Still not blogging? Here are the 10 reasons you should

Reasons to have a business blog

“There are actually people who are not blogging for their business!” exclaimed one of my social media marketing clients recently who often outsources his content writing needs to me. Sometimes you get across the advice “blogging isn’t for everybody” and people end up interpreting it all wrong.

When someone tells you “blogging isn’t for everybody” it doesn’t mean your business doesn’t require blogging. What it means is, not everybody can handle the level of commitment required to run a successful business blog. Having said that, yes, there are many businesses that don’t require a blog and still experience lots of success but then there are many people who can spend 5 minutes underwater without running out of breath and drowning themselves – exceptions are always there and if you want to be an exception, well, it is your choice.

While you may have your own reasons not to have a business blog, here is a nice link that gives you 10 reasons why you should. Some of the reasons are…

  1. Make money: In one of my recent LinkedIn blog posts I wrote there are different ways you can make money from your blog and you don’t always have to rely on third-party advertisement networks. So yes, if you want to make money, blogging is one of the best ways to do it, though it requires lots of hard work and commitment.
  2. Become a better writer: A good thing about blogging is you don’t have to mind much about how you write. It doesn’t mean you run amok and use whatever sort of language you want to use, but you can relax and let your guards down. What am I saying? Instead of becoming a better writer, am I advising you to become a worse writer because nobody is judging your writing on your blog? No, what I’m saying is, on your blog you can write without fear so it can be a good writing practice. Business blog, on the other hand, needs to be professionally written but still, it can have your personal touch.
  3. Build an audience and also your own broadcasting platform: Once you start publishing a blog regularly people will start coming to your blog regularly. This will help you build an audience and wherever there is an audience, there is a broadcasting platform. You can use this platform to build your brand and hence, your business.
  4. Become an expert in your field: Provided you are serious about your business blog, you will be constantly sharing your expertise and in order to share your expertise, sometimes first you need to gain that expertise. Sometimes I learn new content writing and content marketing concepts while gathering material for my blog posts.
  5. Get new customers and clients: People who regularly come to your blog trust you more compared to those who don’t. Many among your regular blog readers will gladly become your paying customers and clients provided you have something valuable to sell.
  6. Improve your search engine rankings: Well, this point is not present in the link above, but this is one of the main reasons why most of my clients approach me to write content for their blogs – they want to improve their search engine rankings and yes, a business blog can definitely help you achieve that. This is because when you have a blog, you eventually end up creating lots of focused content and it is the focused content that enjoys higher search engine rankings.

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