When creating content for your business, have a passion for helping people

Content writing that helps

Nothing exudes passion like the passion for helping people and this can help you a lot when you are creating content for your business. Otherwise, why would people access your content? Why would they react? They are not going to access and promote your content as a goodwill gesture, will they? You need to give something to them, something useful, something helpful, something that helps them solve their nagging problem.

People come to your website looking for a solution. You probably have that solution, or you don’t have it. If you don’t have that solution, well, then there is nothing to talk about (unless you want to direct them to another source that has what they’re looking for). If you have that solution how do you convince people that your solution is better compared to the other sneaky guy who is always trying to outsell you? Rather than offering your product or service, you help them by offering a solution. Convince them that you are here to solve their problem. Empathize with them. Understand that they are going through a difficulty, you can relate to that difficulty, you yourself have gone through a similar difficulty and maybe that’s why you started this business in the first place, and now you would like to solve their difficulty.

You cannot pretend to be passionate unless you are a world-class writer on your way to getting the Booker prize. The passion has to come from within. You should actually feel like helping people. Help people and the commercial side of your business gets taken care of on its own. After all, people would like to do business with a person who is passionate about helping them.

So when you create your content, don’t just create content to improve your search engine rankings or just in order to convince people. Create and write content to help people. Solve their problems and they will eagerly do business with you.

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