Content writing is just a tiny part of content marketing, but the most important

the-importance-of-content-writingNo, I’m not saying this because basically I’m a content writer. It really is the most important.

Today in the morning I wrote an email marketing content for one of the clients. The kind of message they wanted to convey in a most convenient manner could only be written. They have hundreds of images on their website. They also have many videos on YouTube. But these images and videos wouldn’t have done the trick. Only written content could.

There used to be a time when everything was text. Then came images. Then came video. Then came images and videos. Then images and videos kept on coming. Images and videos are still coming.

While content writing is a potent tool when you want to communicate and strike up a rapport with your prospective customers and clients, images and videos can make a greater impact because everything is presented before you visually. You can just sit back and watch, view or listen.

Besides, in images and videos, you can actually show things happening rather than talking about them happening. As goes the clichéd proverb in the world of writing: show, don’t tell.

So yes, these days, content writing is just a tiny part of content marketing. But this tiny part is still a big part. You see, everything comes down to writing. Whenever you say something, it’s basically writing, its text. Whenever there are words, there is content writing.

Besides, when people come to your website you cannot simply bombard them with videos and images. Videos and images are complementary. Content writing, though, a seemingly tiny part of content marketing these days, takes the centerstage.

Content writing is easier (provided you know how to write convincingly) – you just need a keyboard and a basic text editor or if you prefer, pen and paper – whereas images and videos always require some sort of an extra device. I’m not downplaying them because these days creating a video is just a matter of using your mobile phone but still, if you want to sell your bonsai plant you cannot just click a few photographs or record a video and then upload. You have to describe your bonsai plant. Through your words you have to touch the right chords. You have to explain the process. Your pricing needs to make sense. Your choice of seeds and the species of the plant need to make sense. You do this with content writing.

So yes, this is the age of images and video but still, when it comes to the core of content marketing, content writing still rules the roost. It is not going anywhere. It is here to stay.

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