Why I’m negotiating with my clients less and less for better content writing

Saying "no" to negotiations

Saying “no” to negotiations

Around a year ago when I changed my targeting I became quite open to negotiating my rates with my new clients. I was too eager to take up new assignments because I was trying to get into an entirely new market.

Since then, two things have happened and now I’m negotiating with my clients less and less.

  1. Lowering the rates more than I can comfortably offer reduces the quality of my work.
  2. I have got enough work on the rates I need to deliver quality.

Why negotiations are harmful for quality content writing?

I’m not saying negotiations are always bad – every business, every company does them and besides, everybody is entitled to a good bargain.

In my case, I always offer the best rate I can offer. I always feel uncomfortable offering a higher rate assuming that the client will ask me to lower it and then I should say something like, “Okay, fine, I will do it at a discount for you.” Feels like cheating. Doesn’t sound dignified.

This is why, I charge just the right amount I think I should be making while delivering high-quality content writing.

The rates that I charge allow me to spend good time writing good content. If a charge less, then I have to make it up by focusing more on quantity and less on quality which is not good for my clients, and more importantly, not good for my own skill.

Yes, it puts off many clients, but then, there ARE clients who find my rates fine and eagerly pay me what I ask.

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