Content marketing is basically P2P

You always write content for people. The basic strength of your content lies in its ability to engage people and fruitful engagement can only manifest if you create and market your content keeping intended people in mind.

I have lost track of the link, I came across a very relevant thought regarding content marketing: it says that content marketing is neither B2B nor B2C, it’s P2P. This makes perfect sense. After all, you are always writing for people. There might be different writing styles and you might be using different jargon to target different audience, by the end of the day it’s the people who are going to consume and understand your content, and share it among their friends, colleagues, relatives and business partners.

So what makes your content people-centric?

It should be conversational, first of all. By conversational I don’t mean use that notorious SMS or Twitter language. Just use smaller, easy to use language your target audience can understand. I’m not averse to using technical words wherever necessary because this makes people relate to what you are conveying. For example, if I’m talking about a mobile device people would like to know various specs in an appropriate language (although personally I prefer focusing on functionality rather than specifications).

In terms of business content writing, make it useful and relevant. When people read your content they should learn something. If you are creating content for your own business website, use a particular profile while writing your content, and talk to that profile. This is also called a “persona”. Don’t try to please everybody because then you only end up with hodgepodge.

It is possible to create interesting, engaging business content. Write in first person wherever possible, even when you are writing on behalf of an organisation or company. Use some passion. If you are not interested in what you are writing, it is easily conveyed through, no matter what an excellent writer you are. Try to feel what you are writing.

Well, I never intended to write this blog post on the art of content writing, it’s just that I was vocally thinking about creating a P2P content marketing strategy and how every strategy revolves around this concept.

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