SEO through conversational content writing

Conversational content writing is very important for SEO these days. What is conversational content writing?

It is not as mystical as it may sound, it simply means writing in a manner people speak. This is because when people are searching for information, they are mostly speaking into their mobile phones. Many SEO experts also term it as writing for “conversational search”.

Defining conversational search and conversational content writing

As mentioned above, when people use search these days, they speak into their mobile phones (or even in the microphone of their desktop browsers) complete sentences and phrases. All modern search queries are of this nature.

In the past, people mostly used shorter search queries, something like “hairdresser” or “content writer”. This was mostly because people were writing queries into the search bar. Writing is always a bit difficult compared to speaking into a microphone.

When people use a microphone, they also use syntactical and grammatical patterns that resemble the way people speak. Someone is more likely to search for “looking for a content writer for my accounting website” rather than “content writer”. Or something like, “looking for a writer for my business emails”.

If you’re using Google Home or Amazon Echo, you are more likely to say “find steamed vegetarian dumplings near me”, or even “I would like to order steamed vegetarian dumplings”.

How to write content for conversational search?

Anticipate all possible queries people may use to do business with you. Write as many sentences as people may use to be able to find your business on Google.

Then write content dedicated to these queries. You can cover multiple queries on a single web page or blog post, or you can create dedicated web pages and blog posts to individual conversational queries. Just make sure you don’t end up publishing lots of duplicate content in the process.

Use natural language., Something like “how does content writing improve my SEO?”.

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