Am I getting more content writing assignments post-Covid?

By “post-Covid” I’m not saying that Covid is over. In fact, here in India, we are expecting the third wave to hit somewhere in August-September, 2021.

But, during the past year, we have learned a lot. The situation is not as scary as it was a few months ago. Hence, the expression “post-Covid”.

Many have gotten vaccinated.

So, has my business increased?

My business HAS increased, but I’m not sure whether it is due to Covid or due to my own effort.

When the Covid started in the US – my major amount of money was coming from there – two of my main clients drastically cut down their operations.

They didn’t let go of me, but the amount of money they paid me was now less than one-third of what they were paying me before the pandemic.

Previously when I could manage without promoting my work, now, no longer was the case. I needed to make up by generating more work.

I don’t want to sound opportunistic, but I took it as a blessing in disguise. This gave me some time to concentrate on growing my business rather than continuously working for them.

I started updating my blog almost every day. This improved my search engine rankings.

I became active on LinkedIn – queries began to come from there.

So, my business increased because my promotion increased. In the past year, I’ve more than doubled my search engine traffic.

Has the Covid outbreak had no effect on my business?

I wouldn’t say that. I’m getting more work from India, which is a big change.

Clients from India are, even if reluctantly, agreeing to pay more.

Many sound more knowledgeable about the need to publish quality content.

In that sense, yes, business has improved.

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