting section of your blog, or through your social media profile (Twitter or Facebook).

You can also help your customers and clients by amply sharing your wisdom and experience. It doesn’t have to be always business-related. You can share with them how you make business decisions and what factors impact your decision making whether you’re deciding alone or with your management.

You can also help your customers and clients by sharing your social as well as political viewpoints through your business blog, although this is not always recommended. The primary focus of your blog obviously has to be your business or related to the product or services you are offering, but the world doesn’t just consist of the products and services you offer. Our businesses don’t fund shall in isolation: regional politics, economics, social conditions, weather, and many other factors affect the way we do business. So it’s not inappropriate to share your non-business thoughts with your customers and clients. Although you need to share your thoughts of such nature as a person and not as “we believe in this”, or “we would do that”.

Provide valuable content to your customers and clients on a regular basis

What is valuable content? Something they can use to solve their pressing problems. Of course you cannot solve everybody’s problems, but there must be some individuals whose problems you can solve through regular blogging. So whenever you are about to publish a blog post think it carefully, is it providing some solution? If it is simply blowing your company’s horn, immediately delete it, nobody is interested in knowing how great your company is doing unless it is of some use to those people. But then again, it doesn’t harm if you write about your benchmarks and achievements on your blog once you have established an amiable relationship with your readers.

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