MailChimp has launched email optimizer driven by AI

A few months ago, I switched to Substack from MailChimp because for my individual needs, MailChimp is quite expensive. Nonetheless, it is one of the best email marketing tools.

Its biggest strength is the analytics that it provides that help you create highly focused email campaigns. This is something that is missing in Substack but then, Substack does not promote itself as an email marketing service – it promotes itself as a publishing platform. I am fine with that.

MailChimp has been in the email marketing business for quite some time. It means it has massive amounts of data about subscribers and campaigns that can be crunched for bits of highly valuable intelligence.

The success of every email marketing campaign depends on multiple factors and one of the most important factors is the content of your message.

This includes the way you have written the message, the type of images you have used, typography, call to action and the ease or difficulty of going through the message.

The content optimizer – a premium feature – collect data from your various campaigns and then makes suggestions accordingly, on how you should compose your message, how short or long your sentences must be, what sort of words you should use, what should be the nature of the images and the external links, and so on.

This The Next Web feature article explains the new content optimizer in detail.


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