How to write like the best writers in your field?

How to be the best writer in your field

How to be the best writer in your field

Writing these days is all pervasive. You are writing blog posts. You are writing social media updates. You are writing text messages and emails. You are writing proposals if you do business.

There are many people who cock a snook at the concept of writing well, writing well still matters. It can tarnish your reputation if there are too many typos, spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in your writing. But, when we talk of writing like the best writers in your field, I assume you already write without typos, spelling mistakes, and grammar mistakes.

What do writers due to be the best in their field?

There is one common trait that I have found in the writers who are the best in their field: they are consistent. They are constantly writing and publishing.

“Show up every time and don’t wait for your muse to show up,” advise many established writers.

They always have great ideas to write about. Other than this, here are some traits that you can develop to become the best writer in your field.

Have a unique style

Among us there is always this tendency to write like our favorite authors. I used to write like Charles Dickens, and then Salman Rushdie. Even when I wrote content, I emulated my favorite authors. This drew applause from some clients, but most were disenchanted and wanted me to write something simpler for the audience.

Gradually I discarded the styles of other writers and started writing in my own style. I can’t claim to have a style that makes people recognize my writing without reading my name, but at least I write the way I want to write rather than following someone else’s style.

Understand your audience

You become the best in your field when you gain recognition, and you gain recognition only when you deliver what people want.

Before writing a blog post or web page carefully consider what your audience wants.

For example, my content writing and copywriting blog attracts two types of audience: people who want to improve their writing and potential clients who want to feel reassured that I know my stuff. Therefore, I’m constantly writing for these two categories.

Use simple language when writing

Simple writing doesn’t mean you write unimaginatively. Juggle with words. Get creative with sentences. But not at the cost of making it difficult for your readers to follow you.

The best writers write smaller sentences. Write smaller paragraphs. They don’t use very big words.

Somewhere I read a very nice writing advice, “If it sounds like writing, rewrite it.” What it means is, you should write in a manner as if you are talking to people. Be a conversationalist. Write as if you are sitting and talking to someone.

Use active voice as much as possible. “This is done” instead of “This has been done”.

Read and learn constantly

Writing is a skill that you need to hone continuously. Your writing muscles get atrophied if you don’t stretch them regularly. Read other authors but don’t let them rub onto you. Learn how they express themselves.

If possible, read books on writing. There are many blogs dedicated to the art of writing.

Not just writing, also become a thought leader in your field. Go deeper into your topic.

As a professional content writer, I’m constantly learning about how to write effectively. I’m regularly learning what to do and what not to do when writing. Similarly, if you are an architect, then then read on architecture. Expand your knowledge. Then share your knowledge with your readers.

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