Now that Diwali is over

Diwali is over

They often say there is a general sense of depression after every major festival like Diwali or Christmas. In my case it’s the opposite; I feel super charged-up after such festivals.

Yesterday was Diwali and we had a great time at our parents. Despite the doom-day-scenario-threat from environmentalists (all the power to the environmentalists!) my daughter and I busted crackers, and I also got a bit drunk trying to give my father company, who thinks every festivity is incomplete without good whiskey.

Anyway, by the time we came back this evening we were quite drained, but far away from being depressed. There are so many exciting things awaiting us.

For a few years I have been ignoring many important aspects of my website that I plan to take care of post-Diwali. These include:

  1. Streamlining existing content
  2. Adding more informative content to the blog
  3. Increasing targeted traffic to the website
  4. Regularly publishing newsletter and gaining more subscribers
  5. Networking with more industry-relevant people
  6. Regularly keeping in touch with my existing clients
  7. Improving the overall standard of the project assignments
  8. Uploading Case studies
  9. Completing a few e-books
  10. Creating content targeting specific industries

I need to add more things to this list.

Well, you must be wondering: aren’t these the most fundamental things every business must take care of? Yes, you are right. Especially when I do all these things, with great regularity, for my clients.

Since I have been getting decent amount of work from the way my website is right now, I’ve been ignoring it.

In order to take my business to the next level it’s necessary that I take care of all the things listed above. So pretty excited about all those. Hope to share more with you on this blog regarding my progress.

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