How does incorporating keywords increase your search engine traffic

When you use keywords just for the sake of generating traffic, it hardly works, and even if by some fluke it works, it still doesn’t work because that traffic never converts. Sure, using keywords in your content does increase your traffic because this is how you tell the search engines what topic you are talking about, but they should appear naturally, as a part of your overall copy. In fact their occurrence should be so critical that without using them your copy makes no sense.

How does using keywords increase your traffic?

Once you have made a list of your important keywords, you start preparing your content. You use those keywords to convey your message, and if somehow you don’t seem to be able to use them in your copy, then they’re probably not important to you. If your keywords are important to you, then there should be no dearth of material for them.

For instance I provide online copywriting and content writing services. I have more than 60 pages (I know, it isn’t sufficient, and I must have more) discussing various aspects of online copywriting and content writing. I’m constantly writing for my blog on the topics of online copywriting, content writing and SEO, and so I get plenty of reason to use keywords and expressions relevant to my business, and this is gradually increasing my traffic for various combinations.

It’s not always possible to rank well for your keywords due to massive competition; what do you do then? Try for longtail search expressions. Longtail search expressions constitute of longer strings of 5-6 words. It’s often not easy to make a list of longtail search expressions; they gradually begin to surface as you regularly generate interesting and valuable content for your website, using your important keywords.

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