11 essential ingredients for creating great blog posts

The objective of every blog post that you write and publish should be to get maximum exposure from your targeted audience, and not just exposure, but also sharing love. Maximum number of people should share your blog post link using their social networking and social media profiles.

There are some key performance indicators (KPI’s) that help you decide whether a blog post that you have published is successful or not. It’s not necessary that you fret over every blog post because there are some blog posts that you publish simply for the heck of the pleasure that you derive out of the process and the sort of interaction you have with your visitors, but if you’re publishing a business blog, then it’s very important that you know exactly what you’re doing on your blog and how you define success. A blog post would be successful if

  • It creates enough buzz to attract new customers and clients to your website
  • It makes more people click ads if that’s how you make money off your blog
  • More people subscribe to your newsletter if that was the intention
  • It helps you get more search engine traffic for your targeted keywords
  • It increases your longtail keyword traffic
  • It gets greater attention on social media and social networking resulting in the outcomes mentioned above

There are some fundamental ingredients that you can use in order to make your blog post successful. 11 such essential ingredients are published in this Copyblogger blog post in the form of an infographic, but below is the bulleted compilation of these ingredients:

  1. Create a killer headline that draws people from search engines and other websites to your website. Your headline should present to your audience the central message of your blog post in a most compelling and attractive manner.
  2. Make a great opening. Your headline should be followed by an impressive opening that prompts people to read further. Otherwise all the advantage gained by the headline will be lost.
  3. Use persuasive words. Such words not just give an adrenaline rush they also instil a sense of purpose in the process of writing as well as reading.
  4. Be authentic. It will help you stand out.
  5. Take every sentence seriously. Write good sentences.
  6. Use bullet points to highlight main points of your blog post.
  7. Divide your blog post under various subheadings giving a clear idea of what awaits.
  8. Use the art of storytelling to keep your readers hooked.
  9. Don’t reveal all your cards at the same time. Withhold your information and keep revealing small bits every couple of paragraphs.
  10. Use attractive images to give more meaning to your blog posts.
  11. Make a convincing conclusion so that people are not left clueless.

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