How to Make Your Content Irresistible

Are you spending a good amount of time writing articles, blog posts, press releases, sales copies but not getting sufficient clicks? If you answered yes you must take time to give a second thought to the strategy you need to adopt while crafting your write ups! Get these prompt makeover strategies to design your articles irresistible yielding desired results.

Check Out For Current Buzz

Keeping yourself abreast with latest information in your genre will always give you an upper hand in your niche. It will make your articles coherent which the readers can relate to their lives and situations. Your articles will gain popularity, and of course more traffic, as more people will start reading it being the latest buzz in your market.

Make a Captivating and Sizzling Headline

Howsoever well researched and aptly tailored your article is if your headline is not catchy it will not catch eyeballs. Start reading more and more to gain a thorough insight into the type of headlines one can coin. Get inspired by the headlines of magazines, newspapers and other journals that really stand out. Try writing 3-4 headlines for an article and seek suggestion of others which ones stand out the most.

Induce a Reason for Readers to Read

Give your reader a genuine reason to click your articles or your website! It has to be something unique that is rarely available, excluding free reports as it us quite common now. Make your readers know how the site is going to benefit them in the long run and what instant remedies is your article going to offer! This will definitely compel them to stay glued to your site.

Do Thorough Research on the Topic

Research your topic after selecting the angle for your article. Facts and content must be virtually accurate. It is only possible if you have conducted a sincere research and spent sufficient time to its conventional edification.

Generate a Readable and Simple Content

Albeit, it is the type of readers your site and article is going to receive should be the deciding factor in terms of the standard and quality of your content, it is advisable to use simple language and short sentences to express yourself. People enjoy those write ups which did not take much of their time to understand the stuff. They avoid visiting those sites that compel them to consult other resources to understand the chunk.

Make it Hilarious and Emotional

Being a social animal, people are inclined to love humor and a tincture of emotion. It enables them to feel relaxed and spirited and in turn your stuff will become a cornerstone of your website.

Stick to Your Original Writing Style

Develop a writing style to follow when you write. Don’t try to fake your abilities by trying different writing styles. It may land you in trouble as you may not be comfortable with other writing styles hence may not be able to do justice with them.

It will also influence your rapport and readers adversely. Hence it is advisable to be in your original shell. I am not going to demoralize you by advising you not to try other patterns but not without being confident that you can do justice to that style of writing.

Proofread as Many Times as You Can

This is the biggest blunder we all do by not spending enough time to read our stuff sufficiently. Your written article may contain spelling and grammatical errors. Just don’t allow it to frustrate the very purpose of your reader visiting your site. You may lose a considerable number of readers for good. You can take the help of another person to proofread your feature as well to detect your mistakes that you might have walk passed. As it is human nature we often overlook our mistakes.

Following these simple thumb rules you can make your content irresistible for the visitors to stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “How to Make Your Content Irresistible

  1. prashantbadiger

    From several months, I am trying to garner the attention of my readers through my blog articles, but still there are some factors which haven't helped my blog gain the deserved attention. Your post is absolutely true to the word. Being a writer myself, I always read other posts, articles present in newspapers, websites and magazines. The following tips mentioned by you may help me gain a higher response to my articles. Nice article!

  2. chandra

    Very useful tips Mamta, especially about sticking to one's native style! I know it can kind of cramp if you try new and unfamiliar patterns, thanks for great tips.


    1. mamtasharma

      Sticking to your own style may ask for losing a few great career opportunities but I think trying different styles will mess up things further. Better be what you r!

  3. amrithallan

    The basic idea is, connecting with your readers. Your “style” depends a lot on what you are conveying, and to whom. In terms of professional writing, remember that the client is paying to get results.

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