What types of business blogs have I been writing for as a blog writer?

Types of business blogs I have been writing for as a blog writer

Types of business blogs I have been writing for as a blog writer

Although on the Internet, while providing writing services, one has to wear different hats, by the end of the day, I’m a plain writer.

Why am I saying that? Because I have been writing for a diverse range of websites and blogs. Some of them I’m listing below:

  • Information technology blogs including programming, web hosting, blockchain development, mobile app development, software consulting and server management (many more).
  • Real estate development and realty.
  • Construction business.
  • Shipping business.
  • Fin tech and finance (including accounting, bookkeeping and taxation).
  • Garments and accessories (yes, even how to buy eveningwear and ballroom dresses).
  • Dental implants.
  • Skin care.
  • Internet marketing and search engine optimization.

and many more.

Does this make me jack of all trades and master of none?

Depends on how you look at it. My field is information technology so, it’s easier for me to write on IT, programming, app development, software development and enterprise level solutions.

Since I need to market my business on my own, and since I have been working on my own since 2004, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of Internet marketing and SEO, and consequently, I find it easier to write on related topics.

Other than these, being an experienced writer who is writing almost all the time, when I’m given a subject, I can do a decent job and sometimes, clients are even thrilled.

That is why I have been getting lots of blog writing assignments for real estate and finance.

Given an outline I can write on pretty much every topic. Even when the outline is not given, provided the information is available, I can come up with some decent work.

The main reason my clients hire me (aside from the fact that I write convincingly) is that I have gained lots of experience writing SEO content. Unlike with other writers, they don’t have to train me to write for the search engines.

My main strengths as a blog writer are:

  1. I write well with very few spelling and grammar mistakes (most of them are differences of opinion, to be frank).
  2. I write convincingly and in a conversational style.
  3. My writing can be easy-going as well as uptight, depending on the audience and the needs of the client.
  4. I write as a businessperson. From the very first word that I write to the last word that I write, the interest of the business for which I’m writing, is constantly at the back of my mind.
  5. I don’t have to make an extra effort to write search engine optimized content. I do it naturally.

What makes me a good blog writer for your blog?

Adaptability. Dependability. Sincerity. Effortlessness.

I don’t compromise on my principles.

Having said that, I totally understand that your interest needs to be of paramount importance when I’m writing your blog posts.

Hence, I strike a balance between what I want to write and what I should be writing.

I come with an attitude because I believe that a writer who does not have an attitude is either a reporter or a stenographer.

When I write, I keep two things in mind, or rather, three things:

  1. The interest of your readers – what they should gain when they read your blog post.
  2. Your interest – what you should gain when your blog post is published.
  3. SEO – how the blog post that you have published improves your search engine rankings.

This enables me to deliver just the blog posts you need for your business blog.

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