When do you outsource to a content writer instead of hiring one full-time?

You obviously need high-quality content if you want to base your marketing on the content that you publish on your website and your blog. In fact your entire content writing strategy hinges upon the ability of the content writer (or a team of) that works for you.

Most of the businesses don’t think of hiring a full-time content writer at the time of assembling a team of workers. In more than 90% of cases the need for a professional content writer is perceived at a much later stage when decision-makers realize that the content published on their website or blog is going to be an integral part of their overall web marketing strategy. Mostly it is an afterthought.

But the good thing is most of the businesses are eventually realizing the overwhelming importance of high-quality content. Consequently they are always looking for experienced and well qualified content writers who can not only provide well-written content but can also help them improve their overall search engine rankings.

Anyway, after realizing that you need an experienced content writer do you

Hire a full-time in-house content writer or outsource your work to a freelance content writer for an independent content writing agency?

Despite being an independent content writer I never force my opinion on prospective clients because eventually it is your internal business policy that decides what sort of content writer you are looking for. The purpose of this blog post is not advising you whether you should outsource your content writing work or not, it is about when to outsource your content writing work.

Here are a few case scenarios in which you would outsource your writing job to an independent content writer:

  • You don’t have a big budget: Hiring a full-time content writer can turn out to be a costly affair. Whether that person is writing or not you have to pay him or her a fixed amount by the hour. On the other hand if you outsource your content writing to an independent content writer you simply have to pay for the work that you get done.
  • You don’t have the needed infrastructure: When you hire a full-time content writer he or she is going to need a computer or laptop, a separate workstation and some comfortable space. He or she will be using electricity, office equipment and other resources. Even for a single page of content you will end up spending a lot. This is not a problem with an independent content writer. He or she can work remotely on his or her own computer without putting a strain on your resources.
  • You don’t want to restrain yourself with a particular content writer: Working with an independent content writer doesn’t mean that you cannot get full-time services. After you have tested out multiple content writers you can even hire an independent content writer as a full-time writer. The problem with hiring a full-time content writer at the outset is you might end up with someone you don’t want even after investing lots of money and time.
  • You want to access the global talent pool: No matter where you are located these days you can hire exceptional talent from any part of the world while sitting in your basement. Whether you are in Uzbekistan, Mongolia or USA you don’t have to settle with whatever talent you can locally avail.
  • You are looking for a content writer who can work independently: An independent content writer is used to working on various assignments on his or her own. You don’t need to breathe down his or her neck in order to get what you are looking for. After giving basic instructions (provided you have found yourself a qualified content writer) you can easily depend on your content writer to come up with just the stuff you want for your website or blog.

These are just a few reasons why you would outsource your work to a content writer rather than hiring a full-time content writer. Can you think of more reasons? Please share them in the comments section below.

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