How to write targeted content?

Writing targeted content

Writing targeted content.

Writing and publishing targeted content is important for attracting meaningful traffic to your website. It also helps you convert better.

What is targeted content?

It is the content that is created targeting a niche for a business segment. I will give you my own example.

I am a writer. I am a content writer. I’m also a copywriter.

Being a writer, I can write for multiple mediums. Mind you, not all content writers can write for websites. Most of the content writers write for blogs, social media updates and information articles.

To be able to write for a business website, you need to be a writer as well as a copywriter.

Since I can write for multiple mediums, I need to target multiple sections. I can write content for

  • Main website pages
  • Blogs
  • Social media updates
  • Regular email communication
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Landing page copy
  • Copy for funnel pages
  • Press releases

and pretty much every section that requires a writer.

Even in these sections, I can easily write for healthcare businesses, technology businesses and a slew of other businesses.

If I simply promote myself as a content writer, as a copywriter, or merely as a writer, it will be difficult for my prospective clients to find me for their particular needs.

This is where targeted content writing comes in.

I need to write separate pages and blog posts targeting these segments.

For example, if someone needs a content writer for her website, she is not just going to search for “I need a content writer”, she is going to search for “I need a content writer for my website pages”. Further, she may also search for “I need a content writer for my healthcare business website”.

Better targeting through writing content on longtail phrases and keywords

Targeting longtail keywords and phrases achieves exactly that. The more specific you can become, the more targeted your content becomes.

Consequently, I have separate pages for explaining my web page content writing services, blog writing services, email writing services, email copywriting services, SEO copywriting services, and so on.

Why can’t I club all the services into a single page? Wouldn’t it be better?

Longer pages with multiple topics, especially when they are business pages, tend to confuse people, especially when they are browsing your website on their mobile phones.

Just imagine going through a long list of services just to read about a particular service. If I provide content writing and copywriting services for 25 sections, the person looking for a content writer or a copywriter for just one section will feel overwhelmed and may leave the website.

Can you write targeted content for different sections without writing lots of duplicate content?

Yes, you can. You need to be truly enthusiastic about your offering. You need to know a lot. Even if you don’t, you need to collect lots of information to weave a narrative around that particular segment.

Ideally, yes, you should be able to club all the services on a single page but since people search for very targeted keywords and queries, it is better to write content targeting those keywords and queries. And anyway, on the homepage of your website, you usually mention all your products and services.

There is a better chance of ranking high for “content writer for email marketing” if I create a dedicated page on “content writer for email marketing” than creating a generic page for “content writer” and then somewhere mentioning that I provide content writing services for email marketing too.

Writing targeted content

Among many clients I have observed this tendency that they want to create a generic page and then shuffle a few words here and there to create multiple pages. The Google algorithm is too smart for that. It can recognize patterns that the human brain cannot. In fact, it can recognize millions of patterns in nanoseconds.

The best way of writing targeted content without duplicating content is to target longtail keywords and phrases. I’m pretty sure a web page about writing content on regular emails is going to be different from writing content for email marketing campaigns.

Similarly, if I want to target the healthcare industry the content on the web page is obviously going to be a lot different from the blockchain industry or the fashion industry web page. There is so much information I can share about the healthcare industry.

If I want to target the hospitality industry, so much information is available on how my content writing and copywriting services can benefit the hospitality industry website.

Publishing case studies would be a good example of writing targeted content. Case studies for different customers and clients are always going to be unique because you will be talking about select customers and clients. Therefore, when you get a chance, publish a new case study on your website.

Blogging can also help. A good thing about publishing blog posts is that you can let your guards loose and use creativity. You can use storytelling. You can use anecdotes. You can go on and on and people won’t accuse you of boring them.

One of the biggest benefits of writing targeted content is that you can cover hundreds of topics without publishing duplicate content.

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