Writing Happy New Year greetings for your business

How to write a happy New Year greeting for your business

How to write a happy New Year greeting for your business

Almost every business sends out new year greetings to its customers and clients. Being a professional content writer, I write new year greetings for my ongoing clients.

Here is a quick tip when writing a new year greeting for your business:

Really mean it.

Why am I saying this? Many businesses send out new year greetings just to promote some products or services.

For once, greet your customers and clients just for the sake of greeting them. Send them genuine messages. You have an entire year to promote your business.

When I’m creating email messages for season’s greetings such as Christmas, New Year or Diwali, I write contextually as well as emotionally.

What is contextual in this? Take for example the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is worried. Over the past two years it’s been coming and going. People are unsure both emotionally and economically.

There are thousands of other problems in the world.

No, I’m not saying that fill your messages will doom and gloom. But certainly empathize. People live in a realistic world, and they don’t want to be talked down to. Talk like an adult.

Yes, there are problems. Yes, we need to deal with those problems. Despite those problems, we must wish each other happiness, gratitude, prosperity, health, safety, and love.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a new year message or a seasonal greeting message for your customers and clients:

Don’t worry about writing earthshattering sentences

Plain sentences will do. A simple “A Happy New Year to you” is far better than writing a convoluted sentence very few people understand. You don’t always have to use that big giant dancing man to attract people to your message.

Keep it short

It’s new year. People are busy with their families. Even if they are not busy with their families and friends, since most of the people are reading your messages on their mobile phones, it is better to keep them short. It is easier to read them.

Formulate the message

Here is how you can formulate the message:

  • Thank him or her for doing business with you.
  • Wish: May you and your loved ones prosper, become or remain healthy, get lots of love, and contentment in the coming year. May all your wishes come true this coming year.

Include your signature at the end

The signature will tell the recipients of your message what business you are in. Again, don’t go overboard. Use your usual signature. Stay away from pushing your marketing message.

Different marketing experts may have different take on how to write new year greetings, but my approach is quite straightforward. When you are writing New Year greetings, stick to greeting them. Don’t insert your marketing messages. Don’t use double entendre. Don’t use it as an opportunity to push your business agenda. You can push your business agenda all the year.

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