My English and Hindi content writing rates are the same

Clients who are looking for a writer who can write in Hindi are genuinely perplexed when I ask them for the same rate that I ask for writing in English. हिंदी के लिए आप इतना चार्ज क्यूं कर रहे हैं?  (why are you charging so much for writing in Hindi?).

One reason is that they think that they can find Hindi writers a dime a dozen. Another reason is that writers who write in Hindi are actually ready to charge peanuts for their services.

I tell them that I’m not charging for the language, I’m charging for my writing talent. Whether I use English or Hindi, my writing style and hence my writing talent remains the same. Hence, you are not paying for my English writing services or Hindi writing services, you are paying for my writing services. Whether I write in English, Hindi, Punjabi or Khadi boli, my rates are going to be the same.

Some understand, most don’t.


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