How do regular content writing and publishing give you a higher conversion rate?

For the past 20 or so days I have been regularly publishing updates on LinkedIn and Instagram – two platforms that I have ignored so far.

Yesterday I was checking the stats of my Instagram account.  Suddenly, the visibility of my content has grown by 17,000%. Of course, from 0 to 20 or 25 views, in terms of percentage, means quite big, but even these 20 or 25 views are better than zero views.

I can see the same trend on my LinkedIn account. Views of my profile have increased. More people are seeing my updates though, engagement is negligible but that is natural because I have just started.

Visibility is particularly important to build trust on the Internet. Whether people are interacting with you or not is another matter (and something that should not be disregarded), it is important that they come across your updates.

Your conversion rate on the Internet depends on three factors:

  • Visibility
  • Familiarity
  • Trust


You need to remain visible. Whether people are searching for information on Google or scrolling through their social media timelines, they must come across your name or the name of your business.

Please keep in mind that when I talk about visibility, I don’t mean you should relentlessly publish content without paying attention to whether people care about your content or not.

They must find your content relevant. They must derive some value out of it. Otherwise, it becomes white noise, and they don’t even notice you.


Assuming you are publishing relevant content, and if people regularly notice you, they become familiar with your name. It is our primal instinct to be comfortable around people and things that are familiar.


When you provide them information they appreciate, and when you regularly provide such information, they begin to trust you. A positive association is formed.  When they need the product or the service that you provide, they rather get it from you than from someone they don’t know.

Whether it is search engines or social media platforms or even your email updates, regularity and consistency always lead to a higher conversion rate.

Regularly writing and publishing content is critical

Stop publishing your updates for a couple of weeks. Unless you have formed close friendships and unless you provide content people need for their day-to-day survival, they are hardly going to notice your absence. This is a harsh reality.

Even the search engines like Google stop crawling your website or blog after a while if you don’t publish fresh content regularly. Your search engine rankings begin to drop. Even for the search terms you were ranking higher just a couple of weeks ago, you begin to lose traffic.

Be regular. Be consistent. Remain relevant. You will enjoy a higher conversion rate.

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