How financial advisors can use content writing to boost their authority

Content writing for financial advisor

Content writing for financial advisor

Giving financial advice is a high-stakes profession.

You need to be knowledgeable and informed, but you also need a reputation.

Financial advisors give advice to individuals and businesses and help them with investments, financial growth, tax laws, insurance and much more.

Hence, it is very important that your clients have faith in your advice, and they act upon your word.

For this, they must know that you are an authority in your field.

Sure, when you give advice to people and when your advice benefits them, you automatically become an authority figure for them.

But what about new clients?

Unless they work with you, and unless they talk to your existing clients, how do they find out that they should trust your wisdom and hire you as their financial adviser?

Through persistent content writing.

I just came across this nice article titled Why financial advisors should consider writing as a marketing tool.

Although the author of the above-linked article is a financial writer, the advice that he gives that every financial advisor should use writing, or content writing on the web, to promote his or her services, makes total sense to me.

Why it is important to write and publish content as a financial advisor?

Every new client is going to search for you on the Internet the moment he or she is looking for a dependable financial advisor.

The writer above says that 50% of your prospective clients are going to form an opinion about you according to the content that they find from you, and on you.

Although you cannot directly control the content that is written on you, you can definitely control the content that is written by you.

What sort of content can you write as a financial advisor?

The answer is very easy. Since you are a financial adviser, you can write a lot about financial advice.

Now, you may think that why would you write about financial advice, or rather, why would you give financial advice, for which you charge a fee?

Take for example someone like Seth Godin. He sells books on management, leadership and business development. He also gives talks. He gets paid for giving talks. In the talks, of course, he shares his knowledge.

Nonetheless, his is one of the most famous and one of the most followed blogs on the Internet. He publishes every day.

He was once famous for publishing even on Christmas day, although I don’t know whether it is true or not.

It is a misconception that if you share your knowledge people won’t pay for it.

There are practically countless services on the Internet that are available for free but if you want to use their premium versions, you must pay.

Even when you use Gmail, it is free, but when you want to use Gmail for business, you switch to G Suite, for which you pay.

Hence, there are many things about your profession that you can share with your prospective clients for free.

Finance is a very extensive field having a wide range of topics and subjects. You can cover hundreds of topics while keeping the cream of your wisdom for people who are ready to pay for it.

Benefits of writing content for your financial consulting business

Listed below are some benefits of writing and publishing high-quality content for your financial consulting and financial advisory business.

Writing and publishing content is good for SEO

Do you want people to be able to find you on search engines? Then you must give the search engines something to crawl, index and rank on your website or blog.

When you regularly write and publish content pertaining to your field, that is financial advice, Google begins to recognise you as an authority and as a result, begins to rank your content well, making it easier for people to find you.

Having said that, whether your content is indexed and ranked depends a lot on the quality of topics you choose to write and publish on.

Content writing gives people a reason to share your content on social media

Millions of people are on social media. There are many who look for services like financial consulting and financial advice on social media and social networking websites instead of on Google.

Search engine rankings and social media presence are self-serving phenomena. Higher search engine rankings extend the reach of your content and hence, it is shared more on social media, and validation on social media helps you improve your search engine rankings.

Of course, constant visibility helps you establish trust.

Content writing helps you establish trust

When do people begin to trust you?

Trust is formed due to positive association. When you continuously publish useful content and people begin to benefit from it, they begin to trust you.

Trust is very important for you as a financial advisor. People will seek your advice only if they trust you because a lot is at stake. Their entire financial planning may depend on your advice and they cannot take such advice, and pay for it, unless they trust you.

You cannot initiate conversations with them randomly. Instead, if you write and publish useful content, they come across your helpful tips and then on their own start following you and start paying attention to what you have to say.

You can establish yourself as an authority in financial advice

Authority matters a lot if you want people to take your word seriously.

You become an authority when you regularly share your knowledge, experience and wisdom and people benefit from them.

They will trust you more if they see you as an industry expert.

What type of content you should write and publish as a financial advisor?

Since you get paid for your advice, it is but natural to wonder, what to share with your prospective clients even when they’re not right now paying you?

There may be different views from different content writers. Personally, I would advise you to give some interesting news to your prospective clients, with your own insights thrown in.

You can also explain complex topic, for example, what is margin trading on why you should use it or avoid it debt.

What about how to maintain your finances during the Covid-19 crisis? Many people are going through economic crisis during the Coronavirus outbreak.

I’m pretty sure that as an expert financial advisor people are constantly asking new questions – especially among relatives and friends – and you don’t even get paid for answering these questions.

Why not compile a long list of these questions and start answering them one by one on your website or blog?

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